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Chapter 547 - The Truth Behind Eyeball’s Betrayal

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 547: The Truth Behind Eyeball’s Betrayal

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang followed behind it. Dead tree vines appeared to have identified them as its own people and intuitively gave way to them.

    They arrived unobstructed at the middle of the forest and saw a massive dead tree. Its thick and large trunk required at least a dozen people to link hands to be able to encircle it.

    "Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying are inside this tree," Feifei said with certainty.

    "The demonic pool is also below." Eyeball eagerly stuck in front of the dead tree and let the Demon Qi imbue it.

    The pale gray bark cracked, revealing a narrow gap.

    It was darkness inside, and there was a pale green staircase that extended down with no end.

    Eyeball was about to dash inside, but was pulled back by Yun Jiuge who said, "Aren't you afraid of traps inside by going in like this?"

    "Even if there are traps, they're not targeted at me. Why don't you let me go inside first to help you explore the situation?" replied Eyeball, who blinked with its pale gray eyelid while his pupil revealed a complicated glint of struggle and chagrin.

    Yun Jiuge narrowed her eyes. This guy was acting a little strange. Perhaps it would go in and not come out.

    Unfortunately, this Spirit Restricting Area forbade the use of Spiritual Power. She could not sign a contract with Eyeball even if she wanted to.

    Little Grass was still a child and could easily fall into a trap while using Demon Qi to sign a contract with Eyeball. Because Yun Jiuge could not enter Little Grass's Cognitive to operate, she would not be able to detect anything even if it were deceived.

    "So, what do you want to do? The presence of these demon beings lose its effectiveness if they are unconscious for too long," Eyeball said helplessly.

    Yun Jiuge really could not think of a good way and could only look to Zi Shang.

    "We'll go in together and get it done quickly." Zi Shang's felt a sense of heaviness at the thought of Yun Jiuge's Holy Essence being locked underneath the big tree.

    If something were to happen to the Holy Essence, Yun Jiuge would not be able to restore the identity of a Goddess in this life. He could not protect her for a lifetime.

    "Okay!" Although Yun Jiuge felt that doing this was rather reckless, she could not find a better solution.

    It was too late now to convene the human-beast hybrids with the Golden Light to join this attack. Perhaps Nangong Yue would take advantage of this effort to escape.

    She might as well break in to check out the situation. Her Holy Power had almost recovered now, so she was still confident of being able to escape.

    "You've made the right choice." Eyeball eagerly drifted forward.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang followed it into the dark interior of the tree, trailing the green spiral staircase downwards.

    The pale gray bark fused together silently. The endless Dead Tree Forest shrank inwards like a retreating low tide. Everything was concentrated on the tree, and then disappeared.

    The black and brown wasteland was empty, as if there had never been such a large forest of dead trees.

    Although Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang did not discover this anomaly, once they entered the space in the dead tree they lit a fireball as a caution to look down.

    They only saw that the Forbidden Grounds under the spiral staircase was a flat ground. A faint golden light could be seen flashing.

    "It's the golden tree. I can sense the Holy Essence," Yun Jiuge excitedly said.

    "Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying are right next to the golden tree. I see them." Feifei flapped its wings and flew ahead eagerly but was caught back by Yun Jiuge who said, "Don't act lightly. Here lies the enemy's lair."

    "Can we jump down from here?" asked Zi Shang. He looked at the distance between the spiral staircase and the ground as he seriously pondered the possibility.

    "No, you may alert Nangong Yue if you jump down," Eyeball suddenly interjected.

    "We've been inside here for so long. Why hasn't Nangong Yue discovered anything yet? Is it possible that she would leave the golden tree down there and not send anyone to guard it?" Zi Shang gripped Eyeball and raised it in front of him.

    "Maybe she's busy with other matters, like dealing with a dozen of the Golden Core Cultivators, so she's not here," Eyeball said.

    "It seems like you know Nangong Yue very well," said Zi Shang with the corners of his mouth ticking up. But the smile did not reach his eyes at all.

    "That's just my guess. If you don't think it's right, that's fine," retorted Eyeball, who could not help turning bloodshot. It was visibly agitated now.

    "Stop acting. You've completed your task by luring us here. Why don't you call Nangong Yue out now to get your reward?" said Zi Shang, increasing the strength in his thumb. He had an icy expression, as if he was going to squeeze Eyeball till it popped on the spot.

    "Don't kill me. I didn't mean to harm you on purpose," Eyeball screamed.

    "You didn't do it on purpose, but you had the intention," replied Yun Jiuge. She sighed and said, "I'm so disappointed in you. I liked you very much in the first place." This little demonic being was lying from start to finish, so there was no need to keep it anymore.

    "I didn't want to, but Nangong Yue put a Restricting Curse on me. If I don't listen to her, I'll be killed immediately," Eyeball said pitifully.

    "Didn't you say you weren't controlled by Nangong Yue before?" Yun Jiuge did not believe its deceitful words.

    "She really couldn't control me before. I was only under control after digging out those two people under the Gray Castle."

    Eyeball's pupil showed complete despair as it revealed everything, "When you were talking to Baili Moyun, Nangong Li secretly placed me under a Prohibition Spell. I wanted to tell you, but I basically had no way to say it out loud. The Prohibition Spell was only released after we entered here."

    "What are you saying? There's a problem with Nangong Li?" Yun Jiuge widened her eyes in disbelief. She had never thought in a million years that it would be this reason.

    "Yes, that's right. You can ask Nangong Yue if you don't believe me. She's right down there." Eyeball's voice had just faded when the dark space began to light up with countless balls of bright light from the bottom, dispelling the darkness to reveal the real facade of the space.

    Nangong Yue stood in the open space at the bottom of the spiral staircase. She was wearing a gold dress and her hair was tied in a high bun. Her eyebrows had an air of haughtiness. She did not look like a young girl but more like a young mistress.

    "Nangong Yue — Nangong Li is also one of your men?" Yun Jiuge said as she recalled how Nangong Li had changed into Wanli Mingxuan's appearance in the past.

    A person could not easily become two different people unless their bodies held two different souls.

    That Wanli Mingxuan could possibly be the mysterious demonic soul.

    "That's right." Nangong Yue smiled and said, "Originally I wanted to leave him by your side as a hidden pawn. I didn't expect all of you to be so easily fooled, which has saved me a lot of effort."

    "Lord Nangong, I've already brought them here according to your orders. Please lift the prohibition on me!" Eyeball immediately begged.

    "Seeing how loyal you are toward me, I'll certainly help release you," Nangong Yue said. The palm of her hand shot out in a grabbing manner in Zi Shang's direction but came up empty.

    Yun Jiuge could feel a powerful force of the same sect and origin as Eyeball striking. However, it was not to help Eyeball lift the curse but to destroy it.

    She did not want Eyeball to die immediately, so she threw it into the Magic Cauldron.

    Zi Shang then raised his hand to break up Nangong Yue's force.

    "Tsk, I've heard that the Goddess is kind-hearted and respects equality of all living things. I didn't think that she could even forgive a traitor," said Nangong Yue with a sarcastic smile on her face after she failed to destroy Eyeball.