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Chapter 283 - I’ll Make a Call

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 283: I’ll Make a Call

    What should she say?

    She had never been scolded or beaten by Su Mingzhe.

    However, she was never valued since she was young. Without ever receiving her father’s love, she lived in a cold environment.

    Su Mingzhe had then married his current wife, Gu Yanfang.

    As far as Su Cha could remember, Gu Yanfang had come to their house a long time ago, so she could not recall ever enjoying Su Mingzhe’s fatherly love.

    The occasional show of care was a luxury, especially after Gu Yanfang became pregnant.


    Even so, it was for Su Mingzhe that Su Cha felt resentment, confusion, and hatred.

    Because he was still her father.

    But now Su Cha found that Su Mingzhe had not only earned a huge sum of money back then, but he had also earned a living of his own.

    Su Cha could not believe it!

    If Su Mingzhe had a conscience, he would have treated her well!

    Her personality became like this because of Su Mingzhe. In her first life, while some things did have something to do with Su Mingzhe, Su Cha did not want to think too badly of him.

    Now, her heart was cold.

    She did not know what kind of attitude she should have when facing such a person.

    He should not have said that he deserved it.

    However, Su Cha could not think well of him no matter how many times she thought about it.


    Dai Xiaofu noticed the change in Su Cha’s expression and realized that something was wrong.

    She thought about it carefully and could not figure out why Su Cha was being like this. She had said those words in one breath just now, but she could not help but regret it. She did not know the truth and was afraid that Su Cha would think that she was trying to sow discord between them. After all, Su Cha was still raised by Su Mingzhe.

    Dai Xiaofu explained, “Actually, I didn’t mean anything by saying that. I mentioned those conditions for your own good. After all, as a girl, you have to have someone to rely on. That money is all yours…”

    Before she could finish, Su Cha’s expression changed.

    Her eyes were filled with sadness and tears. “You know what? I want to cry right now, but I can’t.”

    She was so disappointed that she forgot about her sadness.

    Dai Xiaofu’s expression changed and her lips turned pale. “What… What exactly happened?”

    Su Cha lowered her head. There was only sadness in her heart. She did not intend to hide anything anymore. She had a feeling that she needed to vent it out, especially after today’s incident.

    She briefly explained what had happened to Su Mingzhe over the years. She did not deliberately say anything. The main point was that she had talked to Su Mingzhe during the recent college entrance examination.

    Dai Xiaofu was increasingly shocked. In the end, even her face turned pale.

    The more Su Cha spoke, the calmer she became. In the end, she became more relaxed. In fact, she just felt aggrieved and needed a channel to vent.

    Dai Xiaofu knew that Su Cha would not feel pressured if she said those things in front of her.

    In the end, Dai Xiaofu’s eyes turned red. She covered her mouth in disbelief. “Su Mingzhe is a f*cking beast!”

    She was trembling with anger. She could not believe that Su Cha had received such treatment for so many years.

    “He, Su Mingzhe, should never have treated you that way! He has no conscience. To whom does he owe everything he has today? Who is it?”

    Dai Xiaofu was furious. She took out her phone and said to Su Cha, “Stay here. I’ll go out and make a call.”