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Chapter 579 - In Fact, the Competition is Already Over!

Medical Master
     Chapter 579 In Fact, the Competition is Already Over!

    Soon, the staff member passed the notice to the contestants.

    When receiving the notice, the contestants were all stunned.

    “We’ll be having a meeting at 7 o’clock?”

    “Only an hour away from the live broadcast?”

    “Director Li Huawen is really not in a hurry. The show is about to start. But he still takes it slow.”

    Although everyone had their complaints, it didn’t matter anymore.


    Anyway, as they were competing in medicine, they were ready to go on the stage at any time. Whether it was live broadcast or video recording, all they needed to do was to be themselves.

    Fang Qiu was also very calm.

    After receiving the notice, he directly took Jiang Miaoyu to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

    When finishing the meal, it was near the appointed time of the meeting.

    All the contestants left for the Central Television Building and entered a meeting room where the staff of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was.

    At seven o’clock sharp, the 10 contestants were all present.

    No one said anything, just quietly waiting for Director Li Huawen.

    Yet, up to 7:30 p.m., Director Li Huawen still didn’t show up.

    Now, everyone was stupefied.

    “Why isn’t he here yet?”


    “Is he going to stand us up?”

    “He told us to be here at 7. It’s now 7:30, and there is no trace of him at all.”

    “I can’t bear this anymore. Is the show producer out of his mind? What competition are we in if they don’t tell us anything about it? We don’t even know how we will compete in the final. Have we been fooled?”

    “The thing I can’t stand the most is that I’m in a game, but I don’t even have the right to know!”

    Even though they were all grumbling, everyone appeared to be extremely calm.

    None of them seemed vexed at all.

    In the meeting room, the 10 people were all very composed.

    Because they all knew that the more unpredictable the situation was, the easier it was to test their state of mind.

    There was not much time left before the live broadcast. If they started to get annoyed now, they would definitely be in a bad state when they participated in the live broadcast later.

    Therefore, the contestants knew they must adjust themselves to the best state before the live broadcast started so that they could show their best side in the upcoming live broadcast.



    A small noise sounded. Just as everyone was talking about it, the door of the meeting room was pushed open.

    Everyone turned their head to look.

    It was Li Huawen who pushed the door open.

    The director finally showed up.

    At the sight of Li Huawen, everyone immediately let out a sigh of relief.

    “Director, you’re finally here.”

    Li Sanxiao said, “We have no opinion when you said we were going to have a live broadcast. But it’s almost time. And we still don’t know anything. Though you are not worried, we surely are.”

    After that, he gave a few chuckles.


    Lin Dan also laughed and said, “I’ll never forget participating in this competition. Because this is definitely the only contest I’ve ever participated in that I don’t know the rules.”

    Everyone nodded in agreement.

    “Thank you for your hard work, all of you.”

    Hearing everyone’s complaints, Director Li Huawen closed the door of the meeting room with a smile, then sat down at the chairman’s seat and remarked, “In fact, during the last meeting, I told you that the last show would be a live broadcast. But something else happened at that time, so no one took it to heart.”

    The others were taken aback.

    “What? Did he blame all of us for this?”

    Nonetheless, what the director said was true.

    He did mention it in the last meeting, and he seemed to have said that it was the final decision!

    “Even though you’ve told us about the live broadcast, you didn’t tell us about the rules of this program, did you?” Gu Shaoyu countered.

    “Isn’t it for this reason that I called all of you here?”

    Director Li Huawen laughed out loud and said, “Actually, the competition is over. The last live broadcast is for the award ceremony.”

    Upon hearing that, the 10 contestants present, including Fang Qiu, all rounded their eyes and were dumbfounded.

    The match was over?

    When did that happen?

    Who had been kept and who had been eliminated?

    The top 10 contestants in the country still had not had the next contest. How could the program abruptly jump to the award ceremony?

    For a moment, everyone was full of doubts.

    “What the hell is going on here?”Updates by vipnovel. com

    “Could it be the three-day consultation last time?” someone asked in confusion.

    “The result can’t really depend on the number of patients we took, can it?”

    “If that’s the case, then it’s too unfair.”

    “That’s right. If it really depends on the number, Fang Qiu will definitely be the champion.”

    During the discussion, a few people raised an objection.

    Listening to everyone’s opinion, Director Li Huawen smiled. Glancing at Fang Qiu, he announced, “Unfortunately, the result of this competition does not depend on the number of patients, but on the cure rate!”

    At his words, everyone was stunned!

    They couldn’t help but shoot a look at Fang Qiu.

    “Cure rate?”

    “Doesn’t this mean that the more patients one took, the lower the score will be?”

    Now, everyone was speechless.

    The director and his team were a little bit too sly.

    Although Fang Qiu had seen the largest number of patients, they also tried their best to catch up when Fang Qiu examined patients at a crazy rate, for they were also afraid that the result depended on the number of the patients they took.

    As a result, though none of them saw as many patients as Fang Qiu did, they each had certainly consulted for a lot of patients.

    The one who was the most speechless was obviously Fang Qiu.

    None of them knew how many of the 1,050 patients Fang Qiu took were completely cured.

    If they had known this rule, they would have spent three days consulting for just one patient. In that case, wouldn’t that help them get a 100% cure rate without effort?

