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Chapter 342 - Youre No Longer Alone (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 342: You're No Longer Alone (2)

    She knew that a businessman like Gu Yu wouldn't agree to things so easily.

    Xu Weilai raised her head to look at him as she asked, "What is it?"

    A dark look flashed past Gu Yu's eyes. He walked towards Xu Weilai and sat onto the coffee table, his gaze level with hers. Then, he slowly said, "The news stories that you get yourself involved in are more dangerous than others. Although you're able to defend yourself to some extent, it's clear to see from the past few incidents that you can't always come out unscathed."

    Xu Weilai was left speechless.

    Everything he said was true, but…

    Still, Xu Weilai retorted weakly, "In my line of work, that's something I can't avoid. To put it bluntly, there isn't much goodness in this world. If you can't see the darkness, it's just because there's someone before you carrying the burden of such darkness."

    "Xu Weilai."

    Gu Yu sighed softly. When he spoke once more, his voice was laced with a tinge of helplessness as he said, "I won't stop you from doing what you like to do. But, I would want you to be able to always escape unscathed whenever you work."

    "You're no longer alone, got it?"

    No longer alone…

    Xu Weilai found herself unable to say anything.

    Was Gu Yu afraid that something might happen while she was working? Was he afraid that the same thing would happen, ultimately leading to her demise…?

    "So, the condition is that you'll have to work on improving your self-defence."


    Xu Weilai genuinely didn't expect him to come up with such a condition.

    She had thought that Gu Yu would come up with a ridiculous condition to make her realise her predicament and back down.

    "I'll find you a private trainer. From tomorrow onwards, you'll have to go to him and undergo physical training three times a week to build up your strength. He'll teach you some self-defence skills so you'll be able to defend yourself when you're in danger."

    Xu Weilai didn't expect Gu Yu to not only respect her choice, but to also not meddle with her work. He even came up with such thoughtful plans to keep her safe.

    She felt a little guilty after having speculated that he'd respond poorly just now. More important, she was extremely touched by his decision…

    Xu Weilai nodded her head fervently as she said, "Alright, I promise. I'll do as you say; I'll go to the private trainer's place and train three times a week. I'll train myself well so that I'll be strong enough to protect myself well. I'll train so that I won't get hurt!"

    As Gu Yu gazed at her stern expression, a gentle look slightly crept its way onto his face.


    Xu Weilai went to sleep, her even breaths of air audible in the room. Gu Yu got up from the sofa and his way to the bedside as he hunched over. After caressing her soft hair gently, he pecked a soft kiss on her forehead.

    Then, he walked out of the bedroom, pulling the door close behind him softly.

    He pulled out his phone and dialled Assistant Lin's number. When the latter picked up, Gu Yu instructed with his deep voice, "You can arrange for that person to come over."

    Assistant Lin paused for a moment before realizing who Gu Yu was referring to. Having understood him instantly, he replied, "Alright, I understand."


    The next morning…

    Yun Rou was extremely self-disciplined in maintaing her figure and beauty. To ensure that she'd be able to present herself in her most beautiful form to the public every day, she would wake up at six every morning. She would do yoga for an hour, then put on skincare products for another hour before carefully picking out an outfit for herself and then putting on makeup.

    It was a routine that she had kept up all these years. There was never a day where she didn't follow her routine.

    After exercising, she went for a shower. She sat before her vanity and gazed at the beautiful, flawless reflection of her face in the mirror. At the sight of her reflection, a proud and confident smile crept across her face.

    Just then, her phone suddenly rang. Gazing at the caller ID, she raised her brows slightly in surprise.