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Chapter 360 - She Was Not a Mother Teresa

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 360: She Was Not a Mother Teresa


    That was the first thing Ning Meng experienced when she saw this. To be honest, if it were any other woman who was in hot water right now, she would be the first to step up to save her.

    But in this case.

    This woman was Ning Ke. And that was why she hesitated.

    Sure, Ning Meng would act to right wrongs, but she was not a Mother Teresa. She would not risk herself to help a foe.

    Nonetheless, Ning Ke was not Su Tiantian either. So far, she had not done any actual harm to her to warrant such indifference from her. Thus, letting these rich, filthy pigs go all Harvey Weinstein on Ning Ke was nothing short of heartless.

    As Ning Meng was struggling with her internal monologues, she saw Ning Ke finally manage to pull her arms away from the rich men. She took a few steps back before begging them with a long face. "Mr. Sun, Mr. Lee. I know you look down on the anime industry. But look at the ones made in Japan! Their animes are so successful worldwide! If they can do it, we can do it too. ‘Ride With the Wind' was great in quality no matter in its plot and artwork. It will surely be the most popular anime in the country when it's made. I implore you to consider it."

    The tone in her words was solemn and earnest. In that instant, Ning Meng felt that the doppelganger face seemed much easier on the eye now.

    It was true that she did not want to help Ning Ke. However, what Ning Ke had said earlier was something that she had also thought of numerous times, no matter in the "novel world" or the real world. In fact, in the real world, she had been facing the same problem with her own "Ride With the Wind".

    It was quite undeniable that Ning Meng was touched by Ning Ke's words. Besides, from the looks of it, Ning Ke was a rather headstrong and stubborn woman. If she decided she was going to do something, Ning Ke would do anything to accomplish it—no matter the cost.

    Ning Meng had heard about this Mr. Sun and Mr. Lee before. They were quite infamous in the city, often taking advantage of women at every chance they got. Thus, this was a gamble by Ning Ke. The girl was indeed trying to secure investment for the anime adaption of "Ride With the Wind".

    Ning Meng brows furrowed into a frown, still struggling to decide to extend a helping hand or not.

    Then, she heard Mr. Sun say loudly, "We don't care if your anime will make money or not. However, if you want our help, you should play by our rules!"

    Hearing this, Ning Ke's face turned steely. "In that case, I'll have to find my investment somewhere else. Goodbye!"

    Having said that, she quickly grabbed her handbag and dashed toward the door. When Mr. Sun and Mr. Lee tried to chase after her, Ning Ke swiftly turned and hit them with her handbag before bolting out through the door.

    When she saw Ning Meng at the door, Ning Ke was so shocked that she stopped right in her tracks.

    She thought that Ning Meng would block and stop her. If she was held off for even a few more seconds, those two rich pigs would surely catch up to her.

    However, to her surprise, Ning Meng did nothing to stop her from fleeing.

    Releasing a sigh of relief, Ning Ke continued running toward the exit.

    When Mr. Sun finally reached the door, Ning Ke had already fled. There was an unspoken rule in Glamour Club—they could do anything they wanted in these private suites, and the club's management would not question them at all. However, as soon as they walked out of the private suites, everything had to follow according to the country's law.

    The two men were furious that their prey had fled away from their grasps.

    They glared at Ning Meng. "What are you looking at, huh?"

    Tilting her head, Ning Meng grinned mischievously. "Oh, me? I was looking at you."

    Mr. Sun and Mr. Lee were surprised by this unexpected response. By the time they had returned to their senses, Ning Meng had also walked out of the building.


    Naturally, Ning Meng did not get the chance to hear those two pigs' vulgar curses—she was waiting for the valet to drive her car over to the club's entrance.

    When her car finally arrived, Ning Meng saw Ning Ke standing nearby, glaring at her with a complicated look.

    Ignoring her, Ning Meng took her car keys from the valet. As she got into her car, Ning Ke approached her. "Ms. Ning! Don't think that we're even after that little thing that happened just now. Sure, I'm thankful, but letting you have Huo Beichen is another matter entirely!"


    Geez, did this girl have water in her brain or something?

    Seeing that Ning Meng did not say anything, Ning Ke asked, "Ms. Ning, how about we strike a deal here and now? Just what would it take for you to leave Huo Beichen?"

    Ning Meng's mouth twitched as she stared at the stubborn girl.

    Suddenly, she had an idea.

    "Then… maybe you could give me the ownership of ‘Ride With the Wind'?"