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Chapter 402 – Transmission Stopped

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Within a dark cave, Qin Yu opened his eyes. By relying on the powerful recovery abilities of the Demon Body as well as the support of pills, he was able to disperse the poison of the magic devouring demon spider in his body. He stood up, feeling the powerful strength flowing through him once more. He smiled. Right now, with just the strength of his mortal body alone, he would be able to fight with common Divine Soul cultivators. And the awakened second stage of the Demon Body’s Choking Finger was much stronger than he expected.

    Besides not finding Ning Ling, the harvests during his trip into the Infinite Realm could be called astonishing. Roughly organizing it, it was as follows:

    In Bronze Bell Ancient City, he had joined forces with Qin Hanshi to strike down the evil spirit, obtaining its blood marrow. This was something that could be refined into a Blood Marrow Pill and had the effect of activating one’s bloodline.

    In the mountain valley danger zone, he had been in the midst of two terrifying life forms perishing together and had obtained the materials to refine a Super Storm Flow.

    A damaged small bell. This thing looked ordinary and lacked any fluctuations of strength, but he wasn’t able to damage it at all. Just based on the materials used to craft it alone, one could tell it was extraordinary.

    The crescent purple moon within his soul space. He had obtained it through passing a divine sense test. Even now he didn’t know its complete mysteries. All he knew was that it helped his soul rapidly expand.

    Demon Body large success. He had continually awakened the power of the Choking Finger; its killing might was shocking.

    The core of the Eternal Primordial Fruit. After the space in nothingness was restored, he could cultivate this into a fruit tree and obtain the harvests.

    Rest Loam, a mysterious treasure of unknown origins. It had the ability to condense a world and repair a world. It was helping the space in nothingness to be reborn.

    The status of the Ninerealm Holy Land’s Saint Son. Although this seemed a hollow and empty position, this status would actually provide tremendous benefits to Qin Yu’s future. Once his cultivation was high enough to activate the benefits, it would bring him unpredictable and astonishing harvests.

    If any other cultivator who entered the Infinite Realm were to learn of these harvests, their eyes would turn red with envy. But, Qin Yu also paid a considerable price.

    His Partner Soul Spirity had fallen into a deep slumber in order to pass the Spirit Lock technique to him and deceive the demonic altar. This technique violated the will of the demonic altar. Once it discovered this in the future, there would be a disaster to pay.

    The summoned life form Undying had also fallen unconscious within his shadow. During the battle with the Underworld Great Commander he had suffered tremendous losses. Luckily, his current condition seemed stable.

    At this time, a strange fluctuation suddenly arrived. Qin Yu could feel a repelling strength from the Infinite Realm. Without resisting, he allowed this repelling strength to cover him. Qin Yu knew that the Infinite Realm was about to close.

    Shua –

    Space slightly twisted. Qin Yu’s figure vanished from sight. In the next moment he was wrapped up in a kaleidoscope of lights. Without surprise, once his surroundings were restored, he would have returned to the Land of Divinity and Demons.

    Immortal Sect’s cultivator camp.

    When the Infinite Realm’s repelling strength arrived, Wenren Dongyue faintly smiled. He lifted a hand and tossed up a jade scepter. This item released a dark light that drew in all the repelling strength, causing it to form an array formation within the camp.

    “Junior-apprentice brothers, junior-apprentice sisters, it’s time to leave.”

    He was the first to step into the array formation. Ning Ling and the other numerous Immortal Sect disciples all entered behind.

    Hum –

    The array formation flashed. Then, together with the jade scepter, the Immortal Sect disciples were all transmitted away.

    In a far-off area, within a blood-colored lake, Wuma Sizhan slowly opened his eyes. He looked up into the skies above. After he left the Ninerealm Holy Land, he had coincidentally found a lucky chance in this blood lake. This was helpful to him in cultivating the demonic path secret arts, but what a pity, two months was just far too little time.

    “Let’s go!”

