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Chapter 405 – Immortal Sect? So what!

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     All around the spatial gate, countless cultivators were left stunned. After a short delay, they all began to reveal excited looks. Someone had actually decided to come forward and testify. Didn’t they know this was no different than publicly slapping the Immortal Sect?

    Now things had really become fun!

    If the Immortal Sect couldn’t properly deal with this, then after returning to the Land of Divinity and Demons it wouldn’t even be two days before news of it spread to all corners of the world. At that time, this wouldn’t be as simple as a loss of face.

    Meidu revealed a panicked look. He screeched, “Just who are you? You dare to slander my Immortal Sect!?”

    Yu Bai shouted out, “Fellow daoist, do you know what you are doing right now?”

    Feng Yunyun’s face paled even further. A bit of fear appeared in her eyes, but she eventually calmed down. She said, “Since I decided to testify, I certainly know what I am saying.” She lifted a finger and pointed. “This Immortal Sect disciple called Meidu took advantage of his cultivation to steal a treasure that I discovered and had been waiting for. Fellow daoist Qin Yu appeared to ask him a question, but Meidu directly attacked him without even responding. After that, fellow daoist Qin Yu wanted to leave, but this Meidu’s guardian attacked and used the Myriad Submission Secret Art. Fellow daoist Qin Yu was forced to fight back, thus injuring the two. This is what I witnessed with my own eyes. None of this is a lie!”

    Meidu’s face filled with horror. “What rubbish! I don’t even know who you are! Why are you helping this Qin Yu to lie!? Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, this woman lies!”

    Wenren Dongyue tightly frowned. His heart began to turn gloomy.

    Yu Bai cupped his hands together. “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, just this woman’s statement alone isn’t credible. How about we ask her companions in order to find out the truth?”

    Wenren Dongyue nodded. He slowly said, “Alright.” His gaze turned and said, “Fellow daoists, can you honestly speak the truth of what happened?”

    His words indicated his manner. The eyes of the surrounding Immortal Sect cultivators all flashed with an icy brilliance. If any of these people casually spoke then the reputation of their Immortal Sect would inevitably be damaged. None of them would escape punishment!

    Xu Wenze and the others all paled even further. Their eyes were flooded with dread.

    Yu Bai pointed a finger, “Fellow daoist, what do you have to say!”

    The chosen cultivator’s legs weakened and he almost fell to the ground. “I…I…” He glanced at Feng Yunyun, shame on his face. “I don’t know.”

    Yu Bai shouted out, “What do you mean you don’t know? You just have to tell me whether what this woman said is truth or lies!”

    The cultivator’s lips moved after a long time. “Lies…it’s lies…”

    Yu Bai’s eyes lit up with joy. He glanced at the second cultivator. “You, speak, are her words truth or lies?”


    The others didn’t even wait for him to ask before they nodded their heads together, indicating that Feng Yunyun lied!

    Feng Yunyun turned deathly white. “You all…how shameless!”

    Yu Bai roared out loud, “Shut up! You woman, you dare to slander a disciple of my Immortal Sect and harm our reputation!? This is an inexcusable crime!”

    As he walked forward, Protector Li moved to block his way. “Fellow daoist, my family’s miss is a direct descendent of the Southern Calm’s Feng Clan. We have some relations with the Immortal Sect. I ask fellow daoist to be merciful and forgive her this one time.”

    Yu Bai frowned.

    Although the Southern Calm’s Feng Clan didn’t have a resounding reputation, they still had a long and deep history. They definitely weren’t a force that was good to provoke. Yu Bai’s paused, hesitating.

    Wenren Dongyue lightly said, “The name of the Immortal Sect cannot be impugned by anyone.”

    Yu Bai’s eyes brightened, a sense of meaning rising in them. “Make way!”

    He lifted a hand and slammed out. Heaven and earth spiritual strength rumbled and a giant blue hand appeared in the air. This was one of the Immortal Sect’s secret techniques named Hand of the Blue Sea. It was created by one of the great masters of the Immortal Sect and possessed an extremely formidable imprisoning ability.

    Protector Li clenched his teeth. He took out a small tree root and poured his magic power into it. The tree root wildly grew, quickly weaving together into a thick wall of roots.

    “Humph, you overestimate your own strength!” Yu Bai shouted out, “Break for me!”

