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Chapter 406 – More Waves Arriving

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Wenren Dongyue had a calm expression. He walked forward, his momentum like wind and rain. Every step he took caused heaven and earth spiritual energy to surge and rumbles to roar out through the skies.

    “Very good. It’s been a long time since someone has dared to directly provoke my Immortal Sect.” His voice was tranquil but every word he spoke lingered with a bone-chilling cold.

    With a flick of his sleeve, a golden translucent light appeared, covering Ning Ling within. Wenren Dongyue said, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, it would be better if you stayed inside and didn’t make things difficult for me.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes turned cold. Once he saw that this light only imprisoned and didn’t harm Ning Ling, only then did he relax. But, his complexion gradually turned colder.

    Rumble rumble –

    Black clouds gushed out in the skies above the Infinite Realm, violently tumbling around. A perception that shook the heart came sprinkling down; this was a warning that the power of the rules gave after sensing a threat.

    Wenren Dongyue had no expression. Looking at the black clouds above, he took out a small golden furnace. With a small movement, he tossed it into the air. The furnace grew as it rose higher, becoming dozens of feet tall. Runes engraved on its surface immediately lit up and an invisible aura was released from it, blocking out the outside perception.

    Beneath the vast skies, the black clouds lingered for a moment as if hesitating before finally vanishing. Countless cultivators revealed looks of surprise and acclaim. To casually bring out a treasure that could block perception on such a large scale, this person was truly worthy of being a disciple of the Immortal Sect. Numerous eyes fell on Qin Yu and began to reveal looks of sympathy.

    Although Wenren Dongyue hadn’t attacked yet, the feeling he gave off was as if everything was within his grasp. Moreover, this person surely had numerous other cards in hand, and if he were to display his full strength it would likely be even more astonishing. This Qin Yu was most likely not weak, but how could he be placed on par with such an outstanding disciple of the Immortal Sect?

    Still, many people wondered to themselves – just why were these Immortal Sect disciples deliberately targeting Qin Yu again and again? Their eyes swept over Ning Ling and they couldn’t help but sigh; beautiful women really did bring about endless trouble. But this was how the world was, a place where the strong preyed on the weak. Since this person was small and weak, he had no qualifications to complain about the injustices of the world.

    Qin Yu had a calm expression. As he took a deep breath, his heart began to vigorously beat. With a single thought he could stimulate the power of the burning heavens.

    But at this time, Ning Ling’s aura began to rapidly ascend. She emanated a shining golden light, one filled with majestic honor and dignity.

    “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, stop! Forcefully increasing your strength will harm you!”

    Qin Yu shouted out loud, “Ning Ling, I can deal with this myself, you do not need to do this!”

    Ning Ling didn’t pay attention to the words of the two. Her aura soon reached a peak, one that was unexpectedly no weaker than Wenren Dongyue’s. She lifted a hand and pointed out. The barrier of light around her violently trembled and its glass-like surface instantly shattered into pieces.

    Wenren Dongyue watched as his light barrier was broken. His eyes darkened and his killing intent became heavier.

    Shua –

    Qin Yu approached her, carefully supporting her arm. “I said I could deal with him, so why must you display your power?” At first he had some complaints, but after looking at her smile, all that was left in his heart was touching warmth.

    Ning Ling paled and wiped away the blood from the corner of her lips. She softly said, “I’m sorry Qin Yu. I actually hesitated just now. With your personality, how could you possibly take advantage of someone when they were down?” She looked up, her gaze falling on Shui Yuanling. “Senior-apprentice sister Shui, although I have no idea why you decided to slander Qin Yu, since you did, from this point on we are enemies.”

    Shui Yuanling stiffened and a look of grief filled her face. She never expected that Ning Ling would directly say such cruel and callous words to her. It was clear from this how important Qin Yu was to her. After today’s events, she had thoroughly offended Ning Ling. As she imagined Ning Ling’s current special position in the Immortal Sect and her limitless achievements in the future, her heart became even more bitter.

    But with things having come this far, it was impossible for her to turn back. She could only hope that senior-apprentice brother Wenren would remember what she did today and shelter her in the future.

    “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, what I say is true. The hearts of people can change. I hope you won’t be deceived by others.”

    Ning Ling’s expression became increasingly indifferent. She only glanced at Shui Yuanling, not replying at all. Then, she turned to Wenren Dongyue and said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, I believe it is impossible that Qin Yu would do something like this. I am willing to use my life to guarantee for him.”

    Wenren Dongyue coldly said, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, the evidence is already conclusive. If I let him go now, where is the honor of my Immortal Sect?”