    Wuma Sizhan flew out from the blood lake. Black robes formed around his body. He punched out a fist and space directly shattered, collapsing inward to form a black channel. Around the edges of the channel, countless demonic runes shined. They smoothly pushed apart the rampaging power of space, steadying and binding it into an orderly transmission channel.

    And these demonic runes were completely similar to those on a black ring Wuma Sizhan wore on his hand.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    The Demonic Path cultivators all flew inside. The black channel rapidly closed.

    The kaleidoscopic colors around Qin Yu rapidly shook. At this time, strange fluctuations swept around him.

    In the next moment a massive face appeared in the skies above the Infinite Realm. Its eyelids violently shivered as if it were using an immense amount of strength to open them.

    “Rest Loam…”

    Deep and rumbling syllables spread out from its mouth, transmitting in all directions like crashing thunder.

    Silent trembling and thunderous rumbling instantly swept through the entire Infinite Realm, forcefully breaking apart all transmissions.

    The kaleidoscopic channel around Qin Yu rapidly disintegrated. He stuffily coughed and fell to the ground. He quickly looked around and found that he was still in the Infinite Realm and his complexion turned extremely ugly.

    He had clearly sensed that strange fluctuation just now. Though it swept across him in an instant, it made him feel as if it had thoroughly seen through him.

    At this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. Without any hesitation at all, his thoughts stirred and he vanished, entering into the space within his status token.

    Bang –

    A boundless consciousness instantly arrived. It obviously discovered the spatial token, but after a long period of time, it chose to retreat.

    Within the token space, Qin Yu’s arrival had alarmed Tuba and Tutou. They quickly came forward to greet him.

    Qin Yu had a dignified complexion. As the master of the token, he could clearly feel the arrival of the boundless consciousness outside.

    The fluctuations of this consciousness were broad and vast and contained an icy cold swiftness. Yet, it was also slightly stiff.

    Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. This was…the consciousness of the Infinite Realm’s rules!

    Or, within the broken world of the Infinite Realm, this could be called the remnant world will.

    Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He had guessed before, but now he was positive that the reason the transmission stopped was on his body.

    The Infinite Realm’s rules wouldn’t target him without any rhyme or reason. Qin Yu soon guessed that it was related to the Rest Loam he gave to the little blue lamp. After all, that thing had a potent ability to repair a world. If the Infinite Realm’s rules could obtain the Rest Loam and fuse it into the Infinite Realm, then even if it didn’t restore the entire world, it would greatly lengthen its existence.

    Thinking of this, Qin Yu began to worry. Even if this was only the will of a broken world, it wasn’t something he could contend with. But now, he had no other choice. He bitterly smiled. Gains and losses really came together. If it hadn’t obtained a priceless treasure like the Rest Loam, the Infinite Realm’s will wouldn’t have targeted him.

    As he was within the Infinite Realm itself, there was no chance for Qin Yu to escape. In fact, as long as the Infinite Realm wanted to, it could keep him trapped here forever.

    Thinking of this, Qin Yu’s complexion became even uglier.

    But then Qin Yu’s eyes widened in surprise. This was because he could clearly sense that the Infinite Realm’s will had vanished.

    Was it luring him into exiting? Or had it given up?

    Qin Yu had a dark and uncertain expression. He quietly said, “In a moment, if anything occurs, I will summon you two out. Be careful!”

    Tuba and Tutou shouted in agreement. Their bones began to pop and crackle as billowing blood energy erupted from within them. They were clearly prepared to go all-out.

    Qin Yu clenched his teeth and his figure vanished in the next moment. He was well aware that if the Infinite Realm’s will wasn’t willing to let him go, there was nothing he could do. Unless he could endure until the Infinite Realm collapsed, even if he waited a hundred years in here there would be no difference.

    Shua –

    Qin Yu appeared where he was, his body tense and tightened. He waited and waited for something to happen, but the Infinite Realm’s will didn’t descend.

    It had given up?

    Qin Yu thought for a moment. It was likely that the status of being the Ninerealm Holy Land’s Saint Son had played a role.

