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Chapter 336 - Get It Over With

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 336: Get It Over With

    Mrs. Ge could not bear looking at her daughter crying.

    However, she comforted herself, saying to herself that she would have a child after marrying her current lover. She might even give birth to a son. The daughter she had now, was not her daughter anymore. She would just pretend that she never had Ge Wenwen as her daughter.

    Usually, when a husband and a wife asked for a divorce, the people around them would try to persuade them not to do it.

    Although, with Mrs. Ge obviously cheating on Sergeant Ge, no one knew what to do. Urging them to reconcile did not seem like the best idea.

    Very few men in the world could stand their wife’s infidelity. Plus, everyone in the platoon knew of Mrs. Ge’s affair, some even saw it with their own eyes.

    Colonel Lin glanced at Lu Xingzhi. He gave him a pat on the shoulders, motioning for him to step back.

    “What do you think?” Colonel Lin asked.

    “Divorce.” Lu Xingzhi’s opinion was crude and simple. “Sergeant Ge is a pretty good man. His wife, however, brings nothing but trouble to everyone. Seeing how things are now, a divorce is the best solution.”

    Without Mrs. Ge’s presence, Sergeant Ge did not have to deal with the constant fights and dramas, his future might even be better. Plus, Sergeant Ge had a good income and was not too old to remarry, even with a daughter.

    Colonel Lin looked at Mrs. Ge and instantly felt disgusted. ‘A woman with proper etiquette would never dress up like that!’ he thought.

    There was nothing wrong for a woman to put makeup on, however, it looked horrible on Mrs. Ge.

    “Alright, stop it!” Colonel Lin cried out. The room turned silent instantly, all heads turned toward him.

    Only then did Sergeant Ge noticed the presence of Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin.

    “Colonel, I am sorry…” Sergeant Ge looked at the crowd gathered in front of his house and said, “You heard it too, Colonel. I am going through with the divorce.”

    “Fill up the divorce petition and I will approve it!” Colonel Lin answered immediately and prompted the crowd to disperse.

    Mrs. Ge was not too happy with Colonel Lin’s decision. Yes, she wanted the divorce badly, but she did not expect him to approve of the divorce immediately. He did not even try to persuade them to do otherwise.

    Could it be that Colonel Lin disliked her as well, and wanted her out of his sight as soon as possible?

    Previously, someone else in the platoon wanted a divorce too. Colonel Lin and the rest of the leaders went and managed to persuade them not to go through with the divorce.

    “Hmph, snobbish prick,” Mrs. Ge cursed under her breath. “You did not even pretend to try to dissuade us.”

    “You know exactly what you did. If we are to still advise Sergeant Ge to reconcile, that would be like pushing him down a deep cliff. Like you said, Sergeant Ge does not need a wife like you.” Lu Xingzhi did not mince his words.