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Chapter 403 – Appearing In Front of You

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     At this time, Qin Yu didn’t have any mind to pay attention to the performance of those two people. He widened his eyes with anticipation as he swept his gaze around constantly. More and more cultivators arrived at the spatial gate. Gradually, a chorus of voices rose up but he still didn’t see Ning Ling. He began to grow worried. Could it be that the Immortal Sect had some secret method to break apart the obstruction of the Infinite Realm’s rules and forcefully leave?

    As Qin Yu started to frown, there was a cry of alarm that interrupted his train of thought.

    “Demonic Path cultivators!”

    There were countless demonic cultivators within the Land of Divinity and Demons. But, those that could arouse such a reaction were only those who dominated society from above, who overlooked the vast boundless world from up high – the unsurpassed Demonic Path.

    Wuma Sizhan walked through the void, his eyebrows furrowed together as slaughter energy tumbled all around him. Without any effort at all, he exuded an aggressive, domineering nature that swept out in all directions! Behind him were numerous demonic cultivators, each one releasing a tyrannical aura. Their auras rapidly rose up into the skies and formed giant demonic clouds with demonic phantoms appearing within, each one emitting shrill and horrifying cries.

    When these roars entered the ears, those with weaker cultivations felt a chill in their souls and a sudden feeling of fear rising up rapidly within them.

    Demonic prestige covered the skies!

    Qin Yu revealed a dignified expression. He could feel a terrifying aura coming from the one leading the Demonic Path cultivators. Although this person was only at the peak of the Divine Soul realm, his true strength had reached a terrifying and inconceivably high realm. He could be called the strongest Divine Soul that Qin Yu had ever seen!

    Wuma Sizhan’s eyes glowed with an icy brilliance. He looked down at the earth. Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat; he didn’t expect this person to be so vigilant. He quickly lowered his head to avoid being seen.

    Wuma Sizhan’s eyes still fell on Qin Yu’s body for a moment. There was a thoughtful look in his eyes, but then his eyebrows arched up and he looked into the distance, coldly saying, “You people, you all have some disease where you can’t help but enter the stage at the last moment. It really leaves me disgusted.”

    The dense voice carried with it a piercing chill as it crossed through the air. Wherever this voice transmission went, it caused the temperature of the surrounding space to wildly fall.

    “Wuma Sizhan, I know you aren’t in a good mood, but you are far from having the qualifications to blaspheme the name of my Immortal Sect.” A calm and tranquil voice echoed back in response. A group of cultivators walked forwards. Their clothes floated around them and the men and women were all beautiful and handsome, possessing an elegant and orderly bearing as if they were gods amongst men.

    In particular, the man at the front was slender and incomparably handsome. His eyes were wide and bright, like an endless region of stars, capable of accommodating all.

    Wuma Sizhan coldly sneered. He looked up. When the two pairs of eyes met, the void began to tremble even as strong winds were whipped into existence! A powerful invisible pressure crazily spread out as countless cultivators were shocked. They lowered their heads, not daring to look ahead.

    However, the collision of power and momentum as these two glared at each other had no impact on Qin Yu. He looked at the group of Immortal Sect cultivators and saw a familiar figure amongst them. Her appearance hadn’t changed except she was even more ethereal than before. Looking at her dreamy and haunting face, Qin Yu smiled.

    Ning Ling, I’ve finally found you!

    Among the Immortal Sect cultivators, Ning Ling frowned. Senior-apprentice brother Wenren and Wuma Sizhan were contesting with each other but someone on the ground was looking at her. She was already used to these things, but this person had been staring at her for far too long.

    Ning Ling took a deep breath and her cold eyes looked down. She had her own ways of making this lecherous person suffer some small hardships.

    But in the next moment, as their eyes met, Ning Ling could clearly see the person smiling on the ground. Her body stiffened and her eyes widened. Ning Ling covered her mouth, blinking her eyes before finally determining that this wasn’t an illusion.

    In that moment, Ning Ling’s memories flew in from far away. She fell into a daze, countless images flowing through her mind.

    She thought of East Stream Town, that young man who peeped up at her skirt but was calm and steady.

    She thought of the calm black-robed figure who faced the demonic path cultivators.

    She thought back to the Eastern Mountain Sect and how he had faced countless taunts with indifference.