    At this point, everyone realized that this was the reason that the program had been keeping the rules from them.

    If the rules were revealed in advance, wouldn’t everyone take advantage of the two weeks to make up for their mistake?

    In no time, the nine contestants sitting around the conference table all looked at Fang Qiu with sympathy.

    They admitted inwardly that Fang Qiu was indeed very awesome, and was definitely the most competitive candidate for the championship. But judging from the competition rules, it might be a little difficult for Fang Qiu to win!

    At the same time, the nine contestants began to look forward to the final result.

    Each of them had a chance to win the championship!

    Yet, over there, Fang Qiu just smiled calmly at everyone’s pitiful look. He didn’t appear to have suffered a loss or be in a bad mood at all.

    Because he knew that he was a doctor of Chinese Medicine.

    Even if he knew the rules in advance, he would do the same thing under that circumstance. Not to mention 1,050 patients, even if there were 2,000 or 3,000 patients, he would do his best to cure every one of them.

    “Now, there are only 20 minutes left before the live broadcast.”

    Director Li Huawen looked at his watch and then said, “Remember, every one of you has the opportunity to win. And don’t forget to get your acceptance speech ready before the live program officially starts!”

    Upon hearing that, everyone laughed.

    Meanwhile, they all began to rack their brains to recall how they performed at the three-day consultation.

    Although they had an absolute advantage in the number base, to win the championship was still up to the treatment effect they had on their patients.

    “By the way,” as if thinking of something, Director Li Huawen suddenly smiled mysteriously and added, “Before the announcement of the final result, there is still a small test. If you don’t pass the test, you won’t be qualified for the rest of the competition. But I believe that every participant here is very talented. With your talents, you will definitely pass this test!”

    After that, Director Li Huawen got up and left.

    In the meeting room, everyone couldn’t help but murmur their complaints.


    “Didn’t he say that this show is just the awarding ceremony? Why is there another test?”

    “Hell, the director is so good at playing us.”

    For a moment, the contestants involuntarily got nervous.

    What kind of test would it be?

    No one was sure about that!

    Beside Fang Qiu, Jiang Miaoyu gently tugged Fang Qiu’s sleeve and whispered in his ear, “Do you have confidence for this?”

    “Don’t worry,” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

    At this time, Luo Jie, who was sitting at a distance, suddenly stood bolt up and walked straight to Fang Qiu. Gazing at Fang Qiu, he said, “The result of this game is finally going to be settled. Given the bet, it’s better that you win, but I definitely won’t lose!”

    “Everything is possible.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled. He also stood up, took a look at Luo Jie, then turned to look at the other eight contestants and added, “This is the last episode. No matter what the final result is, we all have built a deep friendship with each other in this 11-episode program. Although the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor is going to end, this is only part of the journey of developing our Chinese Medicine. We still have a long way to go in the future. Chinese Medicine has a long way to go. I hope that we can still work together and work hard for the development of Chinese Medicine in the future!”

    At his speech, everyone got to their feet.

    They all nodded at Fang Qiu with a smile to show their approval.

    Indeed, they were all doctors of Chinese Medicine.

    The purpose of their participation in this program was also to promote Chinese Medicine!

    Now, as the program came to an end, Chinese Medicine had developed rapidly during the 11 episodes. However, this kind of growth was just a start. Chinese Medicine had not really risen yet. They still needed to double their effort in the future!

    In all places in the country, everyone began to call friends to watch the upcoming live broadcast together.

    At Fang Qiu’s home, Linxi County.

    There was no need for Fang Qiu’s mother to invite anyone over. After learning that this was the last episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, a lot of relatives and friends as well as the neighbors came to Fang Qiu’s house to watch the show.

    A large crowd sat happily in chorus, waiting for the program to start.

    In the northeast.

    Xu Miaolin and Chu Yunyun went straight back to their hometown and were waiting for the final result with Holy Doctor Chu.

    “What’s the matter? Are you going to have a face-to-face competition with me?”

    Seeing the couple, Holy Doctor Chu snorted. He shot a look at Xu Miaolin and sneered.

    “Yes,” Chu Yunyun answered without hesitation.

    “You yourself agreed on the term. I’ll just stand here and watch,” Xu Miaolin mustered up his courage and said.


    Holy Doctor Chu gave a disdainful sneer and said, “I see that you’re not nervous at all.”

    “I have confidence in my student.”

    Xu Miaolin raised his head with pride as if it had been natural for him to do so.

    “Your ability is not very outstanding, but your arrogance is.”

    Holy Doctor Chu rolled his eyes.

    Xu Miaolin curled his lips.

    He thought to himself, “It’s just that you’re older than me. When I am your age, maybe I’ll also be a holy doctor!”

    While talking, the three of them each dragged a chair to the living room and sat down. They fixed their eyes on the TV, waiting for the live broadcast to start.

    In the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, Jiang Mengjie was in her dormitory, as usual, watching the computer alone and waiting for the live broadcast.

    While at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, none of the students sat in their own dormitory alone.

    Instead, they appeared in large numbers in a few different places on campus.

    In order to cheer for Fang Qiu in this episode of the program, the university directly set up a large screen at both the auditorium and the playground to allow the students to watch the live broadcast together.

    Because this show was not only about Fang Qiu’s individual reputation but also about the reputation of the whole university!