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Chapter 992 - Plan A

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 992: Plan A

    Si Yiyan answered, “I’ve already instructed them to put the entire Elegance Room on lockdown as soon as I found out. They’re screening the suspects now, but Wei Che is nowhere to be found.”

    Since the mastermind could execute the plan so perfectly and discreetly, he definitely wasn’t a simple person. The fact that he could leave safely definitely had something to do with the mole in Lucifer.

    Wen Xinya felt a little disappointed. She had a bad feeling about Wei Che and, just like Xia Ruya, who was her arch-nemesis and jinx whom she could not escape from, Wei Che seemed to be Si Yiyan’s extreme enemy. One was the fallen angel Lucifer who had delved into Asura’s path while the other was a mysterious medium.

    It was an ominous feeling.

    Wen Xinya asked softly, “Did you find out who exactly this Wei Che is?”

    He mysteriously popped up out of nowhere and, although he had played chess with Duke Moville, Wen Xinya discovered that the two of them did not communicate much and it was as if Duke Moville had disregarded his presence.

    Si Yiyan answered, “According to Duke Moville, he is one of the internal management members of Lucifer, whom Duke Moville met by chance at Elegance Room. He obviously believed him since the staff of Elegance Room recognized him.”

    Wei Che was, in fact, rather capable to have been able to delve into Lucifer’s internal department without arousing suspicion.

    Wen Xinya asked a crucial question, “Someone communicated with him in Elegance Room and assisted him in executing his plan. Is that person a snitch, too?”

    Snitches were rather common, and many major powers and authorities often faced their downfall because of a snitch whom they could not prevent against. It was inevitable for there to be traitors and spies, especially since Lucifer was large and powerful.

    Surprised by how sharp she was, Si Yiyan answered with a nod, “Yes, there’s a snitch.”

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath before saying, “Ever since history, snitches and traitors have always been heavily guarded against. They’re the ones who end up ruining businesses. Now that there’s a snitch within Lucifer’s internal department, you’re going to be heavily affected.

    Wen Xinya was extremely worried about that problem. She did not expect that they would discover a snitch during this trip to Russia.

    Si Yiyan answered calmly, “I’ve already kept my guard up before this and came up with a strategy to deal with it. However, it’s too sensitive of an issue. Once we make it known that there’s a snitch, they’ll begin doubting each other and Lucifer is going to be heavily disadvantaged. It would also make it easier for others to take advantage of the situation and bluff their way into Lucifer. I’ve been laying low because I didn’t want to alarm anyone. This time, I can use your incident as an excuse to bring up the matter about the snitch in Lucifer. It’s perfect and timely. It’ll be beneficial for Lucifer.”

    When he first took over Lucifer, he was already aware of the presence of a snitch amongst the higher authorities.

    Having reigned over China and Russia for more than a century, Lucifer had established a great reputation and commanded respect from most Russian aristocrats. Lucifer had maintained a neutral position and was out of the nation’s system. However, ever since the death of Si Yiyan’s father, Lucifer had been heavily attacked and Old Mr. Si’s loyal followers split up to form smaller cliques of their own. They then fought against each other, sparking conflict and feud that arose out of nowhere.

    He was very certain that there was a snitch.

    However, the snitch seemed to know a lot about Lucifer and was extremely crafty. He kept mum about it when Lucifer went through tumultuous times, for fear that he would make his subordinates grow flustered. He had also secretly investigated the mole. Since everything had to be done in secret, his resources were limited and there were still no results even until today.

    However, he had managed to find out some suspects over the years, though he had been staying quiet about it because he did not want to alarm the real culprit. However, he had already secretly come up with Plan A to get rid of the snitch. This time, Wen Xinya unintentionally gave him the chance to execute his plan.

    Since he had made preparations, Lucifer would not be greatly affected.

    Feeling much more relieved after hearing his answer, Wen Xinya asked, “How is Mr. Berveld doing? I remember hitting him with a bottle and injuring him. I don’t know how much strength I used because my body was experiencing all the strange symptoms.”

    Although she had sabotaged the mastermind’s vicious plan, Duke Berveld might just hold Lucifer liable if she were to seriously injure Mr. Berveld. That would be disadvantageous to Si Yiyan.

    Not bothered at all, Si Yiyan answered, “He’s alright. He’s only lost a little bit of blood. Duke Berveld gave me a call just now to thank you for saving Mr. Berveld’s life.”

    Since the incident took place in the Elegance Room, he was in control of the situation. In fact, Wen Xinya had no idea that Mr. Berveld had already been stabbed twice by Si Yiyan, who made it seem like he had been stabbed during the attack. Thus, Wen Xinya became Mr. Berveld’s savior.

    Wen Xinya gaped, thinking to herself that she should stay out of it since she had already handed the matter over to Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan said softly, “Xinya, I’ve already instructed my men to prepare the helicopter. We’ll escort you back tomorrow morning.”

    As the leader of Lucifer, he had to stay behind to execute Plan A and keep things within control. Next, there would be a major bloodbath within Lucifer. So, it was not safe for Wen Xinya to stay behind.

    Wen Xinya obviously understood what he meant. However, she could not stop herself from asking, “What about you?”

    She then hung her head low.

    Knowing that she was just worried about him, Si Yiyan asked smilingly, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing major.”

    If he did not make any preparations beforehand, the matter about the snitch would definitely instill fear and panic within them. It was a bad thing for Lucifer. However, there was nothing to be afraid of now that he had made plans in advance.

    Wen Xinya nodded and said softly, “Be careful, don’t let your guard down.”

    Although she knew that Si Yiyan was prepared and conscientious, she could not help but instruct him.

    Si Yiyan nodded and changed the subject. “Are you hungry? I’ll get the kitchen helpers to prepare a warm dessert.”

    Satiety would provide a sense of security. Knowing that she had suffered a huge fright, he was extremely worried about her. In fact, he would have let her stay by his side if he weren’t concerned about her safety.

    “A little!” said Wen Xinya, who indeed began to feel a little hungry.

    She had eaten something before going to the Elegance room. But it had been three hours since she last ate.

    After kissing her forehead, Si Yiyan said, “Wait a minute, I’ll be right back.”

    Wen Xinya stared at his back and began to space out. This time, she had gotten an eyeopener of a whole new world in Russia. The cruel reality of it told her that she had to grow rapidly in order to develop her business empire as soon as possible.