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Chapter 363 - I’m Sorry! It’s All My Fault!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 363: I’m Sorry! It’s All My Fault!

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    Ning Ke tried her hardest to bear the pain she was in and touched her nose. It was indeed a bit crooked. She stood up straight and looked at Ning Meng. Ning Meng looked at the other girl’s arm and asked, “How are we supposed to deal with that fruit knife?”

    As soon as Ning Ke heard these words, she did not have a good feeling. Unfortunately, before she could say anything further, she saw Ning Meng raise her hand and hold on to the knife handle. The next thing she knew, the latter had pulled the fruit knife out!

    Ning Ke shouted, “You shouldn’t have!”


    Blood gushed out the second the fruit knife was pulled out. Ning Ke looked at her arm and wailed, “Did you not know that you shouldn’t pull the knife out?! We need to go to a hospital and let the doctor handle this!”


    Ning Meng was confused. After blinking for a bit…

    “I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!”


    She pushed the knife back into Ning Ke’s wound. Ning Ke was utterly speechless as she had to experience the pain of a knife cutting through her flesh twice! She could not control herself could only seethe in anger. Suddenly, her eyes went pitch-black, and she fainted.

    Ning Meng looked at her fall onto the ground, toppling over Xiao Tiantian’s food bowl, which caused quite a mess. She clapped her hands together and pursed her lips.

    When she was heading upstairs, she had felt that something was not right with Xiao Tiantian. She had then become mindful of her surroundings and had heard faint footsteps from behind her. Thus, she had purposely moved aside. When she had headed downstairs and wanted to help Ning Ke pick her purse up, she felt that something was amiss. So, she had taken out her phone and turned on the camera function. She saw Ning Ke picking up the fruit knife and rush toward her to stab her…

    Ning Meng had purposely turned around and hit her arm, which had inevitably hurt Ning Ke.

    Hmph. This was what we called karma!

    Still, Ning Meng did not want to be a murderer. After mulling over the situation, she gave Su Ye a call. The call quickly went through.

    “Su Ye, come quickly to the villa!”