    Bang –

    The wall of roots persisted for a moment before being smashed apart by the blue hand. Protector Li spat out a mouthful of blood and his body wavered. However, he didn’t retreat. He still kept himself in front of Feng Yunyun.

    Yu Bai sneered, “Since you seek death, let me help you along!” The blue hand rushed forwards faster, its momentum astonishing.

    Xu Wenze sighed. He lifted a hand and thrust out a piece of old paper. It was unknown how old this piece of paper was, but its edges had already started to turn yellow. The moment the old paper was tossed out, the ink marks on it darkened and the faint characters scattered on it suddenly burst out with endless rays of golden light. Within this golden light, a figure appeared.

    His clothes were wide and voluminous with a blue scarf wrapped around him. He had the airs of a noble scholar. Although his face was blurry, his eyes were filled with pure brightness, as if they could see through all the falsities within the heavens and earth, piercing straight to the heart.

    The phantom lifted a hand and gently swiped the air. The Hand of the Blue Sea froze in place. Then, like a shadow, it quietly faded away.

    Next the phantom quietly opened its mouth and said, “I don’t know which of my descendants committed a crime, but looking at this old man’s face, I ask you to forgive them this time.”

    As the phantom finished speaking it directly dissipated. The old paper that released endless golden light ignited on its own and burnt into ashes in an instant.

    Yu Bai’s pupils shrank. He glanced at Xu Wenze, his face full of stunned shock as well as some hidden fear.

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyebrows wrinkled a little before he immediately composed himself. He cupped his hands together and said with deep awe, “So it was a descendant of Saint Wengong. My apologies for not recognizing you!”

    All around the spatial gate, the complexions of many people changed to reveal respect.

    In the Land of Divinity and Demons, powerhouses were like clouds. Tens of thousands of years ago numerous mighty powerhouses were born, all of them formidable existences. But in terms of fame and prestige, none of them could be placed on par with Saint Wengong.

    It was rumored that Saint Wengong was a scholar. At 30 years of age, he finally realized the Dao and truly stepped onto the road of cultivation. And once he began, there was no stopping his ascent. In a thousand years he reached the boundary of a supreme elder and his supernatural arts were shrouded in layers of mystery, most of them related to Confucianism. He was incomparably powerful, and during that period of time, he became the most dazzling existence.

    70,000 years ago, a spatial tunnel suddenly appeared, connecting to an outside realm called the Black Demon Region. Countless demons arrived to rain despair and pain unto the world. Innumerable lives perished in the onslaught. Powerful demons even began using a blood sacrifice to prepare the summoning of the Ancestral Demon and the thorough annexation of the Land of Divinity and Demons. In that critical moment, Saint Wengong bravely stepped forward. Using his death as the price, he displayed a never before seen supernatural sealing art.

    On that day, countless phantoms of scholars appeared between the heavens and earth, their mouths repeating words of Confucianism. With great and endless potential these words spread throughout the highest heavens and the deepest earth, condensing into countless characters in the void that erupted with dazzling seven-colored divine light. A massive seal crashed into the channel, causing heavy losses to the Ancestral Demon and killing massive numbers of demons. Afterwards, for the next 3000 years, all forces throughout the Land of Divinity and Demons took action and helped in killing off all the demons. Only then was the end to this invasion from another world declared.

    Saint Wengong had sacrificed himself to seal the arrival channel. This act was no different from saving the countless lives of the Land of Divinity and Demons. Moreover, it was rumored that just before Saint Wengong perished he had broken through to a whole new level of power, achieving the ability to transcend the world. Even if the Land of Divinity and Demons fell, he probably would have been able to bring his family to other worlds.

    It was because of this that Saint Wengong’s actions gained the respect of all cultivators within the Land of Divinity and Demons. Even the most rampant and tyrannical Demonic Path cultivator would speak of Saint Wengong with awe and respect.

    After Saint Wengong perished, his family rapidly deteriorated. Even his direct bloodline inheritance had dissipated, and those surviving were mostly from bloodline branch families. Even so, it was an unwritten rule amongst all the influences of the Land of Divinity and Demons that as long as a bloodline descendant Saint Wengong didn’t commit some serious and monstrous crime, then they would be forgiven. This was a way of thanking Saint Wengong for his sacrifice in the past.

