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Chapter 454 - Why Did It Take So Long?

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 454 Why Did It Take So Long?

    The more Zhou Wen looked at it, the more he realized that something was amiss. The box was likely carved from stone. There was nothing inside but a pillow. It also seemed to be made of stone. It didn’t seem comfortable to sleep inside no matter how he looked at it.

    After Zhang Yuzhi lay inside, the old butler closed the lid again. Once the lid was in place, he couldn’t hear the situation inside with Truth Listener’s ability.

    How odd. Do rich girls have such strange temperaments? She’s sleeping in a stone box instead of a high-end couch on a plane? Zhou Wen felt that it resembled a coffin no matter how he looked at it.

    Zhou Wen retracted Truth Listener’s ability. After all, it was her privacy and he did not wish to continue intruding on her.

    They did not encounter any incidents along the way. When they passed the sky above some dimensional zones, the Sky Crane team outside intimidated all the dimensional creatures, preventing them from approaching the plane.

    Even if a few dimensional creatures, who didn’t know better, attacked, they were promptly dispatched by the Sky Crane team. The plane was not damaged at all.

    When they reached the Peninsula of Gods, they didn’t see Zhang Yuzhi again. After the plane landed, the old butler led them out of the plane. An Sheng said that he wanted to bid farewell to Zhang Yuzhi, but the butler said that there was no need. They could just leave.

    “Ah Sheng, don’t you find Zhang Yuzhi a little odd?” Zhou Wen asked An Sheng after the two of them left the airport.

    “It’s far from just odd. Although the six families are in different areas, as hero families, they place the most emphasis on etiquette. This isn’t the way to treat guests.” An Sheng paused before continuing, “But this is the Zhang family’s matter. It has nothing to do with us. There are still two days before the auction begins. Where do you want to go? I’ll take you around.”

    “Let’s head to the nearby dimensional zones.” Zhou Wen felt that he should tour the area once. If he could find the tiny palm symbols, it would be best if he could download a few instance dungeons.

    “Most of the dimensional zones on the Peninsula of Gods have owners. We are foreigners after all. It will probably be a little troublesome if we want to enter. Why don’t we take a look at the Aegean Sea? It’s a little dangerous, but there are many ownerless dimensional zones. It’s also rather interesting,” An Sheng said.

    “Is it okay going out to sea like this?” Zhou Wen knew that the dimensional zones in the ocean were more terrifying than on land.

    “It’s fine. I’ve been to those places many times in the past. I’m very familiar with them.” An Sheng was confident.

    The two walked towards the harbor. Along the way, they saw many people walking their Companion Beasts on the streets. The more common ones were giants and foot monsters. There were also many strange monsters, and Zhou Wen even saw a Fire Man Companion Beast. It looked very interesting.

    “Didn’t you say that there aren’t any sprites on the Peninsula of Gods? Then what’s this? Isn’t it a Fire Sprite?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “The sprites I’m talking about are those with pointy ears who look similar to humans—elves. These are elemental sprites. These are two different things. I thought you wanted those beautiful elves,” An Sheng said.

    “How can such an elemental sprite be obtained?” Zhou Wen asked.

    When the person with the Fire Sprite heard Zhou Wen, he smiled and said, “This is an Epic Fire Sprite from the Forging Temple. Fire Sprites are very rare. The chances of a Companion Egg dropping is even lower. I was at the Forging Temple for two and a half years before I was lucky enough to obtain this Fire Sprite. If you are interested, you can try your luck.”

    “What kind of place is Forging Temple?” Zhou Wen asked when he saw how friendly the person was.

    “That’s the temple of the god of metalworking, Hephaestus. Not only are there Fire Sprites there, but there are even higher-level Fire Sprite Kings as well. However, their numbers are even rarer. Moreover, the depths of the temple are too dangerous. Young people like you shouldn’t be so overly ambitious. You should just hunt Fire Sprites on the first level of the temple. If you venture deeper, your life will be in danger,” the middle-aged man with the Fire Sprite said.

