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Chapter 241 - The Summer Queen (6)

Second Life Ranker
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    “90%? That was a load of bullshit.”

    Yeon-woo snorted at himself for thinking that if the Martial King ‘helped’ him, he would be able to catch the Summer Queen. Help? Who? The Martial King?

    It was the opposite.

    Rather, it would be a relief if Yeon-woo wasn’t a nuisance.

    Even though she was injured, the Summer Queen was still the Summer Queen.

    She was the last dragon, as well as the absolute ruler of the Tower for the last thousand years.

    Catching someone like that was a load of bullshit.

    Even if he joined the Martial King and the Summer Queen’s fight, he would be injured in the fight of beasts.

    But still, Yeon-woo was a bit envious.

    ‘That fight… supposed to be my fight.’

    The Martial King had stepped up to help his disciple. It was because he knew how foolish his disciple was. That was why he stepped up instead of Yeon-woo, and he was walking the dangerous path with his life at stake.

    Despite being in this situation, Yeon-woo didn’t like the Martial King’s help, and he just felt extremely competitive at that moment.

    However, he didn’t hide these thoughts.

    He also wanted to join in on that fight. It was just a 1% chance, not 10%, but he was confident he could end the Summer Queen.

    Even if the Summer Queen roared and used her power, she couldn’t compare to Agares, who had made the entire stage go dark, or Hermes, who had eaten up a demon.

    Furthermore, the Summer Queen was someone who ripped an arm away from his brother’s body.

    He had to pay her back for that. Poisoning by Devil Poison? That wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

    […..Yeah. That’s it. Very good.]

    Rmmmm, rmm—

    The powers of a full member of the Draconic species were equivalent to a god’s, and fighting against a god or demon was insane. Still, Yeon-woo had blown a punch to Agares.

    So why couldn’t he do it now?

    […..Quick. Your prey is there. Isn’t it?]

    Just then, the Philosopher’s stone vibrated. It whispered sweetly in his ear from his heart.

    Usually, it didn’t move much, but it always activated in times like this. It was obviously a trick to lead him into danger, but…..

    ‘Ahhh, so we can see eye to eye sometimes.’

    Yeon-woo smirked. Although it was only the remnants of the Demonism of Agares, it was still a part of his personality.

    Yeon-woo stretched his hand out mid-air.

    [You have chosen the reward ‘Opening of Intrenian.’ You can earn 5 items from what is on the list.]

    [What will you choose?]

    [Reward List]

    Fenghuang’s Egg

    Prometheus’s Fire

    King’s Festival


    They were the rewards from the quest that the Summer Queen had given him.

    Even though the important treasures were taken, all the items on the list were still outstanding.

    Of those, there was something Yeon-woo wanted.

    As he chose his rewards, he had a thought.

    ‘Breaking the Summer Queen’s head with a reward she gave me? I’m curious what kind of face she’ll make.’

    He could see his teacher jumping up and down in anger because he bothered them.

    ‘Well. He’ll just take it as his disciple being cute. Since a disciple takes after their teacher.’

    Convincing himself with nonsense,


    ‘The last attack—’

    Yeon-woo lifted the items he touched.

    ‘—goes to whoever can do it.’

    [You have chosen the ‘Yaltabao Safe’ as your reward.]


    The voice of the Demonism cracked.

    [Yaltabao Safe]

    Category: Miscellaneous

    Rank: A+

    Summary: A safe that the mysterious merchant Yaltabao created. It’s much purer than most safes, but it’s popular because of its conductivity for magic power.

    Where was he going to use this?

    The Demonism wanted to scream. However, regardless of what it thought, Yeon-woo chose the same reward again.

    [You have chosen the ‘Yaltabao Safe’ as your reward.]

    [You have chosen the ‘Yaltabao Safe’ as your reward.]


    Yaltabao Safe.

    It was a priceless item in the Tower. It was also used as a type of currency inside the Tower.

    It was true that it was a rare item to get. However, it definitely fell short for a reward for a quest that the Red Dragon gave.

    He chose things like this instead of Fenghuang’s Egg or Prometheus’s Fire. The Demonism shouted furiously.

    […..What are you doing?! Just what!]

    “Fun things.”

    Yeon-woo grinned. And also, he was able to be sure of one thing. The Demonism was another form of him, but it couldn’t read his mind. It was clear it wasn’t able to see what he was doing.

    If it was a method that the Demonism couldn’t guess, then it was a sure way.

    […..Sure. I’m sure you’ll do well. I can even look forward to it. That dragon. You have to get it in your hands.]

    The Demonism muttered unsatisfactorily, then disappeared, licking his lips.

    Every time it saw the Summer Queen, it looked forward to how she would taste. Also, it was the last dragon in the Tower. It would be a delicacy.

    ‘Although I won’t do what you want me to.’

    Yeon-woo smirked at the Demonism and collected all the Yaltabao Safes. Obviously, he wouldn’t be able to crush the Summer Queen to death using the safes.

    He used Blink to get to somewhere he had found with his Extrasensory Perception. It was a place separated from the battlefield.

    “W-What’s this?!”

    Atran jumped in surprise when Yeon-woo suddenly popped up in front of him.

    The Ice King and Twice reflectively pulled their swords out, but they were flicked away by a wall they couldn’t see. It was a barrier Boo had activated inside a shadow.

    Suddenly, the Ice King and Twice’s eyes widened. They had swung their swords in a rush, but it couldn’t have been deflected this easily. A word flashed in their heads.


    But they didn’t attack the unknown person. They had never seen him, but they immediately recognized who it was.

    There was only one person with a black mask skilled enough to attack them. The Hoarder.

    “You, how did you…..?”

    Atran hid behind ‘Turn’ thinking that Red Dragon had sent an assassin, and his eyes widened when he saw Yeon-woo.

    “It’s been a while.”

    When Yeon-woo greeted him, Atran’s eyes enlarged, then narrowed again.

    “Yeah. It was you! Shit! So that’s what happened!”

    When Atran heard Yeon-woo’s voice, he realized what had happened.

    Yeon-woo grinned.

    “You catch on quickly.”

    “That’s what I do! Shit! I was scammed by a player again!”

    Atran cursed. It was his rule to also speak politely to others, but he became super angry seeing Yeon-woo.

    The sudden appearance of Yeon-woo. A voice he heard from somewhere. A familiar attitude. He wasn’t a fool.

    He ground his teeth thinking of what happened in the Tutorial. This time, Yeon-woo had completely pushed him to the edge.

    “Why did you come here now, of all times? To mock me? Or to look at a bankrupt merchant?”

    The Ice King and Twice looked amusedly at Atran and Yeon-woo.

    They didn’t know what their relationship was, but it was funny that only Atran had enmity towards Yeon-woo. The Atran they knew wasn’t someone who’s poker face fell apart that easily.

    ‘Turn’ put his sword back into his sheath and moved aside. But still loyal to his duty, he continued to observe Yeon-woo.

    His gaze was sharp.

    [Let’s talk later. Nocturn. No, should I call you brother?]


    ‘Turn.’ The Martial King’s second disciple glared at him and shook his head, as if he were telling him to do whatever he wanted.

    Yeon-woo looked at Nocturn calmly. The second disciple who had left the Martial King, saying it wasn’t the path for him. He was the same as the shadow he saw on the 21st floor. He didn’t know that he would see him here.

    Also, even the Ice King was next to Atran. He didn’t know the mercenary who lost to the Martial King would be here.

    To think that all these skilled players had been hired.