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Chapter 362 - Serious Nonsense.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 362: Serious Nonsense.

    Xiao Luo didn’t refuse Su Li’s request, in addition, he had nothing to do at the moment. Previously, he also promised Su Bei that he would take her to the amusement park, plus today’s weather was good, this was the right time to fulfill his promise. As to why Su Li told Su Canye to tag along, she probably just wanted them to get acquainted.

    Could he really get familiar with his brother-in-law Su Canye? Was this possible?

    He was too lazy to think about it. Also, Su Canye didn’t make him feel disgusted, he rather thought that this guy was quite interesting. So there was no harm.

    “No, why are you so poor? Driving such a low-end car worth less than 200,000 yuan! No, I have to ask my sister to give me the key to her Ferrari.”

    When they went to the parking lot, Su Canye saw that Xiao Luo’s car was a Chuanqi. Su Canye immediately turned around and was ready to return to the apartment. He attended kendo class because there was a girl he liked and of course wanted to impress her. He used to drive his Bentley every day but now it was replaced with this low-priced car made in China! He did not dare to appear with it in the kendo hall.

    However, he stopped just after taking a few steps, turned around and came back. That was because the scene of Su Li pointing to his nose suddenly appeared in his mind. He had lost his Bentley so he would only be asking for a scolding if he tried to ask for his sister’s Ferrari.

    “Forget it, let’s spread good vibes… Cold-faced man, your family status is too low, and you feel like ‘a small white face’ that my sister keeps. You should try your best to cheer up and strive so that when you become strong, you can earn back your dignity as a man. This Little Master supports you.” He seriously patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder. It seemed that ‘Cold-faced man’ was his nickname for Xiao Luo.

    “I will try my best.”

    Xiao Luo lifted an eyebrow and replied with a smile.

    Su Bei couldn’t understand what they were talking so her adorable little eyes would look at Xiao Luo and Su Canye back and forth. She finally scratched her head for help, revealing a confused and innocent expression.

    “Cold-faced man, let’s go to the kendo hall first, then we’ll accompany Su Bei to the amusement park in the afternoon.” After getting in the car, Su Canye gave out today’s plan.

    “You go and do your thing. I’ll be with Beibei.” Xiao Luo said.

    Su Canye vetoed at once, “A gentleman’s words cannot be broken. I have promised my elder sister! Besides, even though you are acting as Su Bei’s father, you are still an outsider and you have no blood relationship. She looks so lovely. What if you sell her?”

    Xiao Luo: “…”

    “Little uncle is talking nonsense. How can father sell Beibei?” The little girl cried out for Xiao Luo.

    “Silly brat, you are still young and do not understand the danger of society. Don’t you remember that the last time you went to Jiang City, you almost got kidnapped by bad people.” Su Canye folded his hands on his chest, looking like a strict elder brother.

    The little girl could not refute it. She could only look at him, pouting.

    “Just listen to your little uncle. That’s why your mother made me come. She was afraid that you would be kidnapped and be taken away. If you were kidnapped, wouldn’t your mother be devastated?” Su Canye patted her head and preached.

    The little girl shook her head, “I don’t understand.”

    “If you don’t understand, then little uncle will explain it to you. Your mother will look for you all over the world if you’re kidnapped, right?”

    “Mmm.” The little girl nodded heavily.

    “Then if your mother is looking for you all over the world, she has no time to make movies, albums, advertisements, etc. Your mother has more than 70 million fans. Those fans won’t be able to see your mother’s works and developments for a long time and will go mad. Do you know that if they go mad, they will disturb the social order? If the social order is chaotic, the country will be in turmoil, and hostile countries outside the country will take the opportunity to attack our country.

    When the two countries exchange fire, the allies will also participate in it, and then it will get bigger and bigger, and finally it will turn into World War III. When the time comes, they will directly use nuclear weapons. Every country will use nuclear weapons and it will eventually lead to destruction. Earth will become a speck of dust in the universe. This is horrible. Therefore, for the safety of the earth, you must not be kidnapped.”

    Su Canye’s nonsense was spilling everywhere, the important factor was that Su Bei, this brat, was actually listening.

    Xiao Luo, who was driving the car, was also amused. This Su Canye, can really compete with Zhang Dashan. Zhang Dashan would spew obscene nonsense, while this guy would spew serious nonsense.

    “Cold-faced man, since you and my sister have obtained the marriage license, you should give her a wedding with a fine appearance. Although my sister is a star, but a star is also a person, how can such personal affairs such as marriage be done carelessly?” Su Canye turned the topic to Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo smiled without saying a word. He did not express any opinions on this matter. His marriage with Su Li was not his wish. The wedding was not to be held in the first place. One day, Su Li would meet someone whom she loved and would love her in return. Then the two of them would divorce, and they would walk down their own paths. They woul not pester each other.

    “My sister still has a good eye for people. She didn’t choose Yang Hongzhi, that scumbag. I have seen Yang Hongzhi several times at night. Hiding in a corner and throwing money to a woman to serve him. He is purely a pervert. My mother is stupid and foolish. She is deceived by his appearance. She thinks he is an excellent dude. She also doesn’t want to think that how on earth could a gentleman urge a mother to give her daughter an aphrodisiac. Basically saying, he is a scumbag, an animal, a beast!”

    Su Canye said a lot, he had learned the ins and outs of the matter from his mother, although his sister married a man whose career was not so successful, but at least it was not like Yang Hongzhi, that beast.

    “Your sister and I will end this relationship one day.” Xiao Luo said.

    Su Canye leaned against the seat and said after a moment’s silence, “Maybe, she has a traditional way of thinking. When she comes to a conclusion that such a marriage relationship is ridiculous, she will voluntarily dissolve it with you. In my opinion, you are not worthy of my sister anyway, but there are not many men in the country who are worthy of her, for such an excellent woman in the first place.”

    “You did think it through.” Xiao Luo laughed.

    Su Canye replied, “You think too much, I’m just talking nonsense, from east to west(?), sometimes even I don’t understand my own logic.”

    “I can see it.”

    Xiao Luo drove intently and didn’t pick up his quarrel.

    Su Canye was a master who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He interacted with Su Bei beside him in the car and constantly told some humorous jokes and brain teasers. The car was filled with Su Bei’s innocent and vibrant laughter.

    Su Li and Xiao Luo didn’t hate him. On the contrary, they thought Su Canye was very funny and chatty.