    “Thank you for your guidance.” Zhou Wen had some impression of Hephaestus, but he couldn’t remember the name. He only remembered that he was Zeus’s son, an artisan, and the god of metalworking.

    The reason Zhou Wen could remember him wasn’t because of him being an artisan, but because he was the husband of the goddess of love and beauty. Furthermore, he had been cuckolded.

    Apart from that, Cupid’s bow, Apollo’s chariot, and Zeus’s lightning bolt were made by him. He could be said to be an expert at creating divine artifacts.

    An Sheng seemed to know a little about the Metalwork Temples as he said to Zhou Wen, “There aren’t only fire-elemental sprites in the Metalwork Temple. There are also all sorts of metal-type and machinery-type dimensional creatures. It’s rather interesting, but that’s private property on the Peninsula of Gods. Apart from locals being able to enter with their identity cards, outsiders are forbidden from entering.”

    “Young man, you’re quite knowledgeable. You’re right. Unless you’re a citizen of the Peninsula of Gods, it’s impossible for you to enter the Metalwork Temple. It looks like it’s a pity that you don’t even have the qualifications to obtain ordinary Fire Sprites.” The middle-aged man proudly led his Fire Sprite away.

    “Is there really no way to enter?” Zhou Wen asked An Sheng as he was rather interested in the Metalwork Temple.

    “There’s really no way. This is a common rule set by several families on the Peninsula of Gods. Even those few families cannot break this rule. Otherwise, they will be enemies of the entire Peninsula of Gods.” An Sheng spread his hands, indicating that he had no solution.

    “Even if we can’t enter, it’ll be okay to take a look outside, right?” Zhou Wen said.

    “Of course you can, but do you really plan on just taking a look?” An Sheng looked at Zhou Wen, puzzled.

    “We can take a look if it’s on the way. Taking a few photos as a memento would be nice.” Zhou Wen only wanted to find the tiny palm symbol, so he had no intention of entering.

    “I never expected you to have such boring hobbies. It is on the way. It’s just a tiny detour.” An Sheng continued walking forward with Zhou Wen.

    Shortly after he left, he saw white shadows flying across the sky. The passersby all stopped to look.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng looked up and saw Sky Cranes fly past them. The Sky Cranes landed in front of them as the gray-clothed members of the Zhang family got off the Sky Cranes’ backs and walked straight towards them.

    The person in the lead looked to be about twenty-eight years old. He had a dignified air, but he wasn’t too flamboyant. He looked extremely handsome.

    “Zhang Xiao, what’s the meaning of this?” An Sheng clearly recognized the leader as he frowned at him.

    Zhang Xiao said, “I’m sorry, I have something to ask the two of you.”

    “What is it?” An Sheng asked.

    “Have you seen my sister, Zhang Yuzhi, after you got off the plane?” Zhang Ye asked.

    “Didn’t she get some rest on the plane? We haven’t seen her since then. What happened? Do you need our help?” An Sheng asked.

    Zhang Xiao sized up An Sheng and Zhou Wen, as though confirming that they really hadn’t seen Zhang Yuzhi. Then, he bowed slightly and said, “Thank you. If you meet my sister, Zhang Yuzhi, please inform me as soon as possible. The Zhang family will definitely thank you.”

    “Alright. If we see her, we will definitely contact you immediately,” said An Sheng.

    Zhang Xiao did not hesitate. After bidding farewell, he left with the Sky Crane team. He looked extremely anxious.

    “It looks like the little princess of the Zhang family is very worrying,” An Sheng said with a smile.

    As the two spoke, they headed for the Metalwork Temple, but unfortunately, there was someone guarding it. Zhou Wen could only see the door from afar, so he was unable to see any tiny palm symbol at close proximity.

    Slightly disappointed, he followed An Sheng to the port. Just as they were about to rent a ship to head out to sea, they saw a person in a suit and a hat waving at them on a ship.

    “Why did it take you so long? I’ve been waiting for you for ages.” The person looked up slightly and spoke to Zhou Wen and An Sheng.

    The two of them were stunned when they saw the person’s face. The person in the male outfit was Zhang Yuzhi.