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Chapter 545 - Saving Nangong Li And Baili Moyun

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 545: Saving Nangong Li And Baili Moyun

    “I don’t know. I only caught a glimpse and it returned to normal before I could see the shield clearly.” Eyeball felt really hard pressed. If it had known earlier that being smart would end up like this, it would rather go through life muddleheadedly.

    “Are you sure there’s a person sealed inside the golden tree?” Yun Jiuge urgently pressed for answers again.

    “I’m also not sure. I vaguely saw a person,” replied Eyeball, who felt that it was about to burst from Yun Jiuge’s grip.

    “You’d better calm down.” Zi Shang held down Yun Jiuge’s shoulders and took Eyeball out of her palm. Then he tossed it to Little Grass.

    “Don’t cry, Ball-ball,” Little Grass immediately comforted poor Eyeball.

    “Waa, waa, waa, little master.” Eyeball felt that Little Grass was simply as lovely as Fuwa.

    “Pat, pat.” Little Grass reached out a small hand to touch Eyeball, smearing saliva all over its face.

    Eyeball suddenly felt there was nothing left to live for in life and wormed back into Little Grass’s pocket.

    “The person sealed within the golden tree was probably Li Wei. Before I reincarnated, I asked him to help me protect the Holy Essence,” Yun Jiuge excitedly said.

    She had wondered how the Golden Light in this Secret Realm could have matched her Holy Power. It turned out that it was created by her Holy Essence.

    “You actually let him safeguard the Holy Essence?” Zi Shang asked and frowned. The Holy Essence was Yun Jiuge’s trademark as the Goddess. Even he had not touched it before.

    “The situation was urgent at the time. When I discovered the clue about the Great Catastrophe, I only had time to seal the Holy Essence and give it to Li Wei,” Yun Jiuge said helplessly.

    It was probably the fact that she had taken out the Holy Essence in a hurry which led to problems arising during her reincarnation.

    “Weren’t you afraid of Li Wei doing bad things with your Holy Essence?” asked Zi Shang. He did not doubt Li Wei’s loyalty, but the Holy Essence was too important. Even he could not guarantee that he would not be tempted.

    “I also made a seal on top of the Holy Essence. No one can open it or use it except me.” If Yun Jiuge had not left a card up her sleeve, it would not have been possible to hand it over easily to others.

    “Can you feel where the Holy Essence is now?” Zi Shang asked.

    “No,” replied Yun Jiuge helplessly. If Eyeball had not reminded her, she could not even sense any trace of the Holy Essence.

    “Could there be something wrong?” asked Zi Shang, who was even more nervous than Yun Jiuge.

    “No, it should be related to the clue of the Great Catastrophe sealed by the Holy Essence.” The Holy Essence was something that came from within her Holy Soul. If there was really a problem, she would be able to detect it.

    “The soil here is still fresh. Nangong Yue and the others couldn’t have gone far yet. If we search now, we can still find clues,” Zi Shang said while he crouched in the big hole and searched carefully.

    “Then let’s hurry and get out of here.” Yun Jiuge was about to leave but Feifei flapped its wings toward the demonic pool above and said with a puzzled face, “Why is there Life Energy underneath?” Could it be that there was another creature besides it creating Life Energy?

    “Open it and take a look.” Yun Jiuge turned around and came next to the demonic pool. Together with Zi Shang, they hollowed out the demonic pool.

    Under the demonic pool they only saw two ice coffins, in which Nangong Li and Baili Moyun were lying inside.

    Zi Shang carried the two ice coffins up and unraveled the seal on top to take them out.

    Yun Jiuge went up to check them and found that their bodies were fine. There was no Demon Qi in their bodies. Only their Cognitive was imprisoned.

    “Be careful,” said Zi Shang, who stopped Yun Jiuge’s hand from reaching out to check. Then he gently drew apart the hair of Nangong Li and Baili Moyun.

    All over their scalps they had silver needles which fettered their Cognitive. They were flashing with a strange light.

    “Netherworld Sealing Spiritual Needles,” Yun Jiuge blurted out.