    Hu –

    He let out a long breath of relief. It was only then that he discovered his robes were drenched in a cold sweat, causing them to cling uncomfortably to his back. His blood energy revolved, drying his clothes. Qin Yu sent a sound transmission to his token to lift the alarm. Then, he glanced around, revealing a hesitant look.

    The transmission had been interrupted. Although the Infinite Realm’s rules hadn’t descended, how could he leave?

    Suddenly, a boundless spatial fluctuation rose up from the distance. Qin Yu’s complexion changed and he flew towards the source.

    Soon Qin Yu’s expression lit up in joy. He loudly said, “Fellow daoists, wait a moment!”

    In front, he could see two people coming to a sudden stop, wariness on their faces.

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “When I was being transmitted to leave, it suddenly ended. I wonder if it was the same for you two?”

    One of them sensed Qin Yu’s aura and relaxed a little. “It was the same for us also.”

    There wasn’t any hint of contempt on his face.

    If there was someone that could last until the closing of the Infinite Realm and not appear distressed at all, unless that person had been in hiding the entire time or unless they experienced some heaven-defying luck, they certainly weren’t a common person.

    The other person invitingly said, “The two of us were just headed towards the spatial fluctuation. If fellow daoist is headed in the same direction, how about coming together with us?”

    Qin Yu hesitated for a moment and then nodded, “Alright.”

    The three people continued forward together. Along the way they constantly encountered other cultivators. After questioning them, they learnt that their transmissions were also all interrupted.

    Qin Yu relaxed a little. It seemed that it wasn’t just him in this situation. If so, then this situation could still be recovered. As he heard the curses coming from those around him, he revealed a helpless look. He immediately thought that if these people discovered the transmission was interrupted because of him, they would absolutely turn on him.

    The group grew larger and larger; there were around 30 some people. But, everyone was on guard against the rest, dreading each other. As for Qin Yu and the first two cultivators he met, they were on quite good terms.

    Through their conversations, Qin Yu discovered that these two came from a large refining sect called Equipment Pagoda in the Central Mountain Nation. Their disciples were skilled in refining tools of all kinds and were considered relatively reputable.

    As for Qin Yu, he casually made up a status for himself. These two Equipment Pagoda disciples didn’t care too much so they didn’t see through his lies.

    Suddenly, there was a loud cry of alarm from the front of the group. Qin Yu and the two Equipment Pagoda disciples glanced at each other, the three of them immediately speeding up. Soon, they came upon a massive plain and saw a giant spatial gate. The outline of the gate had just appeared and it had yet to fully condense.

    Cultivators that were familiar with spatial array formations walked forward to cautiously examine it. Soon, they discovered pleasant news. This spatial gate connected to the Land of Divinity and Demons!

    “I knew that the Infinite Realm wouldn’t force us to be stranded here. It would definitely give us a chance to leave!”

    “Although the Infinite Realm is good, it is far too dangerous. And the rules here aren’t complete either. It isn’t good to stay here for too long.”

    “Haha, when the spatial gate is completed we can all leave!”

    Qin Yu also smiled a bit. But soon, he was stunned for a moment before revealing an excited look. He looked around and saw cultivators constantly gathering from all directions. In addition, this was the only violent spatial fluctuation he felt. In other words, this might be the only spatial gate in the entire Infinite Realm.

    If so, Ning Ling would also come here!

    Thinking of this, Qin Yu couldn’t help but laugh out heartily. He thought about how much he had bitterly searched, and in the end all his hopes would be repaid.

    Across from him, the two Equipment Pagoda cultivators were also surprised. They just assumed that Qin Yu was laughing from excitement upon finding a way out from the Infinite Realm. They smiled, not caring too much. At the same time, they also faintly felt some contempt. With this sort of personality, how had he managed to survive in the Infinite Realm for so long? Thinking this, they began to talk with the cultivators around them, vaguely opening up a distance between themselves and Qin Yu.