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Chapter 280 - Self-inflicted

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 280: Self-inflicted

    The next day, Su Cha found out what Bo Muyi had done.

    As Le Anqi had just woken up, she gave Su Cha a rare call. “Oh my god! Su Cha, did you know something big has happened to our production crew?”

    Her tone was full of surprise and fear, which made Su Cha, who had just woken up, feel a headache. “Anqi, take your time and speak slowly, okay? No matter how serious it is, as long as the production crew doesn’t say that it’s over, it’s not a big deal.”

    “…” Le Anqi choked and continued, “It’s not that bad, but wasn’t there a Zi You among the judges of our production crew yesterday? He’s currently very popular. Something big has happened! When I woke up this morning, my classmates’ group had exploded!”


    After spending a second to digest Le Anqi’s words, Su Cha immediately thought of Bo Muyi’s call.

    Thinking of this, Su Cha curled her lips. What a petty man.

    She lifted the blanket and got up. As she prepared to wash up, she asked leisurely, “What happened?”

    She was not in a hurry to read the news. A gossip expert could tell her everything right here.

    “He’s got a patron! Actually, he’s got an entire harem of them. He really knows how to play!”


    Even Su Cha almost spat out a mouthful of water when she heard the reason. “Did he get photographed?”

    “That’s right, and it’s all because of last night. It’s been some time since then, and even the matter about him having a sugar daddy got blown up. He has both men and women… The entire Weibo has exploded, you know? The production crew sent an emergency notice this morning to stop filming for a day and to notify us tonight. Now that such a thing has happened, the’s definitely going to be a change in the judges.”

    Le Anqi’s tone was full of disbelief. “My god, Su Cha, when I saw him in person yesterday, did you know that I thought he was quite handsome? I didn’t expect him to be so loose…”

    As she spoke, she could not help but feel disgusted.

    Everyone knew about the messy business within the entertainment industry, but it was rare for such chaos to be brought to light. If Zi You was exposed, he must have offended someone.

    “Is he handsome?” Su Cha thought for a while. “I don’t think he’s good-looking. He’s quite greasy…”

    “Is that the main point?” Le Anqi was shocked. “Su Cha, your focus is really off-target. Something must have happened to him, right? I think my classmates are speculating that Zi You has offended someone. The entertainment industry being what it is, there would usually be a buffer period for news like that to be released. But after a media outlet exposed it, several marketing accounts also exposed the unspoken truths about Zi You. His abandonment of his first girlfriend was also dug up.

    “It seems like whoever did it wants to torture Zi You to death. His fans have gone crazy now, especially his teammates’ fans. I heard that they went to the main entrance of the company to cancel him and kick him out of the group. They don’t want him to drag the other members down.”

    Sometimes, Le Anqi was really spot-on.

    Bo Muyi would definitely kill Zi You.

    And here Su Cha had been thinking that she would have to use some trickery. Now, it seemed that Zi You was completely black…

    That would have been fine if nothing had happened to him. But now that something had happened, it turned out he was hiding a huge pile of dirt. Since that got exposed, this was the end for him.

    If he had not called her last night, this might not have happened.

    He deserved it.