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Chapter 281 - Too Outstanding!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 281: Too Outstanding!

    The incident involving Zi You meant he could not affect Su Cha's life for now.

    At present, this person would be too embroiled in a mess. With so much dirt on him, no matter how popular he was, he would not be able to rise up again no matter how capable he was.

    Because this had already caused damage and tainted the youth's minds, he would probably be directly banned.

    Moreover, he never would have expected that just one phone call would get him into such big trouble.

    If a person had no morals, they would eventually hit a wall.

    Su Cha did not care, and while she did not need to compete right now, she did have to go to the studio recommended by Dai Xiaofu to practice her vocals.

    Su Cha did not go there these past two days due to the production crew's situation. When she arrived, Su Cha found that it was just another workplace for Dai Xiaofu, not run by a friend.

    Dai Xiaofu came over after her class. Although she was friendly to Su Cha, Su Cha could tell that Dai Xiaofu was hiding something from her.

    She transferred her here not because it was convenient but because Dai Xiaofu did not want Su Cha to continue her studies in the other studio.

    But what could be the reason that Su Cha was not allowed to be there?

    As Su Cha thought about this, Dai Xiaofu came over. She asked her casually, "Is the child from last time doing fine?"

    She had asked the same question twice.

    Dai Xiaofu did not expect her to ask this question. Her face stiffened for a moment, but she quickly calmed down. "He's fine. What are you worried about?"

    "I'm not worried."

    Su Cha spoke slowly, so Dai Xiaofu could not detect anything unusual from her tone. "But since the child had that accident in your classroom, I'm afraid it has affected you."

    After all, it involved Dai Xiaofu's class.

    Dai Xiaofu was stunned.

    Although she and Su Cha were mother and daughter, they were not close. It was not an exaggeration to call them strangers after not seeing each other for so many years.

    It was awkward.

    However, when she heard Su Cha's words, she had a complicated look in her eyes. She forced a smile and said, "Thank you for your concern. I've already settled the child's matter. It's not a big deal. His family members are reasonable."

    Although Dai Xiaofu appeared relaxed on the surface, Su Cha felt that this matter had not been an easy thing to deal with.

    But she did not probe further.

    She continued to practice what Dai Xiaofu taught her. Dai Xiaofu was not stingy and could not hide her smile. "I also heard about the results of your competition yesterday. You took first place in your group and directly passed into the Top 50, right?"

    Su Cha nodded. "I'm lucky to be popular."

    Dai Xiaofu glanced at her. "What's so strange about your popularity?"

    She was so pretty that many people liked her.

    She was also talented at singing. She was simply God's biological daughter.

    It was not surprising that such a person was popular.

    "But I didn't expect that you were the champion of Jiang'an Province!"

    As she mentioned this, Dai Xiaofu looked at Su Cha with bright eyes. After all, this girl was the top scorer in the college entrance examination!

    Dai Xiaofu had been working her whole life, but she had never encountered a child who became the champion of the college entrance examination.

    Not to mention that this child was her own daughter. Even if they were not blood-related, there was still this connection.

    Dai Xiaofu felt proud at the thought of it. After she found out yesterday, she mentioned it to her current husband. His husband was very happy and wanted Su Cha to come home for a meal.

    How glorious it was for her to be able to become the champion.

    Dai Xiaofu specially checked and even refreshed the highest score in the liberal arts in Jiang'an Province. This was simply too outstanding!