    This type of formation was extremely vicious. The soul of the person struck by this formation would be transformed into nutrients to nourish the body. It was a move often used by demonic clans during soul possession.

    “It looks like the bodies of these two boys have been reserved.” Zi Shang thought of Qiu Sen, whose soul was possessed and had perhaps died from this formation.

    “Protect me while I take these silver needles off.” Getting rid of the Netherworld Sealing Spiritual Needles was meticulous. They had to be removed one by one, in accordance with the order of how the needle was applied. Otherwise, the soul would be destroyed.

    Fortunately, Yun Jiuge was remarkably familiar with this formation. By using her Spiritual Eye to check, she successfully took down those silver needles.

    However, Nangong Li and Baili Moyun had been imprisoned for a long time, so their souls were very weak. It would be difficult for them to open their eyes again without getting the nourishment of Spiritual Energy.

    Yun Jiuge poured a few Spiritual Pills into their mouths. But the result was not palpable. The effect of the Spirit Restricting Area was too strong.

    “Give him one of the human-rabbit hybrid’s blood carrot to try,” Zi Shang said at the side.

    “Oh right, I almost forgot about this treasure,” answered Yun Jiuge. She took out the human-rabbit hybrid clan’s blood carrot and ground it into powder form to stuff into the mouths of the two.

    Nangong Li and Baili Moyun subconsciously swallowed it. Their dark souls were nourished by the Spiritual Energy and started glowing until they slowly opened their eyes in the end.

    “Miss Yun.” Nangong Li’s voice was very hoarse, as if he had not spoken for a long time.

    “Where is this?” Baili Moyun shook his head and was somewhat confused.

    “This is Nangong Yue’s base. Your Cognitive had been sealed with Netherworld Sealing Spiritual Needles by someone. You almost became cauldrons,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “She, she’s not Nangong Yue,” Nangong Li gasped hard and retorted in agitation.

    “Who is she if not Nangong Yue? Why did you leave us and enter the Secret Realm yourselves while we were at Shiwan Grand Mountain?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “I don’t know who she is either. While we were at Shiwan Grand Mountain, she bewitched Qiu Sen to tie both of us up and then abandoned you to enter the Secret Realm,” replied Nangong Li, with his emotions calming down gradually. He also spoke more coherently.

    At the time, after Nangong Yue and Qiu Sen disappeared together, the Ziyun Sect Leader used the secret technique to summon her soul back.

    Nangong Yue’s soul informed them that not only were there many heavenly treasures in the Chaotic Secret Realm, but also, the indigenous human-beast hybrids in there who were born with strong vitality could be refined into top grade Vitality Pills.

    The Ziyun Sect Leader was no longer young. He was always worried about the day when his life was near its end. The moment he heard the words of Nangong Yue’s soul, he was determined to enter this Secret Realm.

    Their Ziyun Sect had been preparing for many years and waiting for Qiu Sen to rediscover the treasure map to enter the Secret Realm.

    They did not expect the news of the Chaotic Secret Realm to be leaked at the time. Moreover, someone had discovered another channel to enter the Secret Realm. However, only those with Golden Core Cultivation and above could enter.

    Ziyun Sect decided to prepare a two-prong plan when they received the message.

    On one hand, they would let Nangong Li bring along the soul of Nangong Yue and follow Qiu Sen into the Secret Realm.

    On the other, the Golden Core Cultivators from the sect would lead others and enter through the other channel.

    Baili Moyun had also followed and entered by accident.

    “That soul was not my aunt, Nangong Yue. The moment she entered the Secret Realm, she used the pretext of helping Qiu Sen to lift the seal but gave Qiu Sen’s body to a demonic soul which emerged from nowhere. She even sealed us too,” explained Nangong Li with bone-chilling hatred emanating out of his eyes.

    “That’s right. Miss Yun, before I was sealed, I heard that they had arrested all the Golden Core Cultivators, ready to use their blood sacrifice to unlock a seal. You’d better hurry up to save them. You must not let Nangong Yue’s plot succeed,” Baili Moyun hurriedly said.