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Chapter 546 - Finding Nangong Yue

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 546: Finding Nangong Yue

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    "It seems that everything is a trap set up by Nangong Yue. She's been planning for a long time." It was likely that Nangong Yue and Qiu Sen were taken control of by demonic souls the moment they entered this Secret Realm.

    "Nangong Yue and the others must either be aiming for your Holy Essence or going after the Revelation of the Catastrophe. We've to find them as soon as possible," said Zi Shang, feeling ill at ease. Although Yun Jiuge vowed that other people could not unlock her seal, Nangong Yue's origins were peculiar. Who could be absolutely certain that the seal was secure?

    "Let A'dai and Advisor Jun go investigate immediately. Hopefully, we can still track down clues of their departure." However, Yun Jiuge felt it was an exceedingly difficult task, because Nangong Yue was an extremely cautious person.

    "Miss Yun, before I was sealed, I had instructed Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying to watch them. You should be able to find Nangong Yue as long as you find them," said Baili Moyun, who forcefully propped his body up to stand. He felt very dizzy after being sealed for so long.

    Nangong Li's face was deathly pale, and he was also very weak. He almost fell on Little Grass when he got up.

    It was Little Grass who supported him in time with Demonic Power so that he did not fall to the ground.

    "Did instructing them to watch Nangong Yue work for you?" asked Yun Jiuge. The level of Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying was extremely low. How could Nangong Yue not discover this?

    "The two of them had awakened new abilities after they entered the Secret Realm. They could absorb Death Energy to wrap their bodies and not be discovered. Furthermore, Nangong Yue had never taken them seriously, so they were able to hide very successfully," Nangong Li explained with a hoarse voice.

    "That's right. Our Cultivation is only at Foundation Establishment Stage. Nangong Yue was very lax with us from the beginning. She even treated us as companions in front of the human-wolf hybrids.

    We originally wanted to endure silently and find another chance to escape, but Nangong Yue was too vicious. She actually made use of the human-beast hybrids' food to spread the Demon Qi, wanting to turn their pregnant women into demonic beings. We couldn't help arguing with her about it for a while until we were sealed in the crystal coffins by her."

    Baili Moyun sighed. It was all his fault for being too impulsive.

    "Feifei, can you summon Xiao Ying and Xiao Tao?" Yun Jiuge lowered her head to ask Feifei. Its original body was the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect, which functioned as a powerful control over all the Legendary Venomous Insects in the world.

    "I'll give it a try." Feifei stopped on Yun Jiuge's shoulders and closed its eyes to feel carefully. Very soon, it found familiar movements.

    "They're in the east direction, not far from us," said Feifei as it opened its eyes.

    "Let's go." Zi Shang immediately turned around to leave at once.

    Yun Jiuge took Little Grass and was about to leave when she saw Nangong Li and Baili Moyun looking like they were on the verge of collapsing. She gave them another two blood carrots and said, "This can supplement the Spiritual Energy. You take a rest first. I'll send for people to pick you up later."

    "Yes." Baili Moyun and Nangong Li knew that they would only slow them down if they followed, so they did not try to act brave.

    Yun Jiuge quickly left with Little Grass and saw Zi Shang at the entrance talking to Advisor Jun. Upon seeing them he spoke, "I've already instructed Advisor Jun to take care of Nangong Li and Baili Moyun. The remaining matters will be handed to them. We've to hurry up and chase Nangong Yue."

    "Ow ow ow! I'm ready," A'dai cried out next to them.

    "Okay." Yun Jiuge nodded and then sat on A'dai's back together with Zi Shang and Little Grass. The group of them headed toward the direction in the east.

    Feifei had its eyes closed all this time during the search for the presence of Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying. It also gave them directions.

    After flying for about an hour, Yun Jiuge suddenly felt that this scene looked a little familiar.

    "This is the landing point where we first got to the Secret Realm," said Zi Shang whose memory ability was stronger than that of Yun Jiuge's. He pointed to a small hillside in front and said, "That was where we met the human-leopard hybrid and Lizard-like therianthrope."

    "Yes, that's it." Yun Jiuge also recalled. Was there some purpose unfulfilled for Nangong Yue to transfer here?

    "Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying are right in front." Feifei directed A'dai to fly forward for about ten minutes before they saw an endless Dead Tree Forest, looking like a pale gray sea amidst the black and brown colored wasteland.

    "They're right there," Feifei said, pointing to the Dead Tree Forest.

    Yun Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye to observe the Dead Tree Forest and found nothing except for an area of black colored Death Energy.

    "Eyeball, what do you see?" Yun Jiuge took Eyeball out of Little Grass's pocket.

    "Something smells good," replied Eyeball, who looked at the Dead Tree Forest below with a dazed look. It appeared as if it could not control itself as it said, "I smell the scent of the demonic pool. Nangong Yue must have built a demonic pool down there."

    "Do you have a way to get us in?" Yun Jiuge did not want to inadvertently alert the enemies. It was best to sneak in to scope out the situation.

    "Yes, there are a lot of demonic beings in this Dead Tree Forest. You can cover up your presence as long as you catch them and put them on your bodies. But you must give me the demonic pool once you defeat Nangong Yue," Eyeball coldly cited its conditions.

    "What are you going to do with the demonic pool?" Yun Jiuge looked at it with suspicion.

    "The demonic pool is the source of my strength. I can improve my ability if I can absorb it." Eyeball appeared to be itching to get on with it.

    "Deal." Yun Jiuge felt quite an affection for this clever and tactful little demonic being. With good training, it could act as a pet for Little Grass later.

    "But this fat eagle cannot follow us in." Eyeball gave A'dai a disdainful look and said, "A stupid human-beast hybrid who cannot speak properly will only destroy the plan."

    "Ow!" A'dai felt that he had been cast off and immediately roared in anger. It wished it could fire a round of fireballs at Eyeball.

    "Alright, A'dai, it's okay if you stay outside to provide support," said Yun Jiuge. She patted A'dai's head, and then gave him a few Spiritual Pills.

    A'dai immediately shut up in satisfaction.

    "Come with me." A ball of light shone from Eyeball's red colored pupil into the forest. A dozen of black colored demonic beings were attracted by it and finally knocked unconscious.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang jumped from A'dai's body into the Dead Tree Forest.

    The light in the Dead Tree Forest was dim and a fishy odor assailed their noses. The demonic beings which fell to the ground had odd shapes, looking like a human being's hands, legs, noses, mouths and other organs.

    Yun Jiuge took out two cloth bags to put the black colored demonic beings into them and handed one bag to Zi Shang.

    "Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying are over there." Feifei crouched on Yun Jiuge's shoulder while its white wing pointed to the center of the forest.

    "Demon Qi is at its strongest over at that place, so the demonic pool must be there too," said Eyeball, who was overly excited, as if it had smelled the scent of Demon Qi.

    "Smells so good!" Little Grass also excitedly clapped its small hands. Demon Qi was also very nourishing to it.

    "I'll share half with you when I find it," Eyeball said generously.

    "Half, half." Little Grass also did not mind.

    "Little Grass, be good. Rest first." Yun Jiuge put Little Grass back into the Magic Cauldron and then used Moon Spirit Silk Thread to tie Eyeball.

    "We're already so familiar with each other. Why do you still need to use this thing?!" Eyeball was very distressed.

    "You're a prisoner until you enter into a contract with me," said Yun Jiuge, unwilling to trust this guy so easily.

    "Fine!" Eyeball also knew that words were useless. It could only obediently drift forward.