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Chapter 362 - The World’s Most Pathetic Murderer. There’s None Like Her!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 362: The World’s Most Pathetic Murderer. There’s None Like Her!

    Ning Ke's line of sight then landed on the fruit knife on the coffee table. After Ning Meng had fallen and was knocked unconscious which would render her unable to fight back, she would then take the knife and stab her straight in her heart… Ning Ke's eyes sparked with madness. Anyone who dared to steal Huo Beichen away will die!

    The moment she had thought about this, she pushed forward with her diabolical plan!

    A few days ago, Huo Beichen had helped Ning Meng move her belongings over. However, both of them had ended up staying at Yuxiu Garden instead. Still, that meant that Ning Meng's daily necessities were still in this villa. After she had taken her cup and was just about to head downstairs, she suddenly remembered that she had not taken her favorite hand cream. So, she turned to go back into the bedroom.

    She had just turned in a way that swayed from her original position when suddenly, a heavy object went tumbling down the stairs.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    It fell onto each of the steps and finally landed heavily on the ground!

    Ning Meng was confused. Just hearing those sounds made her feel the pain herself. She pursed her lips and looked down. Oh? Why did the person lying on the ground look like Ning Ke? Her whole body had fallen flat onto the ground, and her left arm looked like it was bent out of shape. It was obvious that her bone was broken!

    Ning Meng was shocked to the core! Although she hated this person very much, she was still a human being. Ning Meng hurried down the stairs and asked, "Are you alright?"

    Hatred and anger were plastered all over Ning Ke's face as she replied, "I won't die so easily!"

    "Do you want me to hold you up?"

    Ning Ke was disgusted at her question.

    ‘You are not even lifting a finger. And by the way, can you at least try to conceal this fake goodness of yours? Anyone can hear that you are not sincere at all!'

    Her eyes flashed as she glimpsed the fruit knife on the coffee table. She struggled to get up with her left arm hanging lifelessly. She could barely garner enough strength by herself. When Ning Meng saw this, she asked, "The way you fell was pretty pitiful. Still, how did you fall in the first place?"

    Ning Ke was speechless out of anger. Was it not you who had decided to turn around at the last second? And now, she had to be the one to fall instead? Ning Ke closed her eyes halfway. "Could you help me to pick my purse up?"

    Only then did Ning Meng realize that when Ning Ke had fallen down, her purse had fallen out of her pocket. She raised her brow. "Fine."

    Ning Meng's back was facing Ning Ke as she bent down to pick the purse up. Ning Ke quickly darted to the coffee table and picked up the fruit knife. She aimed at Ning Meng's back and found the sweet spot, aggressively going in for the plunge!

    However, just at that moment!

    Ning Meng did not pick up the purse, but instead, she immediately turned, only to hit Ning Ke's right hand. The knife in Ning Ke's hand changed direction and…


    The gruesome sound of the knife piercing into flesh was heard. Ning Meng was in the middle of talking when this had all happened. "That's not right. Why are you here in the villa? Um, why is there a fruit knife stuck in your arm?"

    The fruit knife which was supposed to be stabbed into Ning Meng's heart was now sticking out of Ning Ke's left arm. Ning Ke resisted the pain, and droplets of sweat dripped from her forehead. She then said each word in anger and loathing. "I do wonder. When the knife is pulled out of my arm, would I still feel any pain?"

    Ning Meng and Ning Ke remained silent. After staring at each other for a while, Ning Meng finally asked, "So, are you in pain?"

    Ning Ke was bewildered at this response. Gritting her teeth, she replied, "Not too bad."

    Ning Meng continued to stare at her face. Ning Ke could only continue to look at her as well. After they had stared at each other for a very long time, Ning Ke finally could not restrain herself. "What are you looking at?"

    "Your nose… has been bent crooked!"

    Ning Ke could not believe what she had just heard!