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Chapter 544 - The Golden Tree’s Secre

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 544: The Golden Tree’s Secret

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    An hour later, A’dai and A’hui flew back.

    “Master, that Gray Castle is where I found the golden tree. Let’s hurry up and bring that treasure back!” A’dai shouted excitedly. He wanted to rush in but did not dare to due to the many demonic beings in the surroundings.

    “Okay, let’s go now.” Yun Jiuge patted A’dai’s fat head, and then looked at Zi Shang to say, “Time’s up.”

    “Yes.” Zi Shang nodded and ordered Advisor Jun to assemble the human-beast hybrid elites.

    Zi Shang divided the 100 human-beast hybrid elites into two teams.

    One team was made up of the Eagle Clan, carrying the human-snake hybrids and in charge of attacking at the front line.

    The other team was of the Horse Clan members, which had turned into their original forms to carry the other human-beast hybrids as they marched towards the Gray Castle with all their might.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang sat on A’dai’s body, helping them to bulldoze any obstacles that might appear in front of them. The group of people successfully came to the edge of the Death Swamp.

    The black-colored Death Energy shrouded the whole dense forest. A faint fishy smell wafted through the muddy marshes. In the past, the human-beast hybrids would be corroded as long as they got close. But after they had awakened the Golden Light, they could finally resist the Death Energy.

    At this time, the Gray Castle was closely surrounded by countless human-beast hybrid puppets on the flat grounds of the swamp. The gate was chock full of black demonic beasts, which completely blocked it.

    “Stay in place and wait for my signal,” Zi Shang commanded Advisor Jun.

    “Yes.” Advisor Jun nodded and began to organize the soldiers to be stationed in place, waiting for the attack.

    “Let Little Grass and Feifei out,” Zi Shang said to Yun Jiuge. These two little guys were the main force to blow up the Gray Castle.

    Yun Jiuge released Feifei and Little Grass accordingly.

    The little black-and-white butterfly’s eyes instantly lit up upon smelling the Death Energy in front of her. It had recently fallen in love with the work of converting Death Energy.

    Little Grass’ face drooped and looked somewhat wan. It had been badly scarred by Qiu Sen earlier and had not regained its composure.

    Eyeball poked its head out from its pocket. It wanted to withdraw but was pulled out by Yun Jiuge.

    “Have you ever been here before?” Yun Jiuge pointed to the Gray castle and asked.

    “Yes, I’ve been here. Nangong Yue built a demonic pool underground to nurture us,” Eyeball answered honestly.

    “Have you ever seen a big golden shining tree in there?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “No, we were thrown out to work as soon as we were born,” Eyeball said.

    “Asking him these things is a waste of time. You’d better quickly sort out these irksome guys,” Zi Shang said to Yun Jiuge. “When you take Feifei to the gate to convert the Death Energy, Little Grass and I will be responsible for eliminating the demonic beings.”

    “Okay.” Yun Jiuge put Eyeball back into Little Grass’ pocket. Feifei landed on her shoulder.

    Little Grass also lifted its spirit to go to Zi Shang’s side.

    “Ow, what about me?” A’dai asked.

    “You’ll stay outside to provide support. As soon as you see the Gray Castle change color, let Advisor Jun lead people to charge in,” Zi Shang said.

    “Ow, I’ll make sure to get the job done.” A’dai lifted his chubby chest and flew up.

    “Let’s go.” Zi Shang took Little Grass to take the lead to fly towards the Gray Castle.

    The two of them had just entered the range of the flat ground when the originally motionless and quiet human-beast hybrid puppets instantly came to life. Arrows shot at them from everywhere. Black colored demonic beings drove gray-colored dead tree vines to seal their way.

    Zi Shang conjured up his snake tail and gave a powerful whip to simultaneously smash countless demonic beast puppets.

    Little Grass raised its small hands high and the black Demon Qi turned into a big hammer to crush those little demonic beasts into pieces.

