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Chapter 286 - Meeting

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 286: Meeting

    Su Cha did not reject him. She nodded and said, "Okay, Uncle. I will come by more often."

    Dai Xiaofu smiled as she sent her downstairs. "Your Uncle Qu is a nice person. He knows that you will be very happy in the future. Besides, our son is not very outstanding. Your uncle has a group of friends that often gather together to talk about their children. He doesn't say much each time. Now that you are here, he can at least brag about you to give his family some clout."

    Su Cha: "…"

    She did not expect that she would one day become the pride of others.

    In the past, she could never dream of hearing any praise from Su Mingzhe.

    But that could not all be blamed on him. At that time, Su Cha's grades were only average. Su Mingzhe probably found it hard to boast about her and could only feel indifferent.

    After sending her to the gate of the neighborhood, Dai Xiaofu waved at her. "Goodbye, Su Cha. Come whenever you want."

    Su Cha also waved. "Goodbye, Mom."

    Dai Xiaofu nodded and smiled as Su Cha left.

    However, she did not watch her go for long. After Su Cha disappeared, Dai Xiaofu went back. Naturally, she did not see Su Cha turn around and get into a low-key luxury car.

    On the way back, Dai Xiaofu made a phone call with a solemn expression. "Yes, Teacher Wu, it's me. Is the parent register with you? Didn't Zuo Nanfan's parents not come last time? Has it always been his sister who came? I plan to talk to their parents personally to express our apologies for what happened in class. I won't make any trouble. Yes, you don't have to tell the child's sister. Just contact her parents directly."

    After she hung up, Dai Xiaofu's frown deepened.

    She hoped that she was not making the wrong move. There were some things that she had to confirm before she could think about what to do next.

    She'd seen that Su Cha was living well, but she no longer had any father-daughter relationship with Su Mingzhe. Dai Xiaofu felt that she should not hide these things from her. Otherwise, she would be too pitiful.

    She just hoped that the child would not be too agitated. After all, when she was young…

    Dai Xiaofu frowned. She was already so old. The past should be behind her, shouldn't it?


    When Su Cha returned to the Lookout Pavilion in the Bo family car, she bumped into the old lady.

    The old lady was in a low-key car that looked relatively ordinary. It was hard to imagine that the Bo family would keep such a car.

    Su Cha was surprised when she saw it. After a closer look, she realized that inside it was the old lady.

    The old lady just got out of the car in front of her. Su Cha got out of the car and saw the old lady walking out elegantly after the driver opened the car door. She was about to greet the old lady when she heard a girl's tinkling laughter. "Grandma, I've sent you all the way here."

    At the same time, a girl who was equally elegant and graceful came down from the other side of the car. She was wearing a lady-like dress, and her entire body was filled with the noble aura of someone from high society. She was so shiny that it could make people not dare to look at her directly.

    The old lady instantly felt Su Cha's gaze.

    As the girl got out of the car, she seemed to have sensed something and looked over.

    She was stunned when she saw Su Cha.

    Su Cha glanced at them and looked at the old lady. "Grandma."


    Before the old lady could answer, the girl looked at Su Cha in surprise.