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Chapter 368 - Evil Trap

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 368: Evil Trap

    Ever since Su Tiantian's reputation had been shattered into pieces and she was constantly being scolded on the internet, Director Li's attitude toward her had suddenly changed. He insulted her at every turn and even made her work overtime into the night. He also did not allow her to have any doubles to perform the dangerous stunts for her. Hence, Su Tiantian was going through a miserable time. Her only saving grace was knowing Liu Xinlei who used to sponsor her. It was then that she had contacted him.

    After Ning Meng had walked into Studio City, Su Tiantian brought Liu Xinlei around her production company. Director Li's attitude toward her had truly changed for the worse. After she had sent Liu Xinlei off and was on the way back to her production company, she saw an old couple sitting at the entrance, playing victims.

    Su Tiantian planned to ignore them, but when she passed by them, the old lady held onto her and asked, "Miss, I see that you can casually go in and out of this premise. Can you help to call someone out for me? Her name is Li Shiyao…"

    Su Tiantian was about to push her away but paused in her tracks when she heard those words. Her pupils contracted. "What did you say? Are you sure her name is Li Shiyao?"

    Mama Li nodded. "Yes, that's right. My daughter's name is Li Shiyao. I came here to ask her for money. Her younger brother is getting married, but we just could not get in touch with her. I heard that she's filming here, right? That's why we're here!"

    She blinked slightly. "Sure. I can get you in. But you need to tell me all the details."

    On the way in, Papa Li and Mama Li told her about their situation. Li Shiyao had a younger brother, but the parents favored their son. After Li Shiyao had started working, they kept asking her for money. After using her money to renovate their house, the younger brother's girlfriend had demanded an Audi worth three hundred thousand, even adding a dowry of two hundred thousand on top of that. That was the reason the old couple had come by. Mama Li complained that Li Shiyao was not being a filial daughter.

    After Su Tiantian had shown them the way to the production company, she told them, "Uncle, aunty, you're both right. The son always inherits the family business. Now that the brother is getting married, he will not have easy days ahead. She needs to pull her weight as the elder sister. However, five hundred thousand is not a small sum of money. Li Shiyao will not give you the money for sure."

    Papa Li became nervous. "What should we do?"

    Su Tiantian's eyes were filled with darkness. "You need to make a scene. As big as possible…"

    Under her guidance, they both then entered the production company and rushed straight toward Li Shiyao, causing quite a scene. This undoubtedly caught the attention of everyone in the room!


    When Papa Li rushed toward her, Fei Bai had been about to shield her from the attack., but because Li Shiyao had cried out "dad" in astonishment at that moment, Fei Bai withheld his steps. The man was going to be his father-in-law after all. He subconsciously paid attention to his appearance and started imagining the future. Yes. Indeed, wearing white now made him look brighter and more like good husband material!

    Unfortunately, as he was daydreaming, Papa Li had given Li Shiyao a huge slap. Fei Bai was dumbfounded at what he saw. Just as Papa Li was about to give her a second slap, he regained his senses and abruptly protected Li Shiyao while grabbing onto Papa Li's arm. His murderous aura was oozing out in that instant, almost as though he was about to dismember his body into parts!

    Papa Li was overcome by the intense and intimidating aura and stopped dead in his tracks. After about half a minute, he remembered Su Tiantian's instructions and shouted, "Come over and see this undutiful daughter! Now that she's all grown up, her wings have hardened. She doesn't care about her parents anymore! Li Shiyao, what's with you?! You even hired a fighter to beat your own father and mother to death?!"