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Chapter 239 - The Summer Queen (4)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 239 - The Summer Queen (4)


    The canyons that surrounded the large fortress continued to explode and eventually became flat plains.

    But even that was going below sea-level because of the fight between 81 Eyes and the One-horned tribe.

    There was no time to think about who you were fighting in that chaos. You had to kill whoever was in front of you, and be careful not to be swept away from the magic power storm.

    It was a mess. Everyone was only focused on defeating the other.

    The rulers of the Tower, the Red Dragon, and the strongest group, the One-horned tribe.

    The most powerful people within the Tower were fighting against each other, but it wasn’t elegant at all.

    Rather, only killing intent oozed from the battlefield.

    Meanwhile, red portals continued to open above them. They were the forces that came running when they heard the news. The 81 Eyes and other Red Dragon members appealed with their skills, and warriors from the One-horned tribe came down to show off the Mugong they had been training.


    The fight spread out endlessly in the Outer Space.

    There were nine people who stood out the most.

    The Nine Dragon Sons.

    They were the dragon soldiers, with Waltz and Tom at the center, who had received the Summer Queen’s blood.

    Bihee, Waltz.

    Imun, Chimmy.

    Porye, Wales.

    Phean, Triger.

    Leeho, Hyall.

    Gongbok, Leesoo.

    Aeja, Bahratan.

    Geumye, San.

    Chodo, Tom. [TN: Chodo used to be the Beginning but with these other names its meaning is currently unclear. Their names will be kept like this until we get more information about them.]

    They were known as the guardians who protected the Summer Queen.

    Other than Tom and Bahratan, they didn’t show themselves in public very often. Even the oldest, Waltz, only showed her face in official meetings.

    But now, they simultaneously revealed themselves.


    The second, Chimmy, was surrounded by light, then suddenly grew to ten times his size, becoming a large fanged wyvern.

    His 30-meter long body was like a snake. The entire body shined with black scales, and toxic fumes spread from his mouth.

    It was similar to a common lower-level Draconic Species, but it looked a lot fiercer. A Dragon Fear equivalent to the Summer Queen’s was boiling in the atmosphere.

    [You parasites, who are trying to hurt Mother. Die!]

    Chimmy opened his mouth agape and breathed out. The ground melted wherever his breath touched, and a black fog swallowed everything up.

    While the One-horned tribe members attempted to run away, the fourth, Phean, attacked.

    With a body that was similar to a drake’s, he was a four-legged creature of 5 meters. Every time he attacked, things crumbled down.


    The third, Wales, looked like a sea serpent and slithered above the ground. The fifth, who turned into a frost wyrm, dug into the ground and popped out, obsessively following those who were slow to move.

    The wyvern-like Leesoo, the amphithere Bahratan, and the lindworm San.

    Technically speaking, the Nine Dragon Sons were evolved fanged wyverns created with different knowledge of magic and alchemy.

    But even if they were fanged wyverns, they had the Summer Queen’s outstanding components, so it wasn’t an exaggeration to say they had surpassed the limits of fanged wyverns to be reborn into a new Draconic Species.

    They could even use powers that weren’t allowed to the lower-level Draconic Species.

    Dragon Fear boiled, and Breath scratched the ground. In their declared domains, they were kings.

    Of them, the oldest, Waltz, stood out the most.

    With her dragon wings, tails, and scales, Waltz flicked out the Blood Mine of the Head Elder and closed the distance between them.

    The Head Elder snorted. She was challenging someone even the Martial King hesitated to spar with? Waltz’s movements seemed foolish to him.

    He could see all kinds of magic circles spinning on her lithe arms and legs, but there would be limits to them.



    The Head Elder whipped his head around from the cold feeling he felt. The powers that Waltz used barely missed him and barrelled towards the sky.


    The sound of the explosion. Far away, he could see a hole in the atmosphere and the scattering clouds.

    But it wasn’t the force that surprised the Head Elder. It was Waltz’s movements, the way she used her fists. They were definitely Jingak and Jinsagyung. Something that only experts could do.

    And the power that was released…..

    “Hundred Fists?”

    It was Mugong.

    And that something was in the Gold-level Archives within the One-horned tribe. It wasn’t something that just anyone could see.

    But the Dragon Human in front of him used it. There were traces of it being tweaked, but the original form was still there.

    The Head Elder’s face hardened.

    “How does a player of the Red Dragon know the legacy of our tribe?”

    Waltz just moved her left arm under the Head Elder’s solar plexus, like she didn’t care about what he was saying.

    The Head Elder gathered the Blood Mine in his veins. Kwang! Blood Mine and her Mugong clashed together, and the two of them were pushed back.

    Waltz stepped on Jingak again, stretching her fist out. A foggy aura came from her arm and spread like a flower in front of her.

    There were tens of flowers that were made like that. The flowers made of whirlwinds and Strong Qi lashed out towards the Head Elder in Spark!

    The Blood Mine around the Head Elder scattered and planted itself on the ground.

    One flower per attack.

    Each Blood Mine was powerful in itself, and it was enough to dissolve the flowers. His Strong Qi shook the ground.

    If there was a difference between the Strong Qi between the two, it was that the Head Elder raised his destructive power through careful research, but Waltz made up for what she lacked with her magic power.

    A magic power of this magnitude.

    The Head Elder was silent. Even he wasn’t able to cultivate that much.

    How was such a person able to do that? Unless she stole the Dragon Heart.

    The Mugong that Waltz was using definitely wasn’t something that she just skimmed over. It was a power that she had learned from researching it for a long time.

    “I heard that Ismenios was wary of our king…..but is this the result of that?”

    However, that didn’t answer all his questions. Even if the Summer Queen’s Draconic Eyes were outstanding, she couldn’t completely steal Mugong like that. Even if she could mimic it, it was impossible to copy its exact forms.

    Unless she saw it herself.


    Waltz just blew her flowers in the breeze like she didn’t have any reason to answer, and she attempted to approach him.

    It was a Mugong attack like the Hundred Fists, but it felt more synchronized than the original.

    Waltz added on different kinds of magic to this.

    From her legs, head, arms, wrists, and fists, magic circles soared up with fancy Effects giving her different buffs, and her Dragon’s Authorities was added on top of that.

    It was a combination of magic and Mugong. The Summer Queen used this method to try to defeat the Martial King.

    If the Mugong that made up the Martial King and the magic of a Draconic Species were combined, she would reach a higher level of mastery.

    The result of her research was Waltz. Waltz had completely met the Summer Queen’s expectations.


    The evidence of this was that she could somewhat stand on equal footing with the Head Elder.


    The Head Elder saw through the Summer Queen’s thoughts and snickered. He could see someone’s reflection in Waltz.


    That guy also tried to use Mugong while learning magic at the same time.

    His passion was so great that the Head Elder was able to see the younger Martial King in him.

    Waltz’s patterns were like Yeon-woo’s patterns. From her Mugong, magic, and Dragon Body. They were too similar.

    However, if someone asked him if Waltz and Yeon-woo were similar, the Head Elder would reply like this.

    Definitely not.

    Also, if they asked the reason why, this is how he would respond.

    “She’s too rushed.”

    The combination of the Martial King and the Summer Queen. An unbelievable attempt was in front of him.

    The Martial King had created a new field of martial arts, and the Summer Queen was at the peak of the magic world.

    The paths and fields they were in were different. But if the two were combined? It wasn’t possible.

    However, Waltz proved this wrong.

    She imitated the Martial King’s Mugong and utilized the Summer Queen’s magic. All the Head Elder could think was that she tried her best at achieving the impossible.

    But Yeon-woo was different.