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Chapter 282 - Unbelievable Truth

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 282: Unbelievable Truth

    Dai Xiaofu felt that even though Su Cha had grown up with a person like Su Mingzhe, she still became so outstanding. Su Mingzhe simply must have spent eight lifetimes on this. However, she did not understand why Su Mingzhe would let a girl like Su Cha come to the Imperial Capital and join the entertainment industry.

    Dai Xiaofu had changed the topic quickly, which made Su Cha smile lightly. “It’s good that Jiang’an Province’s liberal arts exams were relatively simple this year.”

    That was true.

    Jiang’an Province took the same national exam. This year, the difficulty of the national exam had been reduced. The scores could not be compared to the other provinces’ given the higher difficulty of their college entrance examination. However, the fact that Su Cha’s score could break records in Jiang’an Province proved her ability.

    She did not waste her efforts.

    “It’s not every year that it’s easy.”

    Dai Xiaofu could not stop grinning. “Your uncle wants to see you. Do you want to eat at my place tonight?”

    Su Cha hesitated.

    She was staying at Bo Muyi’s house now and returned there every day.

    However, Dai Xiaofu was her mother at least in name. It should not be a big deal for Su Cha to join her for a meal.

    Su Cha nodded. “Okay.”

    Dai Xiaofu smiled happily when she heard Su Cha’s agreement. “Okay, you can come back with me after the practice.”

    After making arrangements, Dai Xiaofu asked curiously, “Say, did Su Mingzhe really agree to let you come to the Imperial Capital?”

    Su Cha’s smile disappeared.

    At the mention of Su Mingzhe, her eyes became colder. “He doesn’t care all that much.”


    Dai Xiaofu saw Su Cha’s expression and a thought occurred to her. She asked carefully, “Did you quarrel with him?”

    Su Cha shook her head. “It’s not a fight. He never agreed from the beginning, and I never planned to ask for his permission.”

    “Since you are so outstanding, he was blessed to have been able to pick you up.”

    Dai Xiaofu continued unhappily, “Even if you’re not his biological child, it’s been so many years. He also received so many benefits back then…”

    Su Cha frowned and asked, “What benefits?”

    She had heard from Dai Xiaofu before about Su Mingzhe taking payment, but she did not probe further.

    She had thought that her biological parents had given her to Su Mingzhe as a form of adoption.

    Now that Dai Xiaofu mentioned money again, it was obvious that Su Mingzhe got more than that.

    Dai Xiaofu realized that she had slipped up, but now that she thought about it, Su Cha already knew that she was not Su Mingzhe’s biological daughter. In addition, Su Mingzhe was not a good person in Dai Xiaofu’s eyes. She thought it through for a while and said, “I’m not sure about your father’s family background, but he must have some means. He even gave a sum of money to Su Mingzhe. I think it couldn’t have been less than five hundred thousand. When we divorced, I didn’t ask for his money. After all, the money was prepared for you. Also, I don’t know if Su Mingzhe has changed his job. He doesn’t have much ability. He was arranged to be a manager of a big company…”

    Su Cha could not believe it.

    Five hundred thousand!

    This was a huge sum for an ordinary family back then!

    And a job was even arranged for Su Mingzhe?

    She always did think that it was strange. Su Mingzhe was mediocre, so how did he become a manager? However, he had also changed jobs halfway and transferred to a smaller company. Now that she thought about it, it was very likely that he could not continue working in a big company. However, because of this condition, he could continue to work in other companies as a manager. Otherwise, what right did Su Mingzhe have to such a position?

    However, Su Cha’s face turned pale at the thought of the treatment she had received.