    She thought back to when Western Pass City was in danger and he had disguised himself and broken apart the enemy.

    She thought back to the quiet scenery she experienced when travelling back home with him.

    She thought back to the killing tribulation she faced on her way home and how he had calmly dealt with it.

    She thought back to being wildly hunted down by Blacksky Demon and him choosing to not abandon her.

    She thought back to the black robe that covered her when she awoke from unconsciousness.

    She thought of the Ning Family’s underground temple and the figure that had appeared in front of her when she was in despair.

    She thought back to when the Immortal Sect had sent messengers to bring her back. He had said,

    ‘The Land of Divinity and Demons? Senior-apprentice sister Ning, you can go. No matter how far you are, I will find you.’

    ‘I need to know where senior-apprentice sister Ning is going so I can find you later.’

    ‘I know. Senior-apprentice sister Ning, wait for me.’

    Her eyes blurred with tears. She had always been worrying about these words, and after entering the Immortal Sect, she could only suppress them into the depths of her heart. This was because Ning Ling knew that there was no chance for Qin Yu to enter the Land of Divinity and Demons, much less go to the Immortal Sect to find her. But now Qin Yu had truly appeared in front of her, just like he said he would.

    Although she had no idea how much he had suffered, she could imagine it. Without any foundation or root, if he had entered the Land of Divinity and Demons to arrive at the Infinite Realm, he must have paid a price several times her own. She even guessed that the reason he entered the Infinite Realm was to look for her.

    As these feelings surged from deep in her heart, Ning Ling was no longer able to suppress them, nor did she want to resist them. Her figure moved and she flew straight towards Qin Yu.

    Although the Land of Divinity and Demons had been good to her, she was all by herself. Countless covetous eyes had stared at her, leaving her state of mind weary from dealing with all of them. If it weren’t for her powerful bloodline, she would likely have degenerated into becoming the personal toy of some Immortal Sect powerhouse.

    Loneliness, fear, and oppression had shrouded Ning Ling all this time. She had used a shell of cold indifference and her astonishing performance to resist all of this.

    But now, Ning Ling discovered that her own feelings were as weak as before. When she saw Qin Yu, she subconsciously treated him as her dependence. She had so many words to say to him and she hoped that they would never be separated again.

    There was suddenly a cry of alarm from the ground. Countless eyes that were focused on the shocking confrontation between Wenren Dongyue and Wuma Sizhan suddenly looked over and widened in bewilderment. The cultivators stood in place, frozen, as if struck by a bolt of lightning.

    They saw the most beautiful person within the Immortal Sect come flying towards them like a bird. Then, without hesitation, she threw herself into the chest of a man. To them, this created an intense psychological impact. Soon, grief and indignation inexplicably rose in their hearts. To summarize, they all asked – why!?

    This sort of fairy maiden-like existence should be soaring above the highest heavens, looking down upon the common people with faint indifference and sparing no man on the earth a single glance. So, how could this man hug her and do it so tightly!?

    Not too far away from the spatial gate, several cultivators stared dumbfounded. It was like they had been personally attacked, unable to regain their composure for a long time.

    Xu Wenze said with stunned surprise. “Master…what a master…I am full of admiration…”

    Feng Yunyun’s eyes flashed with a dim gloominess. So he already had such a good young friend.

    Qin Hanshi smiled. He thought, what an amazing Qin Yu. Without any warning you had already captured the heart of a fairy maiden from the Immortal Sect. No wonder you looked down on my cousin!

    Glancing over Ning Ling and seeing her tears of excitement and the joy emanating from her heart, Qin Hanshi couldn’t help but be a bit envious.

    What an unparalleled beauty. Brother Qin, what good fortune you have!

    Tianyun smiled. He knew that Qin Yu would come back safe and sound. He still hadn’t repaid the lifesaving graciousness from the titan tribe.

    By his side, Xiong Yuane cautiously drew back. She lowered her head and lamented inwardly. She was clearly about to leave the Infinite Realm but who knew the transmission would be interrupted and she would actually encounter this dark star at the spatial gate to leave the Infinite Realm.