    Xu Wenze revealed a pained look. This old paper was his only one. He had meditated upon it daily and it had helped his cultivation a great deal.

    “Many thanks young master Xu!” Protector Li bowed, his eyes full of gratitude.

    Feng Yunyun supported his arm. She looked at Xu Wenze and pursed her lips. “I thought you would be the same as them.”

    Xu Wenze bitterly smiled. “I indeed thought of it, but I couldn’t watch you be injured.”

    Feng Yunyun blushed and lowered her head.

    Xu Wenze was startled and the loss in his heart faded away a little. Although he had used up his precious Saint Wengong paper, he had traded it for a favorable impression from Feng Yunyun. This was also worth it. He took a deep breath and cupped his hands together. “Fellow daoists from the Immortal Sect, I was together with Miss Feng on that day. Everything she says of fellow daoist Meidu is correct, none of it a lie.” After a pause, his eyes filled with solemnity. “Of this, I can guarantee upon the name of Saint Wengong.”

    Yu Bai’s lips moved but he didn’t dare to speak again.

    Saint Wengong had a revered status and his bloodline descendants fiercely protected his reputation. If Xu Wenze was willing to use the name of Saint Wengong to guarantee this, then he was likely speaking the truth.

    A middle-aged cultivator stepped forward from the ground. He said, “Those from the Immortal Sect, I believe that fellow daoist Xu can be believed.”

    Another person stood up. “Amongst the bloodline descendants of Saint Wengong, there is not a single person with impure thoughts that can stimulate the powers of a Saint Wengong paper. From this alone it can be seen that fellow daoist Xu is not lying.”

    “I ask fellow daoists from the Immortal Sect to clearly investigate this in order to avoid being tricked by others!”

    “I also believe fellow daoist Xu’s words.”

    More and more people spoke up. This was the influence of Saint Wengong. Even after 70,000 years, it hadn’t faded at all.

    Meidu was deathly pale and his eyes were filled with fear. He glanced at Yu Bai, but Yu Bai’s head was lowered and he wasn’t willing to speak with him anymore. He could feel the icy cold gazes of his fellow disciples on his back. His heart chilled and he regretted his actions even more.

    Wenren Dongyue took a deep breath and said with respect, “My Immortal Sect also holds the highest regards and admiration towards the name Saint Wengong. But, with so many different accounts of what happened that day, it is impossible to know the exact truth. Once my Immortal Sect clearly investigates this matter, we will naturally announce the result to the outside world.”

    Inwardly, he scolded this idiot Meidu countless times. He actually offended a bloodline descendent of Saint Wengong and didn’t know about it at all. This had caused him to fall into an utterly embarrassing situation. Even so, no matter what, he still couldn’t acknowledge that a disciple of his Immortal Sect had tried to frame Qin Yu.

    Once the investigation began in the future, he had his own ways to eliminate the impact of this event.

    He glanced at Qin Yu. Though Wenren Dongyue’s complexion didn’t change, he quietly clenched his fists. Did he have to watch on helplessly as Qin Yu approached Ning Ling?

    No! Absolutely not!

    Wenren Dongyue glanced to the side. He looked at Shui Yuanling and moved his lips a little. The woman’s face stiffened and she revealed a hesitant expression. But with a cold glare from Wenren Dongyue, she trembled and quickly nodded.

    Wenren Dongyue took a deep breath, calming his tumbling thoughts. The actions he took today were completely divergent from his cultivation method. In the future it would even impact his cultivation to a certain extent. But, he didn’t regret it.

    Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling’s bloodline was the key to him becoming an almighty being in the future. He could not allow any accidents to occur. Anyone that dared to approach her would be his eternal enemy!

    “Qin Yu, I knew you were telling the truth!” Ning Ling’s was overjoyed.

    “I’m glad that you believe me.” Qin Yu thought of Ning Ling’s reaction and warmth surged in his heart. He looked up at Feng Yunyun and Xu Wenze and nodded.

    Feng Yunyun curled her lips. “From this point on, we don’t owe you anything.” As she finished speaking, she glanced to the side at her nervous companions and coldly snorted. She grabbed onto Protector Li and walked away. Xu Wenze forced a smile and followed close behind.

