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Chapter 452 - Cannot be Hatched

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 452 Cannot be Hatched

    “Someone actually is selling a Mythical Companion Egg?” Zhou Wen found it unbelievable.

    An Sheng smiled and said, “No one would sell one under ordinary circumstances, but this one is a little different.”

    “How is it different? Is there anything special?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled.

    “Do you have any idea about Orphism of the West District?” An Sheng asked.

    “A little. I roughly know that in the early times, there was the god, Chronos. It later became the God of Chaos, Chaos, and then the twelve Titans. Finally, it became the more famous twelve Olympus Gods, with Zeus being the leader. These are the few representative generations of gods in Orphism.” Zhou Wen knew quite a bit about this belief.

    As he had received Chaos’s heritage and it was also related to the Chaos Bead, Zhou Wen had previously read about such matters. Although he didn’t study it in-depth, he had a general understanding of it.

    “It’s not bad that you already know these things. Few people from the East District typically study the myths of the West District. They probably only know about Zeus and the other gods.” An Sheng paused before continuing, “The Cape family discovered a temple left behind by the dualism god, Phanes, in the mortal realm. His status is probably the same as the Pangu of our East District’s system of gods. Although it’s a little different, you get what I mean. Anyway, according to the myths and legends in the West District, all the god-kings have to gain his approval before they become the king of gods.

    “The Cape family obtained the recognition of the temple. They chose one of the three Companion Eggs in the temple, which is this Invisibility Cloak that is being put up for auction,” An Sheng said.

    “That’s not right. Since it’s being auctioned now, it means that no one has ever hatched it. How do you know that it’s Invisibility Cloak?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.

    “The reason they know that it’s Invisibility Cloak is that the Cape family has formerly hatched that Mythical Companion Egg before. After that, they gained the ability to be invisible,” An Sheng said with a faint smile. “When people obtain powers that exceed the rules, their true colors show. The person from the Cape family used his powers of invisibility to do countless dirty things. He went overboard and even dared to touch the members of the six families. In the end, he was discovered by the Zhang family and he was exposed.”

    “This matter is a scandal of the six families. The Cape family has been slain by the Zhang family as well. However, when they killed him, the Zhang family used some unknown method to turn the Invisibility Cloak to a Companion Egg form. It didn’t vanish along with that person and has been kept all this while.”

    “That means that the invisibility cloak Companion Egg fell into the Zhang family’s hands. It doesn’t make sense for the Zhang family to auction such a powerful Companion Egg, right? Does their family lack money?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled.

    “The Zhang family naturally doesn’t lack money, but the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg isn’t a real Companion Egg. It was unknown what method they used to turn the Invisibility Cloak into a Companion Egg. No one can hatch it. In the beginning, no one knew that there was a problem with the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg. The Cape family paid a huge sum of resources to get the Companion Egg back from the Zhang family. However, when they got it back, they couldn’t hatch it.

    “Later, the Invisibility Cloak exchanged a few hands a few times. Although there’s a problem, it’s a Mythical Companion Egg and has magical invisibility. Everyone wants to give it a try. Everyone thinks that they care capable of doing something others can’t, but they ultimately realize they can’t do it either. From the six families to ordinary families, it has changed multiple hands. No one has managed to hatch the Invisibility Cloak. However, don’t think of picking it up on the cheap. There are plenty of confident people, so the price will definitely be unimaginable if you want to bid on the cloak.”

    “Can my Essence Crystals be used in the auction?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Of course they can, but they’re not convenient. How about this? I’ll help you bid for the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg. After I get it, you can sell me the equivalent of Essence Crystals at market price.” An Sheng thought for a moment before saying, “The amount needed at the auction will definitely not be small. I don’t know if it will exceed your expectations, so you have to go with me. If you think it’s possible, I’ll bid. If you feel that it’s too expensive, we can just give it up.”

    “To the West District?” Zhou Wen was somewhat worried.

    “Don’t worry. I have my own arrangements. There won’t be any problems. Just treat it as a vacation. There are many famous dimensional zones in the West District where the auction is held. You can also pay them a visit when the time comes.” An Sheng could understand Zhou Wen’s worry.

    “Alright.” Zhou Wen was rather interested in the Invisibility Cloak. Furthermore, he wanted to see if the dimensional zones in the West District had the tiny palm symbols.

    If there were any tiny palm symbols, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to download a few of them. Zhou Wen was very interested in Companion Beasts that were angels, sprites, and devils.

    As he was about to leave, Zhou Wen had no choice but to place the antelope and chick at Wang Lu’s place. Zhou Wen had previously given the antelope and chick some Essence Crystals, but they weren’t interested in them at all.

    “Your trip will make you owe me more days of breakfast, right? I’m afraid lunch won’t be enough to cover the shortfall,” Wang Lu said as she looked at him.

    “Then use dinner to make up for it,” Zhou Wen said.

    “I want to lose weight. I don’t eat dinner,” Wang Lu said with a twitch of her lips.

    Although she said that, Wang Lu still took the chick. The antelope also consciously followed her; it even seemed somewhat eager.

    Clearly, it could eat better when with Wang Lu.

    This time, An Sheng personally brought Zhou Wen to the West District. Zhou Wen heard from An Sheng that the place they were heading to was a peninsula and it was very close to the sea. Not far from the peninsula were the Aegean Sea islands where there were many dimensional zones. They contained several terrifying existences.

    “Are there dimensional zones that drop angel or sprite Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked An Sheng as he sat in the car.

    An Sheng blinked and said, “Sprites are creatures that only come from the dimensional zones in the North District. Angels belong to another divine system. Do you think there will be one?”

    “Aren’t they from the same district?” Zhou Wen was somewhat alarmed. He had always felt that these two dimensional creatures belonged to the West District.

    “Of course not,” An Sheng answered with certainty.

    “Then what Companion Beasts are available at the place we are going?” Zhou Wen had no choice but to seek An Sheng’s advice.

    “Monsters, giants, pythons, etc.” An Sheng roughly explained the situation before smiling. “If you have the ability, you can kill a goddess like Athena. There might even be a Companion Egg drop. It’s said that Athena’s temple has been discovered, but it’s hard to tell if Athena is really inside.”

    “Forget about Mythical creatures. Are there more pragmatic Epic Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen knew himself. The possibility of him killing a Mythical creature was just too low.

    Now, Zhou Wen was just waiting for Tyrant Behemoth to complete its evolution. After it became a Mythical creature, Zhou Wen really had the capital to fight Mythical creatures.