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Chapter 340 - His Gentle Treatment (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 340: His Gentle Treatment (2)

    Gu Yu strode over and reached her within three steps. Without another word, he reached out and scooped her up into his arms.

    Xu Weilai yelped in surprise at suddenly being airborne, then instinctively clung onto the man’s neck to steady herself. Baffled, she raised her head to look at him and asked, “Gu Yu, what are you doing?”

    Gu Yu did not reply. He instead walked straight to the vanity counter and placed Xu Weilai down on the seat. As Xu Weilai looked at him in confusion, he picked up the hairdryer, plugged it in to the electrical socket, and stood behind her to help her dry her hair!

    Stunned, Xu Weilai eyes widened uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

    Was the great and mighty Gu Yu doing something as miniscule as blowing her hair dry?

    Although Gu Yu had personally taken care of her when she had been injured, at least there had been a good reason for that. Right now, she was already perfectly capable of taking care of herself!

    Xu Weilai said reactively, “Gu… Gu Yu, I can do it on my own.”

    With that, she reached out towards him to take the hairdryer from his hands.

    “You don’t have to do anything. Just sit still,” Gu Yu objected without any hesitation. His eyes stayed focused on her hair as his hand gently loosened the knots in them. He held the hairdryer in his other hand at an appropriate distance, careful not to burn her scalp.

    Xu Weilai looked at Gu Yu’s reflection through the mirror. Although his actions were stiff and awkward, she didn’t feel any pain at all aside from the occasional tug on her hair. Once the shock had worn off, her heart filled itself with sweetness and warmth.

    At that very moment, she finally understood why she couldn’t bring herself to let this man go.

    His gentle treatment of her, the way he cocooned her in the palm of his hand is what made him irresistible. She couldn’t think of any woman who would be able to resist this.

    When Gu Yu was done drying her hair, Xu Weilai said out of habit, “Thanks!”

    The hairdryer froze in Gu Yu’s hands. Raising his eyes and looking at Xu Weilai, he then said awkwardly, “You don’t have to thank me.”

    With that statement, he suddenly turned around and strode into the bathrrom.

    She didn’t have to thank him?

    Xu Weilai was initially stunned. After a brief moment, she finally processed what he said. Was he saying that she didn’t have to thank him because it was his duty as her husband to do something like that?

    The very thought brought another wave of tenderness to Xu Weilai’s already melting heart. She couldn’t help but cover her cheeks with her hands. ‘Oh my god!’ she thought. If this continued, she won’t be able to last for long before falling completely for his charm.

    No! She couldn’t allow that to happen! She had to come back to her senses!

    The sound of water could be heard coming from inside the bathroom. Xu Weilai got up and took a few deep breaths before she was finally about to get her emotions under control. She recalled that she had yet to finish reading her assignment brief. She leaned forward on the bed and clutched her laptop to continue where she left off.

    Upon finishing, she frowned. Without needing any further consideration, she typed on her keyboard “I accept it” and pressed send!

    When Gu Yu emerged from the bathroom after his shower, Xu Weilai was already preparing for bed. After thinking for a moment she decided to notify Gu Yu of her decision. “Gu Yu, I accepted a new assignment and will probably be busy with it in the next couole days.”

    After all, Gu Yu now reported his whereabouts to her everyday. Given their current dynamics, it was only right for her to notify him as well.

    Unexpectedly, his eyes narrowed and his face darkened at her words. Staring down at her, he approached and coldly said, “No!”