    The three leftover people had faces the color of pig livers. They were ashamed and embarrassed, and also filled with grief and indignation. They felt wronged too. They didn’t have the background of Feng Yunyun and Xu Wenze. Facing the powerful momentum of the Immortal Sect disciples, what could little unimportant people like them do?

    Qin Yu smiled. This Feng Yunyun was actually someone who dared to love and dared to hate, who followed true to their heart. He hoped that today’s events wouldn’t cause trouble to her.

    Seeing that the storm was over, Ning Ling secretly thought about how to ease the relationship between Qin Yu and the other Immortal Sect disciples. After all, no matter what the reason was, Qin Yu had inadvertently harmed them. If the two of them wanted to be together in the future, they would have to deal with these people occasionally.

    At this time, there was a flash of light and a female cultivator appeared in front of them. Ning Ling was delighted. “Senior-apprentice sister Shui!” That’s right, Shui Yuanling was her best friend in the Immortal Sect. After introducing Qin Yu to her, the atmosphere should calm down a little. With senior-apprentice sister’s good connections within the sect, this would become much easier.

    Qin Yu frowned. This female cultivator was the Immortal Sect woman he had saved from the magic devouring demon spider. Because he was so focused on Ning Ling, he hadn’t noticed her. He remembered that this woman had clearly stated she didn’t know Ning Ling, but seeing her today, she had obviously been lying. A foreboding premonition grew in his heart and his face darkened.

    Shui Yuanling’s eyes flashed with shame before turning into firm decisiveness. She coldly said, “You evildoer, I never thought you would dare appear in front of me today!”

    Her face was full of grief and her eyes were wet with tears. Even her body trembled.

    Ning Ling frowned. “Senior-apprentice sister Shui, you know Qin Yu?”

    Shui Yuanling wiped away her tears. “Junior-apprentice sister, do you remember that when the sect disciples were gathering and I was delayed for a long time, you asked me what happened?”

    Ning Ling nodded. “I remember.”

    Shui Yuanling pointed a finger. “On that day I encountered a magic devouring demon spider, and in a critical moment I was rescued. The one who rescued me was this Qin Yu!” Her face paled. “I originally thought he was a noble and virtuous man, but I never imagined that after rescuing me, he would have ill intentions towards me while my magic power was dispersed! It was only after struggling with all of my power and risking my life that I was able to escape!”

    Ning Ling’s complexion changed. “That’s impossible!”

    Shui Yuanling humorlessly smiled. “Junior-apprentice sister, don’t forget what sort of law formula I use to cultivate. When I am seriously injured, there is no way for me to suppress my own aura. Moreover, does junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling believe that I would give no care to my reputation and wrong a person for no reason?”

    Ning Ling was flustered. For a time, she didn’t know what to say. She naturally knew that Shui Yuanling’s cultivation method was extremely tempting for men. Normally she was able to suppress her aura, but once she couldn’t, it would cause men to act wild and depraved towards her. In addition, Shui Yuanling losing all strength to resist would surely encourage this craziness!

    Wenren Dongyue’s expression turned icy cold. “Junior-apprentice sister Shui, are you sure that the person you speak of was Qin Yu?”

    Shui Yuanling fell to her knees. “Even if this person was turned to ash I still wouldn’t mistake him. I ask senior-apprentice brother to uphold justice for me!”

    Bang –

    Wenren Dongyue’s robes began to move without wind. A terrifying aura erupted and shrouded the skies. “Qin Yu, how dare you!”

    He lifted a hand and a brilliant light surged in it, causing everyone’s heart to tremble.

    Ning Ling awakened from her daze. She stretched out her arms and placed herself in front of Qin Yu. “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, you cannot!”

    Wenren Dongyue coldly said, “If they dare to harass a female cultivator from my Immortal Sect, I must kill that person…junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, do you plan on defying the sect?”

    Ning Ling froze.

    Qin Yu swept his eyes over Shui Yuanling, Wenren Dongyue, and the numerous other hostile Immortal Sect disciples who looked at him as if they wished they could tear him apart. The anger in his chest grew higher and higher like a volcano on the verge of eruption! He reared back his head and laughed, “What a good Immortal Sect. Seeing you once is better than hearing about you a hundred times. Did you really think I would just allow you to slander and accuse me without doing anything?”

    Immortal Sect? So what!