    Ning Ling was silent for several breaths of time. Then, she slowly said, “If that’s the case, then I ask senior-apprentice brother to first step over my corpse to kill Qin Yu.”

    Her voice was calm and tranquil but her eyes were filled with a firm decisiveness. As she finished speaking, her aura rose up once more.

    Wenren Dongyue shouted out, “If you forcefully stimulate your bloodline again it will cause irreparable damage to you! You will even harm your bloodline! Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, do not do this!”

    Qin Yu grabbed onto Ning Ling’s hand, but beneath her gaze, he couldn’t do anything else. She said, “Qin Yu, you have done so much for me and yet I was only able to accept your help. Today, allow me to pay the price for you. When you were weak and small in the past, you were still able to laugh in the face of death for me. Did you not think that I could do the same for you?” She turned and coldly said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, there is no longer any need for you to say anything. No matter who it is today, if they want to kill Qin Yu then they must kill me first.”

    Wenren Dongyue felt her increasingly powerful aura and shouted out, “Fine! I will give Qin Yu a chance to prove himself. Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, if there is any fellow daoist here today who is willing to use their life to guarantee Qin Yu, then I will lay this matter down for the time being and clearly investigate it in the future before allowing the sect to hand out punishment! But if there is no one willing to step forth, you cannot stop me any further. However, I can guarantee you that I will only bring him back to the sect and keep him under watch to stand trial. I will not kill him today.”

    Ning Ling was clearly moved. She glanced at Qin Yu and hesitated for a moment before slowly nodding. To completely tear apart any pretense of civility with the Immortal Sect was only his final contingency plan. Moreover, this would make things awkward for Ning Ling.

    “Thank you senior-apprentice brother Wenren! I agree!” Ning Ling believed in Qin Yu. Since she was willing to nod her head in agreement, she had certain faith in him.

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes brightened. “Good! Then we’ve come to an agreement!” His eyes swept around his and his voice was spread far and wide through his powerful strength. “Fellow daoists should have heard the agreement I made with junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling. Is there anyone here that is willing to use their life to guarantee Qin Yu’s own? But, there is a point I need to say first. If you come out and guarantee for him, then that is the same as accepting all consequences. If the Immortal Sect investigates in the future and finds out there is a problem, then you will suffer the same punishment as Qin Yu!”

    These words caused Ning Ling’s heart to sink. After all, without personally experiencing things with him, besides her who trusted Qin Yu, who would dare take such a risk for him? Although Wenren Dongyue’s words contained a certain threat, he didn’t go too far. She secretly worried but there was nothing she could say.

    The scene was silent.

    Wenren Dongyue’s lips lifted in a happy smile. But just before he was about to say something, a voice interrupted him. “I am Tianyun from the Southern Overwatch Pass, and I am willing to guarantee for Qin Yu!”

    Several cultivators spoke up. The one speaking was Tianyun.

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes chilled. “Who are you and what relation do you have with Qin Yu?”

    Tianyun lightly said, “Central Mound, Tian Family.”

    Hua –

    The crowd around the spatial gate was thrown into an uproar. The people here never imagined that they would not only meet a descendant of Saint Wengong today, but also a member of the Central Mound’s Tian Family.

    Unlike the noble and virtuous Saint Wengong who had sacrificed himself for the trillions of lives within the Land of Divinity and Demons, the Central Mound’s Tian Family was known for raising spirit plants.

    It was rumored that the Tian Family had a Moon Tangling Vine that originated from ancient times. After being diligently raised with painstaking care through countless generations, it had grown to its peak level, even undergoing several variant evolutions. It was extremely terrifying and it could even oppose mighty beings.

    Moreover, besides raising spirit plants, the Tian Family was most known for covering up its own shortcomings. In the past they had waged war several times over disciples of their family, causing events that shocked the world.

    Qin Yu revealed a look of surprise. He never imagined that Tianyun would have such great origins. He looked over and slightly bowed to express his thanks.

    Tianyun smiled, his expression light. He seemed to not dread Wenren Dongyue.

    Wenren Dongyue’s complexion was icy cold. He knew that with Tianyun’s status, there was no need for him to feel too awed by the Immortal Sect. This was because the Central Mound’s Tian Family was highly regarded by the Chu Empire’s royal family. And, in the boundless Land of Divinity and Demons, the only super nation that had the energy to contend with the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path was the Chu Empire. In fact, if the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path wanted to spread their teachings in the Chu Empire, they first needed to obtain its approval.

    How hateful! This Qin Yu was clearly some nameless peon who came from the land of exiles, but people kept on stepping out for him one after another, and each of them had an identity that wasn’t meager at all!

