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Chapter 361 - Evil Intentions

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 361: Evil Intentions

    Ning Meng’s intention of saying this was to investigate her real intentions. After all, she was the one who drew “Ride With the Wind”. She wanted to find out how on earth did it land onto Ning Ke’s grasp.

    Ning Ke’s pupils dilated as she answered her without hesitation. “No way!”

    This was her sister’s comic that had been entrusted to her back in those days. She couldn’t give it to anyone else, especially not to this woman standing in front of her!

    Ning Meng boarded her car and left after seeing her firm resolution. Ning Meng was planning to drive to Yuxiu Garden, but since she had finished her drawing, it would be quite pointless and boring to do so. She then thought about the villa. Xiao Tiantian had not been fed yet for the day. Ever since Huo Beichen had moved to Yuxiu Garden to stay with her, they had had to arrange for someone to feed Xiao Tiantian at an appointed time every day. As she was thinking about this, she felt sorry for Xiao Tiantian.

    Ning Meng changed her course for the villa after putting some thought into it. When she entered the community area of the villa, she saw a taxi just leaving. Still, she did not bother much about it and drove straight to the villa.


    Ning Ke was feeding Xiao Tiantian. She rubbed its head and watched it gobble down the food with joy. She could not contain herself and sighed. “You’ve lost so much weight, Tiantian. Did Huo Beichen abuse you? Did he forget all about you since he had his new love? How could he be so cruel to forget about this house and neglect you?”

    She remembered the times when she had stayed here with her sis and Huo Beichen. This had been her house too… She fed Xiao Tiantian a few more sausages and was about to continue talking to herself when suddenly, she heard the sound of a car from outside.

    Had Huo Beichen come?

    A flash of light sparked in Ning Ke’s eyes. She walked toward the door and glanced outside only to see the show-off pink sports car. So, it was just her. Ning Ke raised her brow and turned over to look at Xiao Tiantian enjoying the sausages, her voice rife with hatred. “Tiantian, would you like to eat more sausages?”

    Xiao Tiantian barked in excitement. Ning Ke then continued, “When this person comes through the door, go and push her down and bite her to death!”

    Let this fake Ning Meng die, and everything would go back to the simple, normal times. Xiao Tiantian’s eyes were brimming with ferocity and it barked in agreement. Ning Ke looked around her surroundings and finally went upstairs. She hid in the corridor and secretly watched from above. As she heard the passcode being punched in, Ning Ke’s eyes sparkled with delight. She craned her neck and looked down.

    The moment the door was opened, Xiao Tiantian turned into the fiercest Tibetan Mastiff and pounced toward the door! All Ning Meng could see was a big black figure coming at her and her eyes widened in bewilderment.

    “Xiao Tiantian!”

    As soon as Xiao Tiantian heard her voice, his body stiffened midair and it made a sudden turn. It crouched on the ground and obediently wagged its tail.

    Ning Ke was perplexed and clenched her fists in anger.

    Ning Ke knew that today was her sole opportunity. Huo Beichen had given out orders and she would never have another opportunity to be near Ning Meng again. Anyway, there were no CCTVs in this villa. All she had to was to kill Ning Meng…

    Meanwhile, Ning Meng had already seen Xiao Tiantian’s bowl that was full of uneaten food. She raised a brow and rubbed Xiao Tiantian’s head. “Did someone already come and feed you?”

    After saying this, she stood up and looked around the house. She did not see anyone and assumed that the person must have left. She then decided to go upstairs. “I’m going to get my cup.”

    Ning Ke hid in the neighboring room and waited for Ning Meng to take her cup and come out. Ning Ke quietly stood at her back. All she had to do was to push her hard, and Ning Meng would go tumbling down…