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Chapter 284 - Following Fate

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 284: Following Fate

    Su Cha knew what Dai Xiaofu was going to do.

    She nodded quietly and did not stop her.

    She also wanted to give him an earful, but with everything she had experienced, she could not bring herself to criticize him.

    Su Cha continued practicing her vocals in the room. She closed her eyes and hummed a song while thinking about the past.

    Her voice sounded heavy and oppressive. Just hearing it made her heart ache so much that she could not breathe.

    Not far away, she could hear Dai Xiaofu’s scolding.


    “You are not human! You are a beast!”

    “So what if she’s not my biological daughter? Can I not care if she’s not my biological daughter? Can you tell others that she’s not your biological daughter?”

    “Su Mingzhe, everything you have today, don’t forget who you owe them to. When he gave you the child, he asked you to take care of her. She became the champion of the college entrance examination. She is so pretty and smart. Even if she is not your biological daughter, you should have cherished her. So many people could only dream of having such a daughter in their lifetime!”

    “If you took care of her, then why will she never go back? Didn’t you have it good to have a daughter like her? You still call yourself a human despite what you f*cking did. And let me tell you, your wife is no good either. What, the moment you had a biological child, you began doing such a shameful thing?”

    “What do you mean by let’s not talk about her? Not only will I talk about her, but I will also talk about you, you dog…”



    Although she was practicing her songs, Su Cha’s ability to hear had reached a shocking level. Naturally, she heard everything clearly.

    She wanted to laugh.

    And it was all because of Dai Xiaofu.


    Still, she was afraid that the comparison would only make her feel worse.

    Dai Xiaofu took care of her for only a while. She then had nothing more to do with Su Cha. But now that they had met again, she was treating Su Cha better than Su Mingzhe ever did.

    And now, she was standing up for her.

    “Let me tell you, after everything that you have done, the moment Su Cha becomes famous in the future, you better not lay your hands on her!”

    Dai Xiaofu hung up the phone and walked in aggressively.

    When she saw Su Cha, however, her expression quickly returned to its usual graceful and peaceful state. Even so, her aura was still that of a goddess who had just been enraged.

    Su Cha took off her earphones. The girl’s eyes were luminous like the moon hanging in the sky. She was bright and gentle, emitting a gentle glow. “Teacher Dai, are you okay?”

    “I’m fine.”

    Dai Xiaofu pulled a face and smiled. She did not want to tell Su Cha that she had just quarreled with Su Mingzhe. In the end, the dog had not dared to hang up.

    Dai Xiaofu was still furious.

    However, she was decisive. “Since he has treated you this way, don’t bother yourself about him anymore. In the future, if you have any problems in the Imperial Capital, just look for me. The money he received back then is enough for him to spend the rest of his life in retirement. Don’t worry about his future.”

    Su Cha smiled and did not say anything.

    She would not care, but she did not say it.

    Dai Xiaofu was still angry. She looked at Su Cha and hesitated. She thought of something and asked tentatively, “Su Cha, do you want to look for your biological parents?”


    Su Cha looked up at her indifferently. “I’ll let fate decide.”

    If she could find them, so be it. If she could not, so be it.

    “I see…”

    Dai Xiaofu lowered her head as if she was thinking about something.

    It was obvious that something had happened.

    Su Cha’s eyes flickered when she looked at her. But soon, she regained her composure.