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Chapter 240.1 - The Summer Queen (5)

Second Life Ranker
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    In the beginning, Yeon-woo also tried to stack up as many skills as possible. However, he set up his own domain and used what he learned as a foundation. He was moving along his own ‘path.’

    It was enough for the Head Elder to feel astonished. Yeon-woo’s accomplishments were well-formed. Even if Waltz was ahead of Yeon-woo right now, it was obvious what would happen if they were at the same level.

    And because he compared her to Yeon-woo, the Head Elder was able to answer his own questions about Waltz.


    The Head Elder blocked Waltz’s fist. The sound of something exploding rang out.

    With a calm gaze, he glowered at Waltz, who was trying to attack him again.

    “You. You’re from the One-horned tribe. Right?”


    “Whose child are you?”


    But Waltz didn’t answer. Magic gathered around her again for another attack.

    Kwang, kwang, kwang—

    The ground shook, and the sound pierced through the atmosphere.

    “If you don’t answer—”

    The Head Elder blocked and avoided Waltz’s fist, ending up right behind her.

    “There’s nothing I can do except beat you up until you answer properly.”


    Blood Mine fell from the sky. <Heaven-breaking Blood Mine>. The skill that had an arrogant name of breaking the heavens fell on top of Waltz, and just when she attempted to shield herself…..


    A loud shout rang from the sky, and a large shadow came quickly to her.

    The Head Elder and Waltz turned their gazes and quickly moved away. The thing that came flying over was a dragon. The Summer Queen. The Martial King had blown the Summer Queen away, who was as large as a mountain!

    “That crazy bastard!”

    The Head Elder, who had been fighting in a serious manner until now, crumpled his face and cursed.


    But his curse was buried by the sound of the explosion. Like a catapult that was used to throw stones, the Summer Queen shot up to the sky and let out a horrible cry when she came back to the ground.


    The Summer Queen was only able to stop after she knocked down a few canyons.


    The Martial King wiped his brow with a proud face. He looked like a farmer who had finished harvesting his plants.

    The Head Elder, Waltz, the Nine Dragon Sons, and the 81 Eyes. All of them froze and gaped at the Summer Queen.


    The canyons around her couldn’t take it and crumbled on top of her.

    The large Dragon Body was buried under rubble.


    “Whew, that’s our king! His strength is really something! How’s that?”

    “See, I still got it. Should I make Phante and Edora their 74th little sibling while I’m at it?”

    “Haha! That’s a good idea!”

    “Yeah! What a man!”

    The warriors who had a similar temperament to the Martial King all slapped their knees with laughter.

    The Martial King could feel his children shaking their heads at him, but he continued to joke, not caring what they thought.

    While he did, the pile of stones shifted. A Dragon Fear that was enough to shake the atmosphere came pouring out.

    [I’ll kill you.]

    A voice filled with fury rang out. With a boom, the Summer Queen showed herself again.

    She glared at the Martial King with fiery eyes, wings spread apart. She began to squeeze out the power from her soul. Her level decreased rapidly, but that didn’t matter anymore.

    [I’ll kill you, Nayu!]

    Her head was filled with thoughts of swallowing the Martial King.

    Along with her powerful will, the Endless World of Night began to shake. It became nauseating, and a few players almost barfed.

    However, the Martial King just snickered with a broad smile.

    “Yeah. That’s what I said, Ismenios. From earlier.”

    He clenched his fists and veins popped out. And above that, 8 different energies of different colors flowed up.

    <Eight Trigrams>. It was the result of training one’s Eight Extreme Fists to the extreme. If the peak of the Head Elder’s research was Blood Mine, the Martial King’s was Eight Trigrams.

    Each of the energies around him was extremely condensed.

    If he used Mugong with the Eight Trigrams, the energy would sweep away his surroundings.

    “The person who’ll punch Allforone’s annoying face. Let’s see which of us that is.”

    Kwang! Swekkk—

    The Martial King flew forward and attacked. It was one of the Eight Writings of Divination that Yeon-woo knew, but it definitely wasn’t a level that he had seen before.

    There was a crack where the Summer Queen flew off from. With the sound of intense rumbling, a large hole appeared in the center of the mountain.

