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Chapter 997 - Do You Know That You’ve Been Duped by Boss?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 997: Do You Know That You’ve Been Duped by Boss?

    Si Yiyan said coldly, “Rumor has it that I’m a greedy businessman who knows no limits. Actually, that’s true.”

    He had never been hesitant to reap benefits and would go to great extents to plot against others, especially since he was dating Wen Xinya now. He still had to earn enough money to get himself a wife and raise his family. Yes… earning money was very important.

    Gu Yuehan’s expression changed. There were plenty of rumors about Si Yiyan going around in Russia. For example, he was branded as a refined gentleman who had an aura like Qingsong Yueyuan’s green bamboo and was sharp like jade, full of wisdom like Zhuge Liang and astonishingly wealthy.

    However, ever since Wen Xinya appeared, he was seen as a prideful and arrogant person with a tinge of tenderness.

    He gently grazed the carvings of a dragon on the jade piece, feeling much less infuriated. He no longer felt such a strong urge to kill.

    Yueze stared at the dragon jade piece in Si Yiyan’s hands. Ever since Wen Xinya gave it to him, he had been keeping it with him wherever he went and Yueze would often see him fiddling with it.

    Chuckling sheepishly, Xu Xianghu removed the necklace from his neck, on which there was a tiger-shaped agate pendant. “Hehe! Boss, I got a pendant for myself too. Sis-in-law has got such great taste. This pendant feels much more comfortable than average jade and it’s much sturdier too. You won’t have to worry about it being scratched or chipped off.”

    Yueze covered his eyes and tried to stop himself from glaring at Xu Xianghu. He thought to himself,

    Gu Yuehan’s eyelids twitched and he quickly looked away. Indeed, Xu Xianghu was an amusingly silly person.

    Si Yiyan pressed his lips together to form a thin line that looked sharp and daunting.

    Still feeling smug, Xu Xianghu exclaimed, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? This pendant was meticulously handpicked by me. It may not be as expensive as yours, but it’s said to be naturally shaped like a tiger. It’s extremely rare!”

    A sudden silence filled the air. Yueze and Gu Yuehan instinctively moved their bodies away from the silly Xu Xianghu.

    Si Yiyan suddenly said, “Bring your agate pendant here and let me take a look at it.”

    Xu Xianghu quickly grabbed the pendant and handed it to Si Yiyan. “Hehe, I was inspired by the beautiful pendant that Sis-in-law gave you. After seeing how you bring it with you wherever you go and how you treat it like a baby, I decided to get one for myself too.”

    Si Yiyan grabbed the pendant and said, “It looks great, but I’d like to test if it’s really as rigid as you described.”

    Xu Xianghu did not quite catch the hint, though he raised his brows at the instant that he saw Si Yiyan clenching it tightly in his hand.

    Yueze picked up the teacup and sipped on some tea to hide his emotions.

    Gu Yuehan remained calm and composed with a smirk on his lips, feeling a little sorry for Xu Xianghu’s pendant.

    A loud cackle sounded in the air and Si Yiyan opened his palm to reveal the broken bits of the agate pendant which had been ruined beyond repair.

    “Why is it so fragile?” Xu Xianghu questioned in puzzlement, unable to figure out why Si Yiyan’s dragon pendant managed to say intact even after he had squeezed it in a similar manner, unlike his tiger-shaped pendant which was crushed by Si Yiyan so effortlessly. Could it be that it was just too fragile?

    Silly, do you know that you’ve been duped by your boss?

    Don’t trust your boss’ character too easily!

    He’s so vicious and cunning that he can extort you without you even realizing!

    Upon hearing his words, Yueze immediately burst into laughter and spat his tea onto Xu Xianghu’s face, thinking to himself,

    Gu Yuehan raised his brows.

    After wiping the tea off his face, Xu Xianghu glared at Yueze and chastised. “Gigolo, you’re so disgusting. How dare you spit saliva at me? Are you asking for a beating?”

    However, no one answered him.

    Pretending to find it a pity, Si Yiyan said, “This agate pendant seems to be of mediocre quality. It shattered so easily. Next time, you should probably just get a tiger-shaped pendant that’s made of pure gold. Not only is it durable, but it also has high tensile strength too. Besides, it’s also very valuable.”

    Most importantly, it looked posh!

    After hearing his words, Yueze swallowed his saliva and thought to himself,

    Gu Yuehan chimed in. “Ninth Young Master is right. A gold pendant will be more suitable for you since you’re big and burly.”

    Yueze cleared his throat and swallowed his saliva again after hearing what Gu Yuehan said.

    Despite having known Gu Yuehan for more than a decade, he did not seem to be such a person at all.

    Feeling a little hesitant, Xu Xianghu asked, “Is that so?”

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Don’t you think gold is beautiful? It’s shiny and gilded. Your Sis-in-law loves gold jewelry.”

    However, Wen Xinya often criticized gold for being tacky and old-fashioned.

    Yueze began coughing violently.

    Gu Yuehan began patting his back sympathetically.

    Xu Xianghu laughed gleefully and said, “Hahaha, I’ll go order a tiger-shaped gold pendant another day.”

    Yueze exclaimed in his head,

    He dared not imagine how tacky and boorish Xu Xianghu would look with a thick gold chain around his neck… he would look just like a thug!

    Yueze patted Xu Xianghu on his back. “Boss is right. Agate doesn’t suit you at all. Agate symbolizes love. Don’t you always detest things related to romance?”

    Xu Xianghu smacked his forehead in a moment of enlightenment and said, “It’s no wonder that Sis-in-law wanted to gift this agate pendant to Boss.”

    Yueze and Gu Yuehan were speechless.

    Si Yiyan put the dragon pendant away. He decided that from now on, he would keep the gifts that Wen Xinya gave him hidden from anyone else. It would just be for his own viewing pleasure and no one would have the chance to duplicate it.