    “Feifei, go!” Yun Jiuge brought Feifei through the cracks forged by Zi Shang and the others to arrive at the roof of the Gray Castle.

    Feifei immediately flapped its wings. The black colored Death Energy was immediately transformed into white colored Life Energy, which turned the Gray Castle’s roof white.

    The demonic beasts felt a great sense of crisis and the dead tree vines immediately turned toward Yun Jiuge.

    At this time, A’dai saw the Gray Castle change color, so he immediately flew to Advisor Jun and shouted, “We can attack now.”

    “Charge!” Advisor Jun changed into his original form straightaway as a slender black eagle to take the lead in attacking the Gray Castle.

    The other human-beast hybrids also transformed into various animal forms and roared into the Gray Castle to start killing.

    The human-beast hybrid puppets and demonic beasts, who were attacking in succession, were struck dumb by the sudden attack.

    Their attacks became chaotic. A crack finally appeared in the tightly cordoned off gate.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang took the opportunity to charge over and finally pushed open the gate to rush into the Gray Castle.

    The defense inside the Gray Castle was sparse. The two of them drove straight inside and quickly came before the huge stone door.

    “Beware of that demon soul’s sneak attack inside,” Yun Jiuge warned.

    “It wasn’t my match when it possessed a body. It’s even less likely so now.” Zi Shang put his hand on the door and pushed it open without any concern.

    The room behind the stone door was dark and eerily quiet.

    The walls were filled with countless iron cages, which were empty. Only the hairs and blood on the ground showed that there had once been countless human-beast hybrids with the Golden Light.

    Zi Shang went over to take a look and said, “Those human-beast hybrids with the Golden Light were likely devoured by that demon soul.”

    Yun Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye to search around and found no traces of the demon soul. But she found fluctuations in the shield of one wall.

    “The Universal Pure Trinity Formation — Ziyun Sect’s signature formation,” Zi Shang said after a closer look.

    “It must have been set up by Nangong Yue. Step aside, I’ll crack it.” Yun Jiuge found the Spiritual Stone, which set up the shield. She let out the Moon Spirit Silk Thread to go through the wall to devour the Spiritual Stone.

    When the Spiritual Power was exhausted, the walls collapsed from the blast, and a wide space was revealed.

    It was empty insidem and there was a dried-up black pool on the left side. A big hole was dead center in the middle of the ground. It was as if something had been uprooted.

    “That’s the demonic pool that gave birth to us,” Eyeball floated out of Feifei’s pocket and said, pointing to the dried-up pool.

    “What about this?” Yun Jiuge took a swipe of the earth inside the big hole and put it to the tip of her nose. She could immediately smell a familiar scent of Holy Power. The golden tree which A’dai mentioned must have been planted here.

    “I don’t know about that. The demonic pool which we grew up with had a shield. We basically couldn’t see what was going on outside,” Eyeball blinked and said.

    “You’re lying,” said Yun Jiuge. She picked it up and said with narrowed eyes, “You said before that when you were born, the demonic pool had an accident and that was why you mutated. Is this accident related to the things in the hole?”

    Eyeball was shocked. It did not think that Yun Jiuge would guess so accurately.

    “You can still live if you answer honestly. But if you’re playing tricks, I’ll stuff you inside the demonic pool and make you re-enter the world again,” Yun Jiuge coldly said.

    “I’ll speak, I’ll speak,” Eyeball immediately answered honestly. It said, “Actually, I don’t know how it happened at the time. The shield suddenly shook and an immensely powerful presence floated in. It was then eaten by me.”

    “And then?” Yun Jiuge raised her eyebrows.

    “Next, I saw a person seemingly sealed inside the shining golden tree,” Eyeball braced itself to say.

    “Was it a man or a woman? What did it look like? How old was it?” asked Yun Jiuge, who squeezed Eyeball and fired a series of questions.