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Chapter 338 - Explaining Himself Voluntarily (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 338: Explaining Himself Voluntarily (2)

    Gu Yu turned to face her and responded with a casual, "Hmm?"

    Xu Weilai had plenty of questions that were already on the tip of her tongue, but she ultimately lacked the courage to voice them aloud.

    Although their relationship had been improving lately, Xu Weilai still didn't feel secure with Gu Yu. She couldn't help but second-guess his intentions, afraid that any mistake she made would cause the relationship to return to the horrid state it had been in before.

    Furthermore, when she and Gu Yu had been blissful in their relationship, she had thought that she knew everything about it. She hadn't expected Yun Rou to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

    Even so, she wasn't an idiot. Tonight, she had heard what Gu Xiong had said along with how everyone in the Gu family reacted. Then, she recalled Xiao Chun's bizarre reaction when she and Xiao Chun had watched Yun Rou's interview the other day.

    She also recalled what Yun Rou had said in that interview.


    "My greatest motivation on the road to my success was the man I've been holding in my heart until now.

    "I can finally return to his side as the best possible version of myself.

    "I chose to come here for the first stop of my tour because of him."


    Xu Weilai's natural intuition told her that the man Yun Rou was referring to was Gu Yu.

    All these years, neither Gu Yu nor anyone around him had ever mentioned her. It seemed clear that Gu Yu was unwilling to talk about Yun Rou, so no one around him dared to bring her up.

    That was the reason why, as his ex-fiancée, Xu Weilai had never heard of Yun Rou despite being in a loving relationship with Gu Yu.

    He had never mentioned Yun Rou.

    Had it been because Gu Yu had been unable to get over her?

    Xu Weilai had always believed that Gu Yu had never been in a relationship prior to meeting her. It came as a huge surprise to suddenly hear that such a woman had been in Gu Yu's life before her. Furthermore, it was now possible that she had never left to begin with.

    Xu Weilai bit her lip involuntarily and couldn't help but panic.

    Gu Yu waited for Xu Weilai to speak. When she didn't say a word, he glanced at her again. He saw the frown on her face deepen and knew that something seemed to be bothering her.

    It just so happened that the traffic light turned red. Gu Yu brought the car to a halt and reached out to stroke her head. His voice was low and gentle as he asked, "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

    Xu Weilai glanced back at Gu Yu. She was feeling unwell indeed! Her heart was feeling unwell!

    She kept her silence. After grappling with her thoughts, she eventually gave up and shook her head. "I'm fine. I just felt like calling your name."

    Gu Yu gazed at her deeply for several seconds but didn't probe any further. His hand slid down her silky soft hair before he caressed her tender face. Then, he withdrew his hand and returned his eyes to the front.

    Once the traffic light turned green, the car moved off again.

    Upon returning to the apartment, Xu Weilai changed her shoes at the entrance and walked lifelessly towards the bedroom. She had barely taken two steps when she was held back by her wrist.

    By the time she could react, Gu Yu had already pulled her over and sat her down on the couch.

    She looked at the man's handsome face in astonishment and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Gu Yu's dark eyes met hers and he gazed at her intently. He opened his mouth and simply said, "Xu Weilai, the Gu family has nothing to do with Yun Rou."

    Xu Weilai's long eyelashes suddenly fluttered.

    Was Gu Yu actually voluntarily explaining himself to her? Was she hallucinating?

    After remaining silent for two seconds, Gu Yu continued, "Yun Rou and I…"