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Chapter 996 - Sis-in-law Is Truly in Defiance

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 996: Sis-in-law Is Truly in Defiance

    Si Yiyan felt proud of his subordinates’ recognition and concern towards Wen Xinya.

    He initially brought Wen Xinya to Russia with the intention of letting her understand more about his background. Having been in a relationship with her for more than three years, he wanted her to know more about him.

    However, he did not expect that she would meet with various mishaps and end up having close shaves with death simply because she wanted to bring about more benefits to Lucifer.

    Si Yiyan leaned against the seat slowly with his slender and bony spine taut and upright. However, at this moment, it seemed like a knife that had become blunt and he began to lay back sluggishly. “I’ve already spoken to Duke Moville yesterday. He plans to use the rights to the mine as an exchange for the document.”

    Having already guessed his intentions right from the start, Gu Yuehan and his colleagues were not surprised to hear the revelation. Once Si Yiyan set his sights on something, he would be bent on obtaining it.

    Si Yiyan continued, “Currently, we’ve secured three ore mines which have just been opened and there’s room for development too. One of them is a rare cobalt ore and the other is a relatively rare magnesium ore. The larger one is a resource for iron. Gu Yuehan shall be in charge of the detailed cooperation.”

    The outcome of the negotiation was better than he had expected. Cobalt could be used to create weapons, machines, aircraft, and explosives, while magnesium was an extremely rare resource.

    Unable to hide his astonishment, Gu Yuehan said with a nod, “Rest assured, Ninth Young Master.”

    It was the best outcome they could get, and the benefits were far greater than those offered in the document.

    Even Yueze was extremely thrilled. “Duke Moville was actually willing to hand over such important ores. It’s incredible.”

    It wouldn’t be too surprising if Duke Moville only offered to give up his magnesium and iron ores. But cobalt? What is going on? Are Duke Moville’s brains fried? Or did he knock himself silly while negotiating with Ninth Young Master?

    Xu Xianghu exclaimed in awe, “Sis-in-law is impressive.”

    Xu Xianghu’s respect towards Wen Xinya was taken to another level! If it weren’t because of the document that she had obtained, they wouldn’t have been able to clinch those essential ores.

    Si Yiyan said, “Besides, your Sis-in-law rescued Duke Berveld’s youngest grandson and Duke Berveld called me last night to thank your Sis-in-law and Lucifer. He’s also willing to give us the mining right for niobium. It will last for ten years.”

    He was well aware of what actually happened last night. He was the one who stabbed Mr. Berveld and left him to fend for himself. It was not because he was afraid of Mr. Berveld, but rather, it was because he did not want Wen Xinya to shoulder the burden and consequences of the matter. However… it was never too late to seek revenge. Also, there were plenty of ways to make someone disappear.

    After listening to Si Yiyan’s explanation, Gu Yuehan and the other two had a clearer idea of what happened. They were rather impressed by the shrewd and brilliant way he had handled the matter.

    Gu Yuehan said, “Duke Berveld is willing to give us the rights to the mine, partly because he wants to thank Lucifer and your Sis-in-law for saving his grandson and also because he wants to initiate a cooperation with Lucifer. Boss, what are your thoughts on it?”

    Lucifer and Duke Berveld had always been cooperating with each other, though it was always superficial. This time, Duke Berveld had the intention to work closely with him solely in business, without getting politics involved. That was extremely beneficial to Lucifer.

    Si Yiyan answered calmly, “We’ll wait!”

    There were various meanings to his words.

    As the largest firearms dealer in Russia, Duke Moville was definitely interested in working with Si Yiyan, who owned 60% of the raw materials market. Duke Berveld had once looked him up with the intention of forging a cooperation, too. However, he was afraid that Si Yiyan would find him to be too condescending and turn him down.

    This time, Lucifer managed to assert dominance in the aristocratic circle because of Duke Moville, allowing Lucifer to exhibit the tip of the iceberg of their abilities. His grandson’s incident had also made Duke Berveld take Lucifer more seriously. Hence, he decided to forge friendly ties with Lucifer.

    Duke Berveld was the most prestigious aristocrat in Russia and hence, he knew more about Lucifer compared to the other aristocratic families. Previously, he had belittled Lucifer because they were laying low. After all, there tends to be a change in the hierarchy over time. However, the tip of the iceberg was already enough to capture Duke Berveld’s attention and make him view Lucifer in a different light. Lucifer had always been known to weigh the pros and cons of everything and remain humble despite being formidable.

    Xu Xianghu asked, “Boss, what do you mean?”

    Si Yiyan exclaimed smilingly, “It’s not enough!”

    Yueze immediately understood what he meant.

    A little confused, Xu Xianghu asked, “What’s not enough? Boss, could you not beat around the bush with me? I’m slow-witted. I’ll do a good job if you tell me to commit murder or arson instead.”

    Si Yiyan pursed his lips and remained silent.

    Yueze snorted with laughter and teased. “You’re indeed well built but simple-minded.”

    Gu Yuehan explained, “Duke Berveld may have expressed his goodwill, but he’s not sincere enough. Boss wants them to bring the benefits to us themselves.”

    Scratching his head, Xu Xianghu asked, “How could there be such a good thing?”

    Yueze smacked his head and chastised. “You’re so silly. You wouldn’t know how to execute this. Just follow Boss’ instructions.”

    Plan A was not purely a plan to eliminate the snitch. In fact, Lucifer had greater intentions. It was also a way of exhibiting Rex’s formidable political status and Lucifer’s power. It also served as a warning to others.

    Duke Berveld was enticed by the power that Lucifer had exhibited. He would probably offer them the benefits himself.

    That was Si Yiyan’s true intentions.

    Some people were well built but simple-minded and enjoyed resorting to violence to solve problems. There were also those who enjoyed using racial discrimination to mock and humiliate others. Yet, none of them could defeat Si Yiyan, who was extremely scheming and shrewd.

    Xu Xianghu nodded and exclaimed sincerely, “Oh right! We’ll never go wrong listening to Boss.”

    Xu Xianghu added in his head,

    Although Xu Xianghu was rather simple-minded, he had great awareness and knew right from the start, that he had to suck up to Wen Xinya. In fact, that was rather intelligent of him.

    How scheming!