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Chapter 285 - Different Treatmen

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 285: Different Treatment

    After Su Cha finished practicing her song, Dai Xiaofu brought her back home for dinner.

    While Su Cha was in the washroom, she called Bo Muyi.

    “Muyi, I’m going to my mother’s house for dinner today. I’m not going back to the Lookout Pavilion for dinner. I’ll be back later.”


    Bo Muyi frowned slightly. He knew that Su Cha had met his mother, but he also knew that she was not Su Cha’s biological mother.

    Dai Xiaofu’s current situation had been investigated. Although Su Cha could not return to the Lookout Pavilion on time, Bo Muyi himself was still in the company. Since Su Cha was going to her mother’s place, Bo Muyi thought about it for a while and agreed. “Okay. I’ll get the driver to pick you up after you eat. I’ll go home later tonight.”

    Right now, he was busy with a lot of work.


    As soon as Su Cha hung up, Dai Xiaofu shouted, “Su Cha, are you done?”


    Su Cha walked out. Dai Xiaofu asked her in amusement, “Who were you calling just now? A friend?”

    “Um… boyfriend…”

    She did not want to hide the existence of Bo Muyi, making it seem as if he could not be seen.

    She was 18 now; it was normal for her to date.

    Dai Xiaofu was surprised. “Boyfriend?”

    She looked at Su Cha from head to toe, not finding it hard to accept. “You actually have a boyfriend, but with your conditions…”

    There was nothing strange about Su Cha having a boyfriend. After all, she was so pretty, and there must be many suitors after her.

    Su Cha smiled and did not explain further. Dai Xiaofu casually said, “Who is your boyfriend? Do you want to bring him to meet me someday?”

    Although she was not Su Cha’s biological mother, Dai Xiaofu had always felt responsible for Su Cha. Though she said this herself, she was just stunned for a moment. Then, she looked at Su Cha and could not help but laugh.

    Su Cha nodded. “If there’s a chance, I can bring him to meet you. But he’s busy with work. I’ve been busy with participating in the competition recently. If there’s a chance in the future, I will bring him along.”

    Dai Xiaofu waved her hand. “You don’t really have to. You’re still young. It’s not a big deal for you to be in a relationship. I was just saying it casually. You don’t have to take it to heart. You haven’t even entered university. You’re making it seem like you’re going to be in a relationship for life.”

    Wasn’t that exactly Su Cha’s intention?

    Su Cha curled her lips and did not say it.

    Su Cha followed Dai Xiaofu home and saw Dai Xiaofu’s current husband. He was a very honest local.

    His name was Qu Hai.

    Their son was currently at school, so Su Cha did not see him.

    Su Cha called Dai Xiaofu’s husband Uncle, but this uncle was friendly to her. He could not help but keep mentioning the fact that Su Cha was a top scorer. During the meal, he could not stop smiling, but he was a little reserved. He probably did not dare to show too much affection to Su Cha. He was just an uncle.

    He seemed to be very proud of Su Cha’s high score. Even when Su Cha was about to leave, he said, “From now on, you can treat this place as your home. Come, your brother is about to enter high school. His grades are average. With a sister like you as an example, he will definitely work harder.”

    He was already treating Su Cha as a family.

    However, he did not go overboard. After all, he knew that Su Cha was living elsewhere, so he did not tell her to stay over.

    But this attitude was like heaven and earth compared to Su Mingzhe’s treatment of her.