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Chapter 262.2 - Soul Back in Place

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 262.2: Soul Back in Place

    And upon hearing those words from him, the young girl’s expression became even more surprised. Her eyes curved up into two crescents and she said: “You are able to speak afterall. You have such a nice voice, so you must speak more often from now on.”

    His lips stiffened and he turned his face away, looking a little embarrassed.

    “Can you at least tell me what is your name? I am called Qing Yu.” The young girl opened her mouth to continue to ask, as if discovering the fact that he could speak was something that made her happy.

    “I do not have a name.”

    From the time he was old enough to remember, he had been living with that pack of wild beasts. They could not talk, and there was no need for him to converse with people, so it did not matter whether he had a name.

    He had never felt like he needed to have a name.

    “Why not….. I give you a name?” The young girl tilted her head and thought about it for a moment before opening her mouth to say with a smile. “Let’s have you share the same surname as me, Qing, alright? I met you in the night, so let’s call you Qing Ye Li then!”

    “The “Li” here does not mean to leave, but represents reunion after a long parting. We are friends from now on and we will not part again.” The young girl’s exquisite face was smiling like a flower in bloom, her eyes filled with the glitter of stars, and she looked so beautiful.

    Staring into those eyes, he was unconsciously drawn right into them, and it became a sight that he would not be able to forget for many years to come.

    “Little Yu…..”

    Qing Ye Li opened his eyes slowly, his green irises glinting softly under the dim darkness.

    Ever since he met Qing Yu here in this new world, he had no longer dreamt of his past life again. But he had now suddenly dreamt of the scene when they first met, and it really felt like a lifetime apart.

    To think that he would really miss her so much, even though he knew that they were now in the same world, and even when he knew where she was right at that moment.

    But he could not, and he did not dare to go see her.

    He did not know just how long he will be able to hold himself back.

    While he still does not know the details of his birth, he feels that anything was still possible. So what if he possesses the blood of the wolf tribe in him. As long as the one person he cares for does not look at him strangely like other people, he will be content.

    But, he had thought of it just too simply.

    “You will only need to turn her into becoming one of the wolf tribe like you, and you can be together with her…..”

    Qing Ye Li’s body stiffened for a moment before he raised his hand up to cover his eyes, a bitter smile coming to show on the edges of his lips.

    How can he possibly bear to go hurt her?

    Just let him suffer that pain alone.


    After a few days of treatment through hypnosis, Qing Luo Yan was looking much more energized, where she was even able to occasionally enjoy peaceful sleep with hypnosis, which allowed everyone who were being tormented to heave a sigh in relief.