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Chapter 407 – Torment Pagoda

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     “Miss, you say that I am a devil apostle, but what evidence do you have? I cannot shoulder such a heavy crime just because of a few words from you.” Qin Yu slowly said.

    Xiong Yuane bit her lips. As she looked at Qin Yu, her face filled with fear and hesitation.

    Wenren Dongyue coldly humphed. There was no way the Mind Inquiring Technique would be wrong, so he didn’t fear any tricks that Qin Yu might try to play. “Miss, as long as you speak the truth, I guarantee my Immortal Sect will keep you safe.”

    Qin Yu nodded. “That’s right, you might as well speak the truth.”

    It was unknown what Xiong Yuane was thinking, but she had no other choice. She clenched her teeth and said, “Some time ago I was headed somewhere and inadvertently encountered fellow daoist Qin Yu. At that time demonic energy was billowing all over him and he had started to undergo his devil transformation.”

    Wenren Dongyue frowned. Once a devil transformation began, it was impossible to reverse it. Qin Yu was still a human right now, so this proved that what Xiong Yuane saw wasn’t a devil transformation, so he naturally wasn’t a devil apostle!

    Tianyun relaxed, a smile lighting his face. If Qin Yu really was a devil apostle then his previous guarantee really couldn’t be justified.

    Compared to him, the one that felt even more relieved was Xu Wenze, the bloodline descendant of Saint Wengong. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, a look of rejoice on his face.

    In the past, the Ancestral Demon that was heavily wounded by Saint Wengong was rumored to originate from the abyss. If Qin Yu were really a devil descendant…then Xu Wenze could likely only apologize with his death.

    Yu Bai shouted, “Just because someone went through a devil transformation doesn’t mean they can’t maintain a human form. It’s best to capture him and carefully inspect him to prevent any accidents.”

    Qin Yu sarcastically said, “Fellow Immortal Sect daoist, didn’t you say that I’m the descendant of a devil? If I really am some devil avatar, then I fear that much less capturing me for inspection, your Immortal Sect wouldn’t even be able to escape.”

    “You…” Yu Bai paled.

    Wenren Dongyue stopped him from speaking further. He turned around and said, “Junior-apprentice brother Jing?”

    Shua –

    This Immortal Sect cultivator had a common-looking appearance. As he opened his eyes, a halo of light circulated around his bright pupils, as if he could pierce through all lies and untruths. “Reporting to senior-apprentice brother Wenren, this Qin Yu is not a devil apostle. He does not have the aura of a devil, but…” He hesitated for a moment and then apologetically looked at Ning Ling. “Fellow daoist Qin Yu should have cultivated the Demonic Path’s unsurpassed body tempering technique, the Undying True Demon Body. He has even reached a high level and has extremely high achievements.”

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes lit up with joy. “Junior-apprentice brother Jing, do you speak the truth?”

    The cultivator surnamed Jing looked up. “The Undying True Demon Body is extremely easy to identify. I don’t think fellow daoist Qin Yu should be lying about this matter.”

    Qin Yu nodded. “I did indeed cultivate a demonic path body tempering technique some time ago, but it was called the Demon Body.”

    Wenren Dongyue smiled. “So you were originally a foreign disciple of the Demonic Path in the outside world. Fellow daoist Qin Yu has yet to enter the Demonic Path, so it’s normal that you don’t know these things.”

    His smile became freer and calmer. He continued to say, “The Demon Body cultivation is approximately divided into Soldier, Officer, General, Commander, King, Sovereign, and Emperor – seven different levels. Depending on your degree of talent and your cultivation, each one is different. There are many people in the Demonic Path who have cultivated a Demon Body, but only those who have attained the King step Demon Body could be said to have reached a high level and can obtain the inheritance of the dark and mystical true demon, gaining all sorts of inconceivable abilities. In other words, only those at this level have the qualifications to be said to have an Undying True Demon Body.

    “Within the Demonic Path, anyone that can achieve an Undying True Demon Body can become a direct descendant, obtaining the title of Demon Son.” As he spoke to here, he looked up and glanced at the indifferent Wuma Sizhan. Indeed, this person’s eyebrow twitched and a killing intent shined in his eyes.

    Qin Yu’s heart sank. He didn’t think that Wenren Dongyue would explain the matter of the Undying True Demon Body to him out of the goodness of his heart. He feared there was some profound meaning that he didn’t know of! He looked up at Ning Ling and saw her deathly pale expression that bordered on despair and his heart trembled. He quickly grabbed onto her hands and said, “Ning Ling, what is it?”