    Ning Ling happily said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, since there is someone willing to guarantee for him, I hope you will abide by your promise!”

    Wenren Dongyue coldly said, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling need not worry. I am true to my word; I won’t go back on my promise!” His icy gaze moved, “Qin Yu, I will forgive you for today, but once this matter is investigated, the Law Enforcement messengers of my Immortal Sect will come looking for you! Whether you are in the heavens above or earth below or even the nine nether realms, there is nowhere for you to run!”

    Qin Yu lightly said, “I have a clear conscience. I naturally have no need to run away.”

    “Humph!” Wenren Dongyue coldly coughed, his heart filled with rage and cruelty. With his status, when had he ever suffered defeat twice to the same person?

    This Qin Yu, he absolutely could not be allowed to live!

    He thought about how Ning Ling hadn’t hesitated to threaten him with her death for Qin Yu, and his heart filled with an even deeper killing intent.

    Yu Bai clenched his teeth, his heart full of unwillingness. Even senior-apprentice brother Wenren hadn’t been able to do anything, so what could he do?

    In addition, what happened to Shui Yuanling was still fresh in his mind. With Ning Ling so protective of Qin Yu, he didn’t dare to do anything else.

    Even if he wasn’t willing, he could only endure, suppressing it even if his heart bled!

    Yu Bai glanced at Tianyun. It was this bastard’s fault. If it weren’t for this person, how could Qin Yu withdraw without any harm? However, he also couldn’t provoke the Tian Family!

    At the same time, he inadvertently glanced over several people around Tianyun. Yu Bai’s gaze was drawn to a female cultivator. This female cultivator glanced at Qin Yu occasionally, as if avoiding him.

    Although there were many possibilities for this situation, his intuition told him that this female cultivator knew some secret, and this secret was enough to thoroughly bury Qin Yu so he had no other chance of approaching junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling.

    Clenching his teeth, Yu Bai secretly sent a sound transmission, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, please look at that female cultivator hiding behind Tianyun.” With Wenren Dongyue’s intelligence, this mention was more than enough. Wenren Dongyue maintained his composure and looked over, his eyes sparkling.

    Without warning, Wenren Dongyue stepped forward and appeared right beside Tianyun.

    “Fellow daoist Wenren, what is the meaning of this?”

    Wenren Dongyue said, “I have no ill intent. There are just some matters I would like to ask this fellow daoist.”

    Xiong Yuane was flustered. She inwardly shouted at this Immortal Sect disciple with an endless litany of curses. She couldn’t even hide in time and yet this person had unexpectedly discovered her. It was over, it was all over for her! This time she had definitely been found by that evil star! She bitterly looked up at Wenren Dongyue and discovered that his pupils were deep and boundless, like two spinning galaxies, leaving her no choice but to wallow in them.

    Wenren Dongyue lightly asked, “Fellow daoist, I see that you know Qin Yu. Can you tell me why you fear him so much?”

    Xiong Yuane’s body trembled as if she recalled some terrifying memory. “Devil apostle…he is a devil apostle…no…don’t kill me…”

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes brightened. In the next moment, Xiong Yuane woke up from her daze. As she remembered what she said just now, she immediately paled. She had actually spoken that evil star’s greatest secret. As long as Qin Yu spoke and mentioned her true identity, she would be placed into a perilous situation!

    “What I used just now was my Immortal Sect’s secret art, the Mind Inquiring Technique. What is spoken comes from the depths of the heart; there cannot be a mistake!” Wenren Dongyue pointed a finger, “Qin Yu, you are actually a devil apostle! All cultivators within the Land of Divinity and Demons have a duty to execute you!”

    No wonder a nameless brat from the land of exiles was able to chase the Immortal Sect all the way to the Infinite Realm and also possess a considerable cultivation. Now, everything had an explanation. He had actually betrayed his soul and signed a contract with an abyssal devil in exchange for power.

    This was really an example of unintentional actions bringing about unexpected success. He never thought that with this attempt, he had found Qin Yu’s fatal weakness…Wenren Dongyue was filled with excitement. Qin Yu was done for!

    Tianyun’s eyes widened as he stared at Xiong Yuane. He knew her real status. Even if he didn’t want to believe it, he couldn’t help but waver.

    Could Qin Yu really be a devil apostle?

    As he thought about the formidable strength he displayed at the titan tribe’s sacred lake, his complexion paled.

    Qin Yu forced a smile as he felt the eyes of shock and loathing from all around him. He never thought that after all the twists and turns of today, he would end up here. However, he didn’t worry at all because he wasn’t a devil apostle. All he needed to do was clearly explain the situation.