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Chapter 353 - Darling, We’ve Reached Home Safely

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 353: Darling, We’ve Reached Home Safely

    Jian Qi smiled and continued as Tang Jinyu remained silent. “Darling, I think that you should slim down a bit. My weight is only a double digit. You’re slightly heavier.

    “I’ll ask you to carry one more stone back if you don’t shut up right away!” Tang Jinyu warned her.

    Jian Qi knew that Tang Jinyu could certainly do such a thing given his temper. As such, she refrained from teasing him too much for fear that she would tire herself out even faster.

    Lightning was far away from them. He was about to leave. However, he was curious as to what happened to Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi. As such, he took up his binoculars and checked on them again.

    He became slightly shocked.

    He could see their movements clearly although he was too far away to hear their conversation.


    “I’m so impressed by Big Sister Qi!” Lightning could not help but exclaim.

    Leng Yu was on her way back now. She heard what Lightning said. She said softly, “I feel that you have never seen the world before given that you sounded so surprised.”

    Lightning retorted, “Do you know what I’ve seen?”

    “What?” Leng Yu asked him emotionlessly. She was uninterested.

    “Big Sister Qi held the boss’s hand out of her own initiative. She forced her way on him and she is even carrying him on her back on their way back!” Lightning could not help but exclaim. “I’m deeply impressed by her given how relentlessly she is pursuing the boss!”

    Leng Yu looked down on the road beneath her. It was not easy to walk on such an icy path. She said coldly, “Are you sure that Jian Qi is as stupid as how you picture her? Would she choose to carry the boss back instead of the other way round?”

    “I’m seeing it with my own eyes. If you don’t believe me, come over and take a look.”

    However, Leng Yu was not a busybody like him.

    “We still have training in the afternoon. Don’t look at them anymore. Let’s go!” Leng Yu reminded him. Then, she switched off the earpiece.

    Lightning took two more glances at them. He could not help but make tuts of disapproval.


    Jian Qi was indeed good at enduring the sufferings.

    Jian Qi felt that she had lost almost all of her energy going all the way down the mountain.

    She should have been shivering because of the cold but now she was soaked in sweat.

    The others reached their destination before them. They were stunned when they saw Jian Qi carrying Tang Jinyu on her back from afar.

    Crocodile could not help but smile. “Is Big Sister Qi addicted to carrying the boss on her back?”

    Lightning was there beside him. He said, “I saw it with my own eyes. Big Sister Qi forced her way on him and went down the slopes by carrying the boss on her back!”

    The others laughed. “How impressive!”

    Leng Yu glanced at her comrades beside her. She shook her head helplessly.

    Jian Qi then put the boss down. She smiled and said, “Darling, we’ve reached home safely!”

    Tang Jinyu stared at her with a warning look. “You have really good stamina. Do you want me to stay and train with you?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    Did he plan to kill her by asking her to continue training?

    Tang Jinyu saw that she was finally quiet. Then, he walked toward the others.

    “Everybody gather around, now! We’ll continue our training…”


    The intense training was carried out on a daily basis. Time passed by quickly. The six new members were clearly excited and nervous with the exception of Jian Qi.

    The training was carried out for half a month so that they could work well with each other. It was soon over.

    All of them boarded the helicopter to return to base.

    The temperature increased when they had returned to the base from the snowy mountain.

    Although they were only wearing short sleeve shirts and standing there in the training court, they were sweating vigorously.

    The closer they were to the date of the mission, the training undergone by the six newly recruited members got even more intense.

    Lightning tilted his head and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Boss, the six of them seem a bit anxious.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at them from afar. His gaze then fell on Jian Qi who was soaked in sweat. He furrowed his brows. “Give the six of them three days off. I don’t want them to die because of the intense training before they go on the mission!”