    Before Ning Ling could reply, Wenren Dongyue shouted out, “Let her go!” His eyes were sharp and dense, “As a Demon Son of the Demonic Path, how dare you approach the direct lineage of my Immortal Sect!”

    “You shut up!” Qin Yu roared. He began to feel increasingly restless. A wild aura tumbled around his body and billowing black clouds gushed out in the skies. Wenren Dongyue had taken away the furnace that shielded out external perceptions, and now the rules of the Infinite Realm could feel the turmoil and were beginning to fluctuate once more.

    Wenren Dongyue’s pupils shrunk. If Qin Yu had entered the Land of Divinity and Demons after Ning Ling and obtained such strength in such a short period of time, the speed of his growth could be imagined!

    All around the spatial gate, people began to suck in a deep breath. As they felt Qin Yu’s raging aura, their eyes instinctually filled with awe.

    Ning Ling was stunned for a moment before she hurriedly said, “Qin Yu, hurry and stop, stop!”

    Qin Yu’s aura calmed down a little. He locked his eyes onto her and said, “Tell me, what secret is there to the Undying True Demon Body?”

    Tears fell down from Ning Ling’s eyes. Her lips moved but she had no idea what to say.

    Wenren Dongyue coldly stated, “Qin Yu, let me tell you the reason! In the Land of Divinity and Demons, both sides can live in peace. However, their direct lineages are not allowed to mix privately no matter what! Once discovered, that is equivalent to betraying the sect! That is a crime deserving death!

    “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, you know what happened to your relatives in the past, so you should know that my Immortal Sect will not tolerate this in the least. You must not harm yourself with this! Today you must sever all relations with Qin Yu and return to the sect with me. The Sect Master and fellow Elders won’t severely punish you because you were clueless about this matter. But if you don’t…no one will be able to save you!”

    Qin Yu’s heart sank. He faintly remembered Ning Ling mentioning some information from her past. Verifying it with what Wenren Dongyue said, it was easy to find the key problem here.

    Ning Ling’s mother was part of the direct lineage of the Immortal Sect, and her father was a Demon Son of the Demonic Path…because of this, her family was destroyed and broken up, and she was sent to the land of exiles and called a wicked girl.

    Qin Yu finally realized why her eyes were filled with despair. It was because what happened to her parents in the past was now happening to the two of them. Looking at her pale face, his heart filled with pain. He reached out his hands and hugged her tight, saying into her ear, “Ning Ling, don’t be afraid. What happened in the past will not repeat itself with us. Undying True Demon Body…I will strip away my demonic bloodline and discard this demonic path body tempering art.”

    Ning Ling’s eyes widened. “No! If the Demon Body is stripped away, you will turn into a cripple! After that there will be no way for you to continue cultivating! You cannot do this!”

    Qin Yu was silent for several breaths of time. Then he said, “I don’t believe that after discarding the Demon Body, I will turn into a disabled person. At most I will be weakened somewhat. At that time, I will need senior-apprentice sister Ning Ling to take care of and protect this junior-apprentice brother well.”

    Hearing the resolve in his words, Ning Ling’s heart shook and her thoughts were in chaos. In this world, besides Qin Yu, was there anyone that would go so far for her?

    In that instant, Ning Ling made a decision. “Qin Yu, I will go with you. We will leave here and forget the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path. We will spend our lives by ourselves!”

    Qin Yu laughed. “Good! Ning Ling, let’s live together, never to be separated!”

    Wenren Dongyue’s face darkened until it was like water. He never thought things would develop to this step. Qin Yu was willing to discard his Demon Body and Ning Ling was willing to abandon everything she had. You two really love each other to the extreme!

    “Ning Ling!” Wenren Dongyue shouted out, “You are of the direct lineage of the Immortal Sect, do you not know that such an act is the same as betrayal? I will not allow it! No matter what price I pay, I will kill Qin Yu here today!”

    Qin Yu’s eyes were icy cold. He didn’t place this threat in his heart at all.

    Ning Ling bowed. “This is the last time I call you senior-apprentice brother.” She straightened her body and her eyes revealed a firm decisiveness. “Wenren Dongyue, if you want to kill Qin Yu then come and kill us both!”

    Wenren Dongyue was enraged. “You…” Blue veins popped up on his fists as he clenched his hands. He turned to Wuma Sizhan and roared, “Are you Demonic Path people just going to stare on as your Demon Son cripples himself!?”

