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Chapter 354 - Your Acting Skills Are So Good That I Cannot Tell Whether You’re Acting Or No

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 354: Your Acting Skills Are So Good That I Cannot Tell Whether You’re Acting Or Not

    Everyone claimed that they wanted to stay for training when Lightning told them the news. However, Jian Qi remained quiet. She felt that it was better if she was given a holiday. At least, she would have time to deal with some other things.

    “This is an order! Everyone needs to obey it!” Lightning sounded harsh. “Now, you can go and pack up your things. We’ll send you to the station later on. You can go home and rest for three days.”

    Jian Qi returned to her hostel and started packing up her things. She did not have that many things to pack up so she merely changed her clothes.

    Leng Yu returned and saw that Jian Qi was packing up her things. She said lightly, “Enjoy yourself when you’re home. Release all the tension you have. You stress yourself out too much. It’s not good for you.”

    Jian Qi looked up with a smile. She then said, “Thank you.”

    Although Leng Yu seemed cold and distant in front of the others, she was actually a warm person.

    “It’s nothing. Why are you thanking me for that?”

    “It’s for the incident that happened at the snowy mountain the other day.” Jian Qi smiled wickedly.

    Leng Yu was stunned for a short while before she came to. It seemed like Lightning was a blabbermouth. He could not keep any secrets.

    Leng Yu smiled faintly but remained quiet.

    “I’m leaving now. I’ll see you in you three days’ time.” Jian Qi smiled at her. Then, she carried her black backpack and left.

    The six of them got into the car. Jian Qi waved her hands at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, remember to miss me.”

    Tang Jinyu scanned her without any facial expression before turning away.

    “Little Tang Tang…”

    Jian Qi called after him again. However, Tang Jinyu had already turned away and was walking away.

    The others burst into laughter.

    “Big Sister Qi, you infuriated Boss, that’s why he left.” A veteran could not help but joked about it.

    “No, he’s just shy.” Jian Qi remained calm. She smiled. “Instructor Tang is just reserved.”

    The others were silent.

    ‘Fine, the boss is shy!’

    The others were not as shameless as Jian Qi.


    Jian Qi exited the station and soon she saw Coco waiting for her. He was driving a rather stylish red sports car and he parked the car there.

    He even matched it with his red hair and red suit. He was so showy that Jian Qi wanted so badly to ignore him that she turned away from him.

    ‘Young man, do you think that you’re a red-haired kid?’

    “Baby, over here!” Coco waved his hands at her.

    Jian Qi walked toward him slowly. She appeared rather nonchalant and sloppy. Other people might see her as a gangster.

    Coco could not help but complain when he saw her. “Baby, don’t tell me that you didn’t join the army. What kind of gang did you join?”

    “How did you find out?” Jian Qi asked him with a serious facial expression.

    After that, she opened the door of the car and got into the car. She felt much more comfortable when she felt the aircon in the car.

    Coco was standing under the sun and he appeared quite taken aback.

    Then, he opened the door of the car quickly. He looked at Jian Qi in a strange manner. “Baby, I’m timid. Don’t scare me!”

    Jian Qi looked at him and raised her left hand. Then, she started talking nonsense with a serious face, “My hand was almost ruined when I got into a fight with another gang. We fought for a territory a few days ago. It was only yesterday that the bandage was removed.”

    Coco tried his best to determine whether she was telling the truth or not. He was starting to believe her when he looked at her ruffian look.

    Jian Qi realized that he had become quite worried about her. She could not help but smile. “Coco, you’re always beside Acting Emperor Qiao. How can you not tell whether I’m acting or not right now?”

    “It’s not that I can’t tell whether you’re acting or not. It’s just that your acting skills are too good!” Coco said.

    He could not see anything in her that resembled a soldier. She seemed more like a ruffian.

    He thought that he was the only one who could not keep her on the right track when she showed her true self. However, he did not know that the military would also fail to keep her on the right track even when she had joined the army.