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Chapter 287 - Returning to the Ye Family

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 287: Returning to the Ye Family

    Su Cha immediately knew that this was the old lady's granddaughter.

    But then, was the person who said such things to her before also a granddaughter?

    Su Cha did not know how many granddaughters the old lady had.

    When the girl saw Su Cha, she did not show much malice, but there was a faint wariness in her eyes.

    She looked at Su Cha in confusion.

    The girl's clothes were not as formal as theirs. She looked casual.

    However, even though she was wearing an ordinary outfit, she stood straight and had a different aura. Her face was exquisite and beautiful, and she had the kind of beauty that gets deeply engraved in one's memory. It was impossible for anyone to take their eyes off of her.

    Even in front of Miss Ye, she was not cowed at all. Instead, it was the other girl who felt suppressed.

    When Ye Jingwen heard her say the word "Grandma," she had a bad feeling.

    She had seen her grandma's granddaughters before. Where did this one come from?

    The old lady nodded at Su Cha. At the same time, she turned around and said to Ye Jingwen, "I'll take it from here and go in first."

    Ye Jingwen bit her lips. Seeing that Grandma had no intention of introducing the girl to her, she smiled and asked, "Grandma, aren't you going to introduce her to me?"

    The old lady glanced at her, then at Su Cha who was standing by the side indifferently. She said straightforwardly, "Meet Muyi's girlfriend. She's younger than you."

    Ye Jingwen's expression changed instantly. "Girlfriend?"

    Su Cha felt that she was better than Tong Ran, even if she was too surprised.

    She was worthy of being the old lady's granddaughter.

    Ye Jingwen looked at Su Cha in disbelief. Su Cha nodded slightly and said, "Hello. I'm Su Cha."

    Ye Jingwen's eyes flickered and her lips twitched. She forced a smile and said, "Hello. I'm Ye Jingwen."

    How could Bo Muyi have a girlfriend?!

    This was something that would drive the entire Imperial Capital crazy!

    Ye Jingwen was completely shocked.

    Despite having greeted each other, they were still just strangers. Of course, they could not say anything too warmly. The old lady brought Su Cha in. Ye Jingwen was already shocked that she was Bo Muyi's girlfriend, but now that she saw Su Cha enter the Lookout Pavilion, her gaze became indescribable.

    It was rare for her to lose her composure. The sudden encounter today had completely surpassed her imagination as a Miss Ye.

    Bo Muyi had been in the Imperial Capital for more than twenty years. Who had ever heard of him having a good relationship with any woman?

    Many people thought that Bo Muyi was just fooling around, but Ye Jingwen knew that her brother in name, the leader of the Bo family, was a cold and ruthless person. With his iron-blooded methods, even the families backing him could be suppressed by him. One could only imagine his capabilities.

    So many years had passed and Bo Muyi had already turned 25. Many people wanted to marry into the Bo family and live in the Lookout Pavilion, but they could not even meet Bo Muyi.

    He had a bad temper; if anything made him unhappy, he was capable of doing anything.

    Who would believe that he had a girlfriend?!

    With his personality, wouldn't women shudder when they saw him?

    And her grandma‚Ķ

    Ye Jingwen's lips quivered. She got into the car and instructed the driver, "Go back to the Ye family, quick!"

    She needed to digest this matter. She also wanted to know who this girl was!