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Chapter 240.2 - The Summer Queen (5)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 240.2 - The Summer Queen (5)

    [You dare! You dareeee!]

    And with this chance, the other rankers began to use their skills.

    The apostles used their powers, the Lords used their curses, and others their signature skills.

    All kinds of effects exploded, and the Summer Queen was the target of it all.



    Just when she was about to spew her Breath, the Martial King released two Writings of Divination that he had saved at the same time.

    The strong energy that split the sun and pierced the moon cut the Summer Queen’s leather wings, and there was a deep cut from her shoulder to her stomach.


    A tremendous amount of blood poured down on the floor like rain. Scales scattered down.


    The Breath scattered and hit innocent rankers.



    The Martial King landed on the Summer Queen’s back. The Summer Queen folded into a ‘V’ and fell down.


    The Summer Queen experienced the pain of her spine and back being crushed.

    The Martial King didn’t stop there, twisting the Summer Queen’s cut wings and arm muscles. Crunch. Her scales cracked and her skin split like a turtle’s back.

    Her dragon scales, leather, muscles, veins, and bones. It was a body that could even resist adamantium.

    However, she easily collapsed against the Martial King’s power.

    Even under that immense pain, the Summer Queen twisted her body mid-air.

    The Breath that came from her gaping mouth covered the Martial King.

    It was a power equivalent to hellfire. The Martial King’s skin boiled, but he just laughed like he was having the time of his life and tore off her wings.



    He buried the Summer Queen in the ground. Her side was scratched as a deep crater was dug into the earth.

    The Summer Queen and the Martial King were completely submerged under the rubble.


    The Summer Queen’s body was covered with small and large injuries all over, and her wings were plucked off. Blood dripped from her and flooded the ground.

    The Summer Queen just grimaced and spewed her Breath again, like she intended to see the end of the Martial King no matter what.

    The Martial King also stumbled over his steps, having received some damage, but he raised his fists above him again.

    Energy exploded around him.

    The blades of light of all kinds of properties split the Breath.


    The storm that didn’t seem like it would end lashed around the Outer Space once again.

    * * *


    Atran watched the Martial King and Summer Queen’s fight from far away with a blank face.

    Then, he muttered to himself.

    “Attacking a monster like that? Crazy bastard.”

    He was cursing himself. When the auction had been ruined because of the Summer Queen, he spent all his life savings coming here.

    At first, he was confident. The Ice King, Twice, Black Skull. They were all the top S-Class mercenaries, and guilds like Iron Lion and Moon Shadow stood behind him. He even met unexpected people like ‘Jang’ and ‘Turn.’

    He didn’t say it out loud, but he thought he could cut off at least one arm of the Red Dragon.

    He thought he would be able to confidently say that he would not go down easily.

    But with the situation like this, he realized how foolish he was.

    An arm? F*** no. It was hard to even take out a finger. He couldn’t even dream of approaching the Summer Queen.

    Just now, some of the rankers who were swept away by Breath included Black Skull. He had stepped up saying he would pull out one of the Summer Queen’s toenails, but he didn’t even leave a corpse behind when he died.

    These players were called rankers, but in front of the Summer Queen, they were nothing.

    “That monster became an even greater monster. Haha. Amazing. Even though I worked so hard.”

    The Ice King chuckled next to Atran. He was an old geezer who had kept talking to himself throughout the entire journey.

    Unlike the other mercenaries who ran away because of the Martial King and the Summer Queen, the Ice King, Twice, and ‘Turn’ were doing their duty next to him.

    They flicked away the flying pieces and moved Atran safely to somewhere he wouldn’t be touched by the attack.

    They wanted to take the gate and leave this Outer Space, but the path was blocked by the Martial King and the Summer Queen.

    Atran glanced at the Ice King. He remembered how the Ice King’s life went downhill after being defeated by the Martial King.

    On the other hand, the Martial King became well-known after defeating him, making a fancy debut.

    ‘Doesn’t he feel anything?’

    Most people would’ve felt discomfort, but the Ice King was enjoying the fight as if he found a new toy. The same went for Twice and ‘Turn.’

    They were grinning crazily like how the Ice King was, but they seemed to be surprised and deep in thought while watching the fight.

    The emotion in all their eyes were the same.




    ‘They’re all crazy. These bastards are all…..!’

    Atran felt like his entire body was itching because of them. They were all psychos he couldn’t understand.

    That was why he decided that he needed to get a grip on himself.

    It was easy to die in places filled with psychos like this.

    They might be smiling about how dying while enjoying a fight was the joy of life, but to Atran, his life was more important than anything.

    To make a comeback, he first needed to survive.

    He looked around to find the person who was the most normal here, after him. ‘Jang.’ He was silent, but he knew how to observe the situation coldly.

    He was here just a moment ago. Now, he was suddenly gone.

    ‘Where is he?’

    * * *


    Jang Wei quickly began to run around the empty battlefield.

    His destination was where the Martial King and the Summer Queen were. It was also where the damned One-horned tribe was fighting, not knowing their place.

    It was easy to see just with a glance.

    Even while most rankers were swept away by the Breath, the Martial King was powerful enough to tear off the Summer Queen’s wings.


    Jang Wei laughed coldly. His eyes were flashing with joy. They were the eyes of a hunter who was after his prey.

    He knew that the Martial King was strong when he was being chased by him. However, he didn’t know exactly how strong.

    Now that he knew, his heart beat faster. And now, he didn’t have to worry about being bothered. His prey was clashing with his other prey.

    Though both their backs were exposed, neither thought that someone was after them. No. They couldn’t have.

    That was the advantage of beasts. They knew how strong they were, so they were lost in arrogance, believing that they were the best and that nothing could touch them. Not knowing how dangerous that was.

    But such prey was there.

    If he could plant his arrow into that large prey and cut their necks with his knife, how great would his joy be?

    ‘It’s like…..’

    He remembered a memory that he had left behind on Earth.

    ‘Like the chief.’

    Feeling the thrill down to the end of his fingertips, he paused.


    <Stealth Stalking>. Borrowing the skill of Hou Yi that allowed him to secretly follow an enemy, he arrived in a shaded place.

    It wasn’t exposed to the outside, and it had a perfect view. Jang Wei lifted his Four Directions and slowly pulled it back.

    Far away, his target was soaring up high in the sky again. He was so far that it just seemed like a dot, but his two eyes were clearly on the Martial King.

    If he let go of the string, his Arrow of Light would land in the Martial King’s back. Looking forward to that feeling, he licked his lips.


    ‘…..What is that?’

    Just when he was about to let go, he paused unintentionally. Thump. Thump. Thump. His heart beat faster. His breathing rate increased.

    His heart had beaten faster when he was after the Martial King, but that was from expectation and exhilaration.

    This was different.

    His back felt cold. He shivered. He felt like someone put their hand in his body. He felt anxious.

    It was an emotion he never felt after stepping foot in the Tower. It was an emotion felt by instinct.

    On Earth, Jang Wei had the talent of quickly knowing when he was in danger.

    Jang Wei was able to realize the ‘feeling’ of his life in danger.

    That was how he was able to survive in the hell of Africa.

    Using that talent, he was able to become the Bow God.

    That emotion had returned. There was something around him.

    He whipped his head to the side. At the edge of his vision, he could see a man standing on a hill.

    There was a man with a black outfit and mask. Cain. It was his original target, the Hoarder.

    Although it was clearly his first time seeing him, his heart didn’t calm down.

    No, rather, it happily beat faster. Thump. Thump. Thump.

    Jang Wei crumpled his face and glared at him.

    ‘Who are you?’