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Chapter 364 - I’m Synonymous With Being Kind-hearted

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 364: I’m Synonymous With Being Kind-hearted

    Su Ye's voice was cold. "The missus is not like us. She is a simple-minded and pure person. You'd better not have this idea!"

    Ning Ke's face turned dismal in that instant. "Simple-minded? Pure?! Your Missus is not simple-minded at all! If she was indeed pure, why would I have ended up like this?!"

    Su Ye closed his eyes halfway and pulled out the fruit knife roughly. Then, he pressed on her wound to prevent the bleeding from worsening. His actions were merciless, and then, he spoke with a cold look on his face. "You'd better pray that the missus does not tell the boss about what happened today. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to leave this country alive."

    Ning Ke bit her lip and replied with a voice that was rife with hatred. "Would he dare to do that? He promised Sis all those years ago that he would take care of me. I have been alone overseas for the past eight years, and how exactly has he cared for me?"

    She looked around the villa with a gloomy face. "This house is also mine! I've stayed here for so long. Are you saying that I don't even have a place to stay anymore?"

    Su Ye's smile slowly froze on his face. He continued to wrap her wound and applied some alcohol onto it. Ning Ke was in so much pain that she grit her teeth. Yet, she refused to let out a single sound. She was as persistent and stubborn as always.

    After Su Ye had cleaned her wound, he held her up. "I do not have any surgical sutures or scalpel with me. You'll have to follow me home."

    Su Ye turned on his car engine and brought Ning Ke out of the premises. While on the road, he suddenly said, "As long as you know your place, Boss will not ignore you."

    "Hmph! He will not ignore me?! If he is that nostalgic over the past, why would he go and look for another woman? Did he think that he just needed to look for someone with a similar face and that person would miraculously turn into Sis? This is too…"


    Su Ye, who had always been warm and gentle, turned stern. He glared toward the front and said in an icy voice, "Eight years."

    He paused for a while before continuing, "Boss has been waiting for eight years. Finally, their feelings blossomed this year. Are you saying that he should let Ning Meng remain a widow for the rest of her life?!"

    Ning Ke opened her mouth and was about to say something, but when she looked at Su Ye's intimidating expression, she decided to clamp her mouth shut.


    Ning Meng did not tell Huo Beichen about the recent incident. Although she was not clear about what had happened in the past, she knew that Huo Beichen was still reminiscing about the good old days. Ning Ke seemed to have dark intentions, but Stephen was there to protect her. She was being vigilant herself, so there should not be any big issues.

    Two days had passed, and Ning Meng decided to head out. The moment she stepped out of the community area, she saw Ning Ke standing there, as though she had been waiting for her. A bandage was hanging over her left arm. The fracture had put her in a lot of pain which made her look more weak and pitiful.

    When Ning Meng's pink car exited the entrance, Ning Ke blocked her way. Ning Meng wound down her car window and leaned against it with her arm. It was broad daylight in a public area, there was nothing for her to be afraid of.

    Ning Ke had waited for her the entire day. Finally, she had managed to catch hold of her. She looked at the woman wearing exquisite makeup and said, "I've been looking for you to talk about what happened in the villa that day…"

    "Oh, that!" Ning Meng waved with a magnanimous look plastered all over her face. "No need to thank me."


    Thank her for what? She was here to interrogate her about her crime!

    The way Ning Meng smiled was as though she was inviting Ning Ke to come and slap her.

    "Sigh, I had no choice. I'm the kind who likes to lend a helping hand. I just can't bear to see other people in pain. You don't need to thank me. I'm synonymous with being kind-hearted."

    Ning Ke was utterly confused and speechless. How could she say all these things so unabashedly without a lick of nervousness on her face?! However, this shameless attitude did remind her of… Big sis?

    Ning Ke threw her a death glare.