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Chapter 995 - Sis-In-Law Is Boss’ Lucky Star

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 995: Sis-In-Law Is Boss’ Lucky Star

    Si Yiyan put his gun away and held onto the dragon jade pendant that Wen Xinya had given him. Ever since she gave it to him, he had been keeping it with him wherever he went.

    He thought about the time when Wen Xinya panicked at the cruel sight that took place at Duke Moville’s banquet. Back then, she found it difficult to get used to the ruthlessness of aristocrats.

    However, she changed drastically within just ten short days.

    She had the guts to aim her gun at Anatoli, publicly bring shame to Duke Moville, and even managed to avoid the attack from behind.

    She had the guts to set Avrora up and use her life as a stake, all so she could reap a huge benefit for him. She managed to keep a straight face even when Avrora was holding her at gunpoint, and she also managed to escape unscathed.

    She even had the guts to disregard Duke Moville’s authority and issue a threat in front of him. She was brave enough to destroy anyone who disrespected her man, Duke Moville included.

    Despite being set up by a cruel and relentless mastermind, she also managed to save herself.

    He could not help but be reminded of his parents. Back then, his father was playing mind games and devising strategies to deal with the aristocrats while his mother was being served by the servants in the mansion.

    Whenever his father was involved in near-death experiences, his mother would be waiting for him safely in the places where he had arranged for her to stay in.

    But what about Wen Xinya?

    Within just ten days, she accompanied him through various power struggles and bloodbaths, and she even got herself involved in a relentless scheme!

    The thought of it made him feel like he had done a terrible job.

    He felt like he was not a good man.

    Xu Xianghu rattled on. “Boss, who is the idiot who had the audacity to plot against Sis-in-law and Lucifer? Have you investigated it thoroughly? Elegance Room is our power center and yet, that person could escape scot-free. Clearly… the snitch is in close contact with him. Boss, I can’t be bothered about whether we’ll alarm them or not. They actually had the guts to lure Sis-in-law onto another man’s bed and almost…”

    Yueze screeched and interjected. “Xianghu, shut up!”

    Gu Yuehan glared daggers at Xu Xianghu, almost stabbing him.

    Si Yiyan clenched his fists tightly while holding onto the jade piece, his bulging veins intertwined in a terrifying manner. However, he still looked rather refined and kept a straight face, not allowing his emotions to show at all.

    Yueze and Gu Yuehan were both perturbed.

    Xu Xianghu had already crossed the line with his words. A man’s pride was concerned in this incident—no man would be willing to let his woman be lured onto another man’s bed and almost… Although the plan was sabotaged in the end, Si Yiyan still could not tolerate it.

    Yet, Xu Xianghu was so silly as to bring it up right in front of Si Yiyan.

    He was clearly asking for death.

    Can’t he tell that Ninth Young Master’s anger and resentment can only be appeased using blood?

    Xu Xianghu finally realized that he had said the wrong words. Staring at Si Yiyan awkwardly, he spluttered. “Boss… that… that’s not what I meant. I just couldn’t tolerate it and wanted to find those scoundrels and rip them into shreds so as to avenge Sis-in-law. I also want to assert dominance on behalf of Lucifer and warn everyone not to set us up.”

    Lucifer had been laying low for so long that many had already forgotten how powerful Lucifer truly was and how strong of a backing they had. They had forgotten how formidable and authoritative Lucifer was and how high of a status they had.

    Si Yiyan pressed his lips tightly together, exuding a menacing aura.

    Yueze frantically said, “Boss, Xianghu has always been one to run his mouth without thinking twice. He doesn’t have any other intentions. He was just worried about you and Sis-in-law. He wanted to teach the culprit a lesson and stand up for Sis-in-law.”

    Yueze’s choice of words was apt.

    Gu Yuehan chimed in. “Xianghu may have a foul mouth, but he’s just worried about Sis-in-law. That’s why he let it slip.”

    Si Yiyan looked down at the dragon pendant on his palm before questioning sternly, “What are you guys so nervous about? Did I say that he was wrong?”

    They were puzzled and appalled.

    Staring at Gu Yuehan, Si Yiyan asked, “I gave you one night to plan. How’re the preparations for Plan A going?”

    Although Xu Xianghu had a foul mouth, Si Yiyan had no choice but to admit that he was indeed telling the truth. Wen Xinya had indeed been set up and lured onto another man’s bed. She even almost got intimate with another man, something that he could not tolerate.

    Yueze and Xu Xianghu were shocked beyond words after hearing that they were finally going to carry out Plan A which had been in planning for numerous years. It turns out Si Yiyan had ordered for the news to be kept secret, so as to let the culprit let his guard down and give Gu Yuehan enough time to make preparations.

    Gu Yuehan answered, “The preparations have been completed. We’re just waiting for your orders now, Ninth Young Master.”

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “In that case, execute it! Reason being, Lucifer has been laying low for too many years and the inner system is too lax.” Si Yiyan was too infuriated by the fact that someone had plotted against Lucifer’s matriarch and hence, he planned to restructure the entire management of Lucifer.

    Yueze and Gu Yuehan were both extremely excited. Getting rid of a snitch was never something to be proud of, and it would be best to carry it out under the pretext of finding out the person who had plotted against Wen Xinya. Once the matter was settled, they would release the news of there being a snitch in Lucifer and the plan would go smoothly.

    Xu Xianghu had the most agitated reaction. “Boss, I’ve been tolerating those traitors for a long time. This time, I must find out who those dogs are and let them understand the significance behind Rex. I must avenge Sis-in-law.”

    Yueze smiled and said, “Sis-in-law has done Lucifer a great favor this time!”

    Not only did she get her hands on the document from Duke Moville, but she had also given them the chance and an appropriate reason to carry out Plan A. Besides, it was also fortunate that she was the one attacked and not another woman. Otherwise, Lucifer would have been in an intense conflict with Duke Berveld now.

    Sis-in-law is truly Lucifer’s lucky star.

    Gu Yuehan agreed with his words. Throughout his years assisting Si Yiyan, he watched Wen Xinya grow up, bit by bit. He had once doubted her competence and wondered if she was truly fit to be Si Yiyan’s woman. He also wondered if Si Yiyan would lose his willpower because of her. However, her growth and progress were shockingly drastic and, within just three years, she grew into someone who was compatible and fit enough to walk side by side with Si Yiyan. Although she was not that capable, she had commendable bravery and knowledge that was enough to command herself a ton of respect. Her scheming mind and her brilliant intelligence were not to be belittled or challenged, either.