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Chapter 335 - Well, Deal With It (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 335: Well, Deal With It (1)

    Who would've known? Grandpa Gu replied casually, "I'm old. I can't even see words clearly now. So, I'm not going to give my opinion. The company's affairs should be left to you younger people."

    After pausing for a moment, he turned to gaze at Gu Yu and impartially asked him, "Yu, since your uncle has come up with a fairly good idea, what do you think about it?"

    Everyone knew of Yun Rou's current influence on society. It was clear that she was very suited to be Gu Corporation's new spokesperson.

    Gu Xiong accused him of not being able to separate public and private affairs. If he couldn't explain himself adequately, Gu Xiong would surely not live this down.

    From the moment the topic had been raised, Gu Yu had been laying back lazily onto the sofa. That handsome face of his didn't have much of an emotion. As that cold look of his remained, no one was able to guess whatever that was on his mind.

    Now, everyone's gaze subconsciously fell onto Gu Yu as they waited for his reply to Grandpa Gu's question.

    To put it more accurately, they weren't waiting for his reply. What they were waiting for was to see what he currently thought of Yun Rou.

    Gu Yu cracked his eyes open, his inky gaze meeting Gu Xiong's. For some reason, that cold gaze of his sent chills down Gu Xiong's spine. In no time, he steeled his resolve once more and straightened up.

    This time around, he wouldn't yield so easily!

    He couldn't stand how Gu Yu did whatever he pleased for a long time. People from the side branch like him were just for display in the Gu Corporation. Although they were shareholders, they didn't have much of a right to speak their minds.

    When others spoke of the Gu Family, people would always talk about Grandpa Gu and Gu Yu exclusively. People like him, born from the second and third wives, were treated as if they didn't exist!

    He was indignant at the thought of being suppressed. Since he was a shareholder, he was a part of Gu Corporation. He'd have to fight for the greatest benefits for Gu Corporation!

    Gu Yu tugged on his lips and chuckled, "Uncle, if you wish for Gu Corporation to sign a contract with Yun Rou to be the company's new spokesperson, then sure!"


    No one expected him to agree to it so quickly. Didn't he reject her straight away before without even a moment of consideration?

    The old man didn't even intend to force him to agree to it. He had only mentioned it, yet it seemed like Gu Yu was willing to comply!

    In other words, that means Yun Rou was still the most special one to Gu Yu, just like how it was back then.

    Well, Yun Rou had stayed by Gu Yu's side for five solid years. How could it be easy to move on from such a relationship?

    Gu Xiong broke into a smug smile instantly, emanating pride and self-satisfaction. He chuckled loudly as he said, "Yu, listening to Uncle this time around is a great choice. Yun Rou truly is a great candidate to be Gu Corporation's spokesperson. She would surely allow the company to ascend to greater heights. Uncle is doing this wholeheartedly for both the good of the company and for your sake. With that said, this issue has now been settled…"

    Before he finished speaking, Gu Yu's voice sounded out once more, taking his own sweet time, "Uncle, I haven't finished talking yet. Don't rush to conclusions so early."

    The man crossed his legs elegantly, casually placing one hand on his knee. His long fingers tapped his knee for a moment before his thin lips parted. Enunciating every word that he had yet to finish, he clearly said, "Uncle, you can wait until you're sitting in my position to decide whoever you want as your spokesperson. For now, however, I'm the one sitting in that position. If I say no, then it's a no!"

    The smile on Gu Xiong's face stiffened instantly. As range rushed up to his head, he became so furious that he was turning blue, "Yu, you…"

    "Feeling indignant?"

    Gu Yu's lips curved into a devious smile. Enunciating each word clearly, he spat without an ounce of courtesy, "Well, deal with it!"

    Everyone in the room remained silent at those words.