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Chapter 339 - His Gentle Treatment (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 339: His Gentle Treatment (1)

    As he spoke, his eyes turned cold as he enunciated the rest of his sentence crisply, "…have even less to do with each other."

    "The Gu family has nothing to do with Yun Rou…"

    "Yun Rou and I have even less to do with each other…"

    Xu Weilai took almost a minute to process those two simple sentences. She blinked several times and slowly realized that she wasn't hallucinating. Gu Yu had indeed explained himself to her.

    Even so, was he being honest about Yun Rou having nothing to do with him?

    After all, various signs pointed to the possibility that things between him and Yun Rou weren't that simple.

    Xu Weilai swallowed nervously. She tried to restrain herself but failed. She couldn't help asking in a small voice, "You truly… have nothing to do with each other?"

    She initially didn't dare to ask, but Gu Yu's explaining himself of his own volition had given her a sense of courage.

    Since he had brought it up, she was going to get a clear answer and eliminate every doubt.

    Her dark eyes were fixed intently on Gu Yu's face, so as not to miss even a single expression. However, Gu Ru replied without any hesitation, "Not at all."

    As always, his facial expression remained impassive and made it hard to read his thoughts.

    There were many other questions that Xu Weilai wanted to ask, but Gu Yu had stated unequivocally that he and Yun Rou had nothing to do with each other. Based on what happened tonight, she could tell that Gu Yu held some sort of animosity towards Yun Rou.

    She was worried that if she continued to probe, either Gu Yu would refuse to answer, or the answer would be one that she didn't want to hear.

    Xu Weilai thought for a moment before eventually choosing to trust Gu Yu.

    Since he had said they had nothing to do with each other, she had to believe him.

    Xu Weilai smiled and nodded her head as she replied, "Alright, got it!"

    Gu Yu's eyes lingered on Xu Weilai's face for a few more seconds before he spoke again, "Theirs is only one woman whom I have any relation with…"

    With that, his eyes turned gentle as the corners of his lips curled in a smile. His gaze was filled with affection as he leaned in towards Xu Weilai and narrowed the space between them.

    Finally, he stopped only millimeters away from her. His voice was full of charm as he said, "… you."

    Xu Weilai could feel her heart beating in her chest. It was thumping so hard that she was worried that it was about to jump out. As a warmth surged upwards, she began to feel lightheaded.

    At that moment, all thoughts of Gu Yu and Yun Rou's relationship fled her mind. Her mind went blank, and she was at a loss what to do with her hands and feet.

    She was worried that Gu Yu would notice the effect he had on her if she remained a moment longer. Standing up suddenly, she quickly uttered, "I… I'm getting sleepy! I'll go wash up and sleep!"

    Without waiting for Gu Yu to react, she rushed into the bedroom without looking back and slammed the door shut behind her.

    Xu Weilai leaned against the door. Holding her hand to her chest, she took a deep breath as she tried to calm her rapidly-beating heart. ‘Oh my god!' she thought.

    What made her think that Gu Yu didn't know how to charm a girl? That simple statement had caused her to nearly lose her composure in front of him and reveal her true feelings towards him…

    Damn him and his charm!

    After taking a shower, Xu Weilai finally managed to regain control of her emotions. Gu Yu hadn't returned to the bedroom, and was probably in his study working. In any case, that was to her advantage since she wasn't sure how she could face him at that moment.

    Xu Weilai was drying her hair with the towel when a chime suddenly rang out from her laptop.

    She walked over and sat on the couch. With the mouse in her hand, clicked the email open. As expected, her Big Boss had sent an assignment!

    As Xu Weilai browsed through the assignment brief, Gu Yu entered the bedroom and looked instinctively at Xu Weilai. When he saw her looking at her computer with her hair still wet, he frowned.