    The mountain came crumbling down with tons of rocks, and the Summer Queen spewed her Breath from atop.


    Hot hell-like fire instantly heated up the Outer Space.

    The Martial King didn’t avoid it. He held his hands up and twisted them to the side. A long fault line appeared.

    The space above it twisted, and the Breath disappeared futilely. No, even the space behind it was completely twisted.

    Clouds split, and the sky opened. Then, the sun broke into pieces. Countless sparks poured from above, and darkness instantly descended upon them.

    When the sun found its position itself and the world became brighter, the Martial King and the Summer Queen were fighting in the sky.

    The Summer Queen used magic again and again. Magic circles appeared all around her. It was all great magic above 8 circles.

    Blizzard, Inferno Hell, Meteor Strike, Power Ward of Kill. Each of them would be disastrous to the stage if they fell, and the Martial King just broke them apart with his bare hands.

    But even then, he didn’t stop.

    The Eight Trigrams swirling around the Martial King each did their job. Heaven, earth, wind, fire, water, lightning…..all kinds of properties broke the magic, and…..


    They coalesced at one point.

    Magic and Eight Trigrams collided, then exploded.


    The fire covered the entire Outer Space. The Endless World of Night turned into a world filled with only light and heat.

    The fight of the two who were at the top of the Nine Kings wasn’t just a simple fight between players anymore. It was a disaster.

    But the Martial King and the Summer Queen continued fighting like they weren’t finished.

    The Martial King brought his fists in towards his own body. Another large storm was created with him at the center.

    Two different Writings of Divinations tried to combine as one. It was something he had only theorized about but never attempted. He might’ve hurt himself, but the Martial King was happy.

    He could do what he would never have dared to do in the village.

    Once the beast that he had kept suppressed after becoming one of the Nine Kings was opened, he couldn’t stop himself anymore.

    Just when he was about to crush the Summer Queen’s head—

    “Die, Summer Queennnnn!”

    An outsider suddenly came into their fight. Ione ran between the two of them while he had been secretly watching.

    “Who’s this bastard?”

    The Martial King frowned. His exhilaration vanished like it was never there. He hated being bothered when he was focused on something, and he only felt better after flipping the intruder around.

    However, Ione was also in a rush.

    ‘That life! I… I will!’

    Ione felt like he would never feel at ease if he didn’t pay the Red Dragon back for making him into this pitiful state.

    He was humiliated by Tom, who was much younger than him, at the Kelat Auction House, and just when he thought the tablet was his, he was suddenly met with an unexpected incident.

    As the head of a great family, having only received respect and admiration all his life, it was a humiliation that he couldn’t let go of.

    Also, everyone from the Elohim who had come here with him was dead.

    If he returned to the Elohim like this, he would just be a backroom Senate member and die pathetically like the rest of the Senate.

    As the head of the Family of Life, one of the pillars of the Elohim, he couldn’t let his family fall apart like that. It was something that could never happen. He wouldn’t be able to look at his ancestors in the eye when he died.

    But there was something that Ione was confident about that allowed him to do this.

    Nebro. A child he had given everything for. They weren’t related, but he had still given him his territory. He was basically a shadow of Ione.

    If he wanted to let that child walk the path he had left to him, no, to let him fly free, he had to sacrifice himself here.

    He could pay back his debt to the Senate with this and restore their family’s honor. He couldn’t be an obstacle in his child’s path.


    Blue light surrounded Ione and thousands of arrows fell above the Summer Queen’s head.

    <Light of Disasters>. The Protogenoi species were originally gods but fell to the earth after having their status taken away. However, they still had some holiness left, and they could use it by splitting their existence apart.

    Ione could momentarily use the holy power that he had, and like a candle that was brightest just before it went out, he was able to use the power of gods at this moment.

    If the head of a family split himself apart, how powerful would that be?

    The thousands of arrows that came from splitting Ione apart pierced the Summer Queen’s body.

    [TN: Sorry the chapters are split guys! This was back when I was doing it on my phone because my computer was broken, and it was taking too long for me to translate it! I know it doesn’t feel like two chapters TT.]