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Chapter 350 - Here I come!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 350: Here I come!

    “Now, the only ones left are Boss and Big Sister Qi. Can you tackle them on your own?” Lightning was worried.

    “What do you think?” Leng Yu asked.

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Fine, just assume that I never asked you that question.’

    “So, why don’t you tackle one of them first? I suggest that you take down Big Sister Qi!” Lightning smiled and said.

    “I’ll pass along what you said to Jian Qi.” Leng Yu said coldly.

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Damn it!’

    “Sister Leng Yu…”

    “Do you want me to fire another bullet at you now?” Leng Yu asked him.

    “My comrade, I’ll cheer on for you!” Lightning spoke with a serious face. “Let our second team be the winner!”

    Then, he spoke again with a sad face before Leng Yu had the chance to speak. “Leng Yu, did you hang up on me?”

    “No, I’m thinking about whether I want to help her.” Leng Yu said.

    “What?” Lightning was puzzled.

    “I’m talking about Jian Qi!”

    “Hmm? What do you want to help her with?”

    “To make them a couple!” Leng Yu said calmly.

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Don’t women like to compete with each other?’

    ‘Shouldn’t they grab their sniper rifles and face each other head-on?’

    ‘Why can’t I see such exciting scenes when it comes to them?’

    “Leng Yu, I think that Feng Yi is not a spy from the opposing team but you are!”

    Lightning said sadly.

    Leng Yu did not respond. She quickly changed her location.

    On the other hand, both Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu swiftly changed their locations too.

    It was almost near the end of the battle. Certainly, they would not run far. In fact, they were hiding nearby each other.

    Tang Jinyu checked his surroundings carefully without missing out on any of the secluded corners.

    However, Jian Qi was rather relaxed. “Instructor Tang, you don’t have to be so nervous. If they eliminate you, I’ll definitely end my life and be with you. We’ll be together even if we die.”

    “Jian Qi, I’ll give you five minutes to find where the target is. If you fail to do that, you’ll be the bait then!” Tang Jinyu said coldly. “I’ll let our enemy eliminate you!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Hmph… What a bad temper!’

    Even the snowy weather could not help to cool his anger.

    Jian Qi did not want to be a live bait either.

    As such, she grabbed the binoculars and started looking for the target carefully.

    “At one o’clock!” Tang Jinyu said to Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi then turned and looked in that direction. She soon saw Leng Yu who was hiding herself there.

    She held up the sniper rifle and aimed it at her.

    At the same time, Leng Yu noticed them too. She saw where they were.

    However, Leng Yu turned the gun to aim at Tang Jinyu while Jian Qi aimed the gun at Leng Yu.

    Both of them pulled their triggers at the same time.

    Their movements were the same. After they fired the bullet, they hid themselves quickly.

    Tang Jinyu did the same. He dodged Leng Yu’s attack the moment Jian Qi pulled the trigger.

    “Instructor Tang, it seems like we’ve been discovered.” Jian Qi smiled and said.

    Surprisingly, Leng Yu did not hide herself anymore even after she was found. She continued to fire her bullets at them. However, all her shots were aimed at Tang Jinyu.

    Jian Qi smirked. She laughed at him. “Instructor Tang, do you have a magnet with you? Why is every bullet aimed right at you?”

    Tang Jinyu lay down on the ground without moving around. He stared at her and said coldly, “Get rid of her!”

    Jian Qi smiled cunningly. However, she soon calmed herself down.

    “Little Tang Tang, let me save you!” Jian Qi said as she threw herself at Tang Jinyu.

    ‘Here I come!’