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Chapter 990 - Undiscovered Traitor!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 990: Undiscovered Traitor!

    Si Yiyan chose to believe Avrora and strode towards the rooms. After checking the footages of the surveillance cameras in the area, he finally managed to trace Wen Xinya’s whereabouts and she seemed to be unwell, for the footage showed her walking around on an unsteady gait while supporting herself against the wall and holding her heels in her hands. However, the most important segment of the footage had been erased and there was no way to find out which room she was in.

    The mask on his face seemed to have become much more austere. Someone actually had the audacity to pull off such a scheme without alarming anyone in the Elegance Room. What did that mean?

    There was a mole!

    Without hesitation, he gathered all of his subordinates and instructed them to search every room. It was the simplest and most straightforward method.

    He did not have the patience or time to continue waiting.

    At this moment, a waitress and two security officers scrambled towards him. “You two, stay alert and keep a lookout for the guest in Room 606, Mr. Berveld. He’s known to be haughty, arrogant and extremely tough to deal with. Be on the ball and try your best not to provoke him.”

    The two security guards acknowledged the orders.

    Si Yiyan suddenly shrieked. “Wait a minute!”

    Although Mr. Berveld had gotten into a conflict with Wen Xinya previously, Liu Yanhua informed him that the former had lost badly at the casino and was no longer in the mood to gamble. Hence, he had gone to drink some alcohol and asked for some soft drugs, after which he kicked up a huge fuss and was sent to a room by the security officers. There was nothing unusual with his behavior. The only person who was missing was Wei Che.

    The waitress stopped walking and looked up to see the dragon mask and Lucifer’s token on his left ear. Who else could it be except Rex?

    The waitress frantically moved away, bent forward and greeted. “Rex!”

    She was bewildered.

    Si Yiyan shifted his gaze onto the waitress and asked, “What happened in Room 606?”

    After Wen Xinya left the room, she got into a conflict with Mr. Berveld and subsequently went missing. Now that something had happened in Room 606, he could not help but begin to form suspicions.

    The waitress answered, “We don’t know the details yet, but when I was on duty just now, I received a call from Room 606. No one spoke but I could hear the sounds of things being smashed against the ground. There seemed to be an intense commotion. I was afraid that something would happen, so I planned to go there and take a look.”

    Since Mr. Berveld was an aristocrat, all the blame would be put on the Elegance Room if something were to happen to him in the room.

    Si Yiyan said with a petulant expression, “I’ll go and take a look.”

    They then hurriedly rushed towards Room 606, after which the waitress opened the door with the spare key.

    The door was opened and the waitress was frightened out of her wits at the instant that she saw what was going on.

    Si Yiyan’s eyelid twitched and he barged into the room.


    Si Yiyan stood by the window and smoked a cigarette while the doctor did a checkup on Wen Xinya’s body.

    The green fumes wafted up into the air and encircled him slowly. It seemed as if his silhouette were a thick gust of black smoke.

    Si Yiyan thought about the scene that greeted him when he entered the room.

    The room was in a complete mess and the antiques by the door were pushed onto the ground. All the items were disorganized and there were terrifying pools and patches of blood on the ground. Wen Xinya was lying motionlessly in a pool of blood with a man beside her who had been knocked unconscious.

    The doctor explained, “Her vision became blurry because of an adrenaline rush and she couldn’t see because her eyes were adjusting to the changes in brightness. Next, she experienced a loss of hearing and speech, and her body grew weak followed by hallucinations. There is internal swelling. These symptoms have all resulted from the latest drug from America used during interrogations. Not only will such drugs bring about immense pain, but it is also damaging to one’s health too. It amplifies one’s fears and compels them into speaking up or undergoing hypnosis. Even trained professionals don’t have the ability to resist the effects of these drugs.”

    Most interrogations involved violence. However, criminals who had gone through professional training had immeasurable willpower which allowed them to remain tight-lipped despite facing cruel physical torment. Hence, the drug was one of the most famous ones that were used for forcing criminals to speak the truth during interrogations.

    Pursing his lips slightly, Si Yiyan asked, “Can you deduce how she got drugged?”

    He was aware of the existence of such drugs, for Lucifer often used them too. Hence, he knew that the doctor was telling the truth. However, he was extremely ill at ease, because he was aware of the daunting and harmful effects of those chemicals. Most strong-willed men would succumb to fear and their hallucinations. A few even died because of delirium. Just how did Wen Xinya use her strong willpower to escape the trap and give him the chance to save her?

    The doctor answered, “There aren’t any needle holes on her body, so she should have ingested the drug. I reckon the dosage and concentration of the drug must have been high. Since it is colorless and odorless, it can be mixed with a special perfume and the effects will arise when someone takes a whiff of it. I’m guessing that Missy had been in close contact with someone carrying the drug.”

    The first person who came to Si Yiyan’s mind was Wei Che.

    According to what Liu Yanhua said, Wen Xinya had gone to the rowdy casino after leaving the room. Since it was crowded and chaotic, it would be easy for the culprit to act on her but also easy for them to be exposed. Hence, the only people who had truly been in close contact with Wen Xinya were Wei Che and Mr. Berveld.

    Mr. Berveld was also a victim of the conspiracy. Hence, the only suspect left was Wei Che.

    Si Yiyan asked, “How’s her condition now? When will she return to normal?”

    He did not have God by his side, but he wasn’t God either. He wasn’t invincible. That was why… someone had the gall to harm his woman while being on his territory. The culprit even managed to act silently without alarming anyone. Had Liu Yanhua not informed him about it in the nick of time, Wen Xinya would have long been harmed.

    The doctor answered, “She did not sustain any major injuries except some bruises and abrasions. I’ve already injected her with protein and her bruises will dissipate soon. She’ll come to in a while.”

    Si Yiyan answered calmly, “Got it!”

    After the doctor left, Si Yiyan snubbed his cigarette with his finger. Despite the cigarette butt being burning hot, he did not seem to have been scalded by it at all.

    Si Yiyan looked out of the window to see that it was pitch dark outside. He slowly grabbed his mobile phone and called Gu Yuehan. “We shall carry out Plan A in advance. No one can escape this time.”

    After all these years, it was time to settle the scores.