    A strange light flashed in the depth of Wuma Sizhan’s eyes. “Fellow daoist Qin Yu has yet to officially join the Demonic Path, so even if he has managed to cultivate an Undying True Demon Body, he still isn’t a Demon Son of my Demonic Path. So, whatever he wants to do, I don’t care at all.”

    Wenren Dongyue clenched his teeth. He knew that Wuma Sizhan was just going to stand by the side and act as if he didn’t care about what was happening, so he suppressed his anger and his mind started to race. Qin Yu was extremely strong and it was unknown what hidden cards he had. Even so, he was fully confident he could kill him. The key problem here was Ning Ling. Her bloodline was incredibly formidable and if she intentionally suppressed him, his strength would be greatly affected.

    But the most important point was that he didn’t want to kill Ning Ling, and he couldn’t do it even if he wanted. Because if he did, no matter what reason he had, no matter how justified he was, once he returned to the Immortal Sect he would have to withstand the unfiltered wrath of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace!

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes flashed and he suddenly said, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, if you wish to betray the Immortal Sect and live like twin birds with Qin Yu, could it be that you no longer care about that person suppressed beneath Torment Pagoda?”

    Ning Ling’s complexion changed. A look of struggle crossed her face.

    Wenren Dongyue continued to say, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, you know that I have requested that teacher plead for mercy on your behalf in front of the Council of Elders. Soon, you will be able to enter Torment Pagoda and visit that person. As long as you cultivate diligently, that person beneath Torment Pagoda will live a better, more peaceful life. In the future, if you inherit Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, you might even be able to spare that person and give her freedom. But, junior-apprentice sister, if you betray the sect and flee today, have you not thought about whether or not those Elders will vent their anger unto Torment Pagoda?”

    Ning Ling screamed, “You dare!? If you harm her I will never forgive you!”

    Wenren Dongyue didn’t show anger or happiness. The greater the reaction from Ning Ling, the better it was. “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, you should know that my Immortal Sect will not be threatened and the Elders can make any decision they believe is reasonable. I just want to caution you to not be impulsive and make a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life!”

    Ning Ling shivered and wavered.

    Qin Yu quietly said, “Ning Ling, that person beneath Torment Pagoda…”

    Ning Ling burst into tears and nodded, guilt on her face. She reached out a hand and stroked his face, saying, “Qin Yu…I’m sorry…I cannot abandon her…I’m so sorry…”

    Qin Yu’s heart was heavy but he squeezed out a smile. “I understand, so how can I blame you? It’s just that some people are too despicable.” He took a deep breath and wiped the tears from her face. “Ning Ling, return to the Immortal Sect. I will come and look for you.”

    Ning Ling’s voice trembled. “Qin Yu…”

    “Senior-apprentice sister, do you not believe me?” Qin Yu’s gaze was calm. “In the past, I promised you that I would come to the Land of Divinity and Demons and search for you. Now, I have accomplished that. My promise is still in effect. I will come and find you at the Immortal Sect as soon as I can.”

    He swept his eyes over Wenren Dongyue and the Immortal Sect disciples behind him. “At that time, no one will be able to stop us from being together!”

    Ning Ling nodded. “I believe, I believe you!” She lifted a hand and pulled off a strand of hair. “I gift this hair to junior-apprentice brother, as proof that my heart will forever be with you. I promise you that no matter how many years pass, I will wait for you…in life and in death!”

    Qin Yu received the strand of hair. His hand flashed and a jade pendant appeared in his palm. “In the past, senior-apprentice sister gave me this, and now I give it back to you. Consider this my token of love.”

    Ning Ling held onto the jade pendant and looked deeply at Qin Yu. Then, with a flash of light she flew in front of Wenren Dongyue. “Allow Qin Yu to safely leave. And, the Immortal Sect cannot harm him on their own initiative in the future, otherwise I am willing to die with him!”

    Wenren Dongyue clenched his teeth. “Fine, I agree!”

    Hum –

    Boundless spatial fluctuations erupted. The massive spatial gate had finally fully condensed. In the next moment, a vast and immeasurable aura suddenly arrived within the Infinite Realm. Endless heaven and earth spiritual energy gathered together, condensing into a phantom in the air.

    Rumble rumble –

    In the skies above, endless bolts of thunder cut across the horizon, descending like a vast waterfall of thunder and releasing an inexhaustible aura of destruction and obliteration. A massive face appeared within this waterfall of thunder, and its eyes slowly opened and stared at the phantom. Within its icy cold gaze, there was a hint of dread.