    Don’t look at me…don’t look at me…don’t look at me…

    Standing up high with unequaled power and momentum, Wenren Dongyue and Wuma Sizhan both frowned, their expressions grim. However, the latter blinked his eyes and restored his composure. He laughed and said, “Wenren Dongyue, it seems that someone has already arrived before you. Congratulations, congratulations!”

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes flashed with killing intent before everything returned to tranquility. “The Immortal Sect does not prohibit its disciples from choosing a companion. Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling can choose who she wants.”

    Wuma Sizhan loudly laughed. “When it comes to patiently enduring, I really lose to you!”

    Wenren Dongyue had no expression, but blue veins occasionally popped up on his forehead. Beneath his sleeves, his nails sank into his palms. In the depths of his heart he had already regarded Ning Ling as his future dao companion. But now, seeing her tightly held in the chest of another man, his state of mind could be imagined.

    He wished he could smash Qin Yu to pieces, but he maintained a calm expression. He casually turned his head and glanced at Shui Yuanling. The girl blanched, imperceptibly nodding as she complained inwardly.

    When she rushed towards the spatial gate, she had already developed a foreboding premonition. Senior-apprentice brother Wenren had clearly also thought about this so he had intentionally delayed their arrival here. But, in the end they weren’t able to avoid it.

    And what caused Shui Yuanling to worry even more was that she had told Qin Yu that she didn’t know Ning Ling. Once this matter was revealed, Ning Ling would certainly become estranged from her and at that time she would be useless to senior-apprentice brother Wenren. If that were to happen, she would no longer have any means to obtain advantages from him.

    The Immortal Sect people were all shocked, disbelief thick in their eyes. The normally prideful and indifferent junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling who didn’t even glance twice at men had actually thrown herself into the chest of another man on her own initiative. If they didn’t see this for themselves they wouldn’t have believed it.

    Envy, apathy, ice-cold anger, all sorts of looks were cast their way.

    The female cultivator surnamed Ding chuckled to herself. She glanced over at Wenren Dongyue. With Ning Ling’s display of affection, would that leave senior-apprentice brother Wenren disappointed?

    If so, then she might have a chance!

    Yu Bai’s complexion was pale and ice cold. He knew that there was no way he could compare with Wenren Dongyue so he had given up on Ning Ling on his own end. But, who was this person in front of him? With what qualifications did he hold the woman that he longed for even in his dreams!?

    His heart tumbled with anger and hate. He wished that he could destroy everything in front of him. But, he simply had no way to vent his anger, and this anger was so great he almost caused internal injuries to himself.

    At this time, Yu Bai discovered that another Immortal Sect disciple also had hate in his expression, but his eyes were full of fear and worry.

    In the blink of an eye, Yu Bai recalled this disciple once making a report to him, telling him that he had been insulted by a cultivator and that even his guardian had been heavily wounded. In the end, that guardian had perished due to other dangers they encountered.

    Yu Bai’s eyes brightened. He carefully thought about it and finally remembered this disciple’s name. He said in a sound transmission, “Junior-apprentice brother Meidu, when you mentioned someone to me a while ago, is it this person?”

    Meidu’s complexion changed. “Reporting to senior-apprentice brother Yu Bai…I’m not too sure…”

    Yu Bai was overjoyed. Since he said it like this, it must not be wrong. His thoughts turned. It should be because he feared Ning Ling that he didn’t dare to speak the truth. His voice warmed and he lightly said, “Junior-apprentice brother Meidu, don’t blame me for mentioning this, but a great opportunity has arisen in front of you. You cannot let it go.”

    Meidu’s eyes brightened. “I ask senior-apprentice brother for guidance.”

    Yu Bai said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren has intentions towards junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling. If you can confirm and make this person into an enemy of my Immortal Sect, destroying his relationship with junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, then senior-apprentice brother Wenren will surely give you great advantages in the future. You need to carefully consider this. If you are willing to do so, I can help you. Of course, I also hope to use this opportunity to display my goodwill towards senior-apprentice brother Wenren.”

    Meidu’s heart began to blaze. He considered it again and again and finally clenched his teeth. In any case he was only speaking the truth. And with the protection of senior-apprentice brother Wenren, even if Ning Ling wasn’t happy, that didn’t mean she could deal with him.

    He looked at Yu Bai and nodded.

    Yu Bai was overjoyed. The two of them spoke some more, a smile appearing on both their lips.