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Chapter 351 - Jian Qi, Why Don’t You Give Me an Explanation?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 351: Jian Qi, Why Don’t You Give Me an Explanation?

    “Don’t come…” Before Tang Jinyu could stop her, Jian Qi had already thrown herself at him.

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    “Let me shield you from the bullets!” Jian Qi pressed onto him. She was delighted.

    It was quite warm with a warm human body beneath her in this snowy weather.

    As she was hugging Tang Jinyu, she nuzzled his neck with her head.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and said coldly, “Jian Qi, look up now!”

    “Why? I’ll just look at you.” Jian Qi smiled impishy. “Nothing can be compared to your handsome face.”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. He was not a fool.

    “Jian Qi, I’ll kill you if you don’t eliminate the target before I get up!”

    “Instructor Tang, I’m protecting you now.” Jian Qi smiled happily.

    Tang Jinyu bit his lips.

    The sniper oppposite them could not even hit him at the current position he was in.

    Did she assume that he was unaware of that? He knew that Jian Qi merely wanted to hug him.

    Lightning found the best spot so he could witness the entire scene before him through his binoculars. He could not help but wonder out loud, “I’m becoming more and more impressed by Big Sister Qi. She’s so daring. Isn’t she afraid of being beaten to death by Boss?”

    Leng Yu asked, “What is she doing now?”

    “Just holding onto this chance to take advantage of Boss!”

    Leng Yu still remained calm. “She better hurry up. I almost running out of bullets!”

    Lightning. “…”

    Why did he feel like the two of them had conspired beforehand?

    “At first, I thought that Boss is too cruel in bullying Big Sister Qi like that. But, why am I suddenly slightly worried about Boss now?”

    Leng Yu ignored what he said. Then, she pulled the trigger once more.

    On the other hand, Jian Qi was talking to Tang Jinyu seriously. “Instructor Tang, they’re coming at us with full force!”

    Tang Jinyu’s face darkened. He said, “Jian Qi, I’ll give you five seconds. Get rid of the target opposite us. If not, I’ll kill you!”

    Jian Qi sighed. “My Little Tang Tang, how could you push me away when a beautiful girl like me has thrown herself at you. You’ll surely be single your whole life!” Jian Qi exclaimed.

    Although she seemed playful, she grabbed the sniper rifle beside her. Then, she quickly rolled away from Tang Jinyu’s body.

    She held her rifle up and tilted her head to look through the scope. She soon found the target and pulled the trigger.

    The entire process lasted only two seconds and it was over.

    Lightning was observing them the whole time. He was about to ask Leng Yu to be careful but Jian Qi had already fired her rifle at her.

    Leng Yu smirked as she looked at the blue smoke rising from her body. Jian Qi was indeed fast.

    She still had a bullet in her gun.

    It seemed like Boss was deeply infuriated.

    “Big Sister Qi was so fast just now!” Lightning said. Clearly, he was filled with a sense of bewilderment and surprise.

    Leng Yu asked him, “How fast was she?”

    “It’s beyond my expectations!” Lightning was amazed.

    Leng Yu raised her eyebrow. It seemed like Jian Qi was not as playful and weak as she seemed.

    Tang Jinyu tilted his head and glanced at Jian Qi beside him. He was giving her an inquisitive look.

    He felt even more impressed than Lightning who was far away from them.

    The entire process was fast and slick from the moment Jian Qi moved away from him, found the target and hit the target.

    Jian Qi returned to her old self when she felt Tang Jinyu’s stare. She tilted her head and met Tang Jinyu’s eyes. She said smugly, “Were you charmed by my impressive moves just now? Wasn’t I quite excellent?”

    “You were quite fast just now.” Tang Jinyu said.

    “Don’t you think that it’s quite perfect?” Jian Qi got close to him.

    However, Tang Jinyu stood up. He then looked deep into her eyes, “Jian Qi, why don’t you give me an explanation?”