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Chapter 410 – No Turning Back

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Deep within the depths of a palace, through layers of protection, the stone door to a training chamber slowly opened and a young man stepped out. His figure was tall and straight with a noble and dignified air about him. His black robes served to accentuate his demeanor.

    This man was Qin Yu.

    He cultivated without a sense of time. The weather turned from cold to hot and in the blink of an eye, seven years had already passed since he entered the Immortal Sect. His cultivation of the Primordial Singular Energy Art can only be called…unexpectedly smooth!

    Although he didn’t know how fast his cultivation speed was in comparison to the history of the Immortal Sect, whenever Great Elder Purple Moon came to deliver him supportive treasures that he needed in order to cultivate, her subtle expressions proved to him that his performance wasn’t too bad.

    Before leaving seclusion today, he had finally reached the seventh level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art. The blue sun phantom within his dantian sea had become incomparably clear. As the five Nascent Souls bathed beneath the blue light they were actually able to absorb it to cultivate, and the cultivation speed wasn’t slow either.

    In these seven years, Qin Yu had unconsciously risen to the sixth level of Divine Soul. When he broke into Divine Soul, his strength had drastically risen due to his deep background and foundation. But, the most that allowed was for Qin Yu to reach the fourth level. As for the remaining two levels, those were obtained through his seven years of cultivation.

    It had to be known that from Divine Soul’s first level to second level and second level to third level, while the increase in combat strength was similar, the difficulty to rise to the next wildly increased. It was like constructing a towering building. The lower levels were easier to construct and the higher one went, the more difficult it became to build. Also, if the foundation wasn’t steady there was a chance that grave dangers would be left behind.

    While this analogy might not be too appropriate, this was the approximate meaning.

    To break through two levels of Divine Soul in seven years, and this being the fifth and sixth levels of Divine Soul, was an extremely rare speed even in top sects.

    Qin Yu’s lips lifted in a smile. He looked up at a chamber not too far away that was tightly shut. Right now, Ning Ling was cultivating inside.

    During the first two years, Ning Ling wasn’t relieved about him so she couldn’t fully devote her heart to cultivating. Afterwards, she was left speechless when she discovered that the Primordial Singular Energy Art that other people found impossibly difficult to cultivate and that was filled with layers of dangers, was actually easily mastered by Qin Yu, and his cultivation of it reached a spookily smooth stage.

    And Qin Yu also finally experienced just why the Immortal Sect held Ning Ling in such high regard, and just how tyrannical her bloodline was that Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace would decide to have her inherit their orthodoxy. Ignoring the first two years, Ning Ling had focused on cultivating only in the last five years. But in those short five years, her cultivation had broken past five levels and reached the eighth level of Divine Soul.

    That was one small boundary every year, without any sign of slowing down. Although she had Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace providing her with all the cultivation resources she could desire, this sort of cultivation speed was unfathomably quick!

    Every time Great Elder Purple Moon visited, she would icily glare at Qin Yu. But when she looked at Ning Ling, she couldn’t even suppress her happy smile.

    As he thought about how he was pleased with his own cultivation speed just now, if he had to compare himself with Ning Ling he was simply trash! Luckily, he had the Primordial Singular Energy Art. Once he reached perfection of the ninth level he could fuse together with it and his strength would rise drastically at that time. If it weren’t for that, the pressure of facing Ning Ling would be like a mountain.

    He wryly smiled and turned to leave. Generally speaking, after he left seclusion Ning Ling would pause her cultivation two or three days later.

    But today, the situation was a bit different.

    He heard sounds of movement around him. Qin Yu’s face lit up with happiness and he turned around.

    The stone door opened and Ning Ling stepped out. Her expression was free and light. As her cultivation increased, she became increasingly beautiful. Every action and movement she made seemed to contain an indescribable charm, a charm that caused one to wallow within it. As she saw Qin Yu, her eyebrow arched up to reveal a smile. At this time, it was like a hundred flowers blooming together. Using any flowery words to describe it simply wasn’t enough.

    Qin Yu was dazed for a moment. After several breaths of time, he was awakened from his stunned silence by Ning Ling’s cough. He immediately laughed. This was a bit awkward. Almost every time he left seclusion and saw Ning Ling he would be ‘stunned’ by her appearance. Even though he had been prepared, he still couldn’t control himself.

    He bitterly smiled inwardly. He could only blame this on the fact that Ning Ling’s charm increased every time…this was the so-called demons growing one foot taller while demonesses grew ten feet taller…cough cough, his mindset simply couldn’t catch up to her!

    After he was ‘stunned’ by Ning Ling’s charm, he glanced over her several times before being stunned once again. He couldn’t help but shout out, “Divine Soul perfection!”

    Ning Ling’s aura seemed to faintly blend with the surrounding world, as if she were one with the heavens and earth. This was the sign of perfection, of perceiving the rules of the world. Once she took a step further, she could forge her own road through the rules, controlling their power and stepping into the Blue Sea realm!

    “Others become increasingly slow the more they cultivate, but how come it’s reversed with you? It used to be one step every year, but I haven’t even been in seclusion for a full year and you’ve jumped two whole levels Ning Ling…how can anyone live like that!?”

    Ning Ling’s calm and relaxed demeanor was always poked through by Qin Yu. She rolled her eyes, “You speak so eloquently, but how come I feel that you are becoming increasingly different from in the past?” Though she said this, her eyes were bright with happiness, indicating her good mood.

    Qin Yu bitterly smiled. “I was only stating facts.”

    Ning Ling smiled. “In seven years you’ve managed to reach the seventh level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art. Although teacher didn’t say anything to me, this cultivation speed should be quite fierce.”

    “It is! Since I am doomed to become the man of the Palace Master, how can I lose face to you?” Qin Yu reared back his head and laughed, as if he were some unsurpassed genius.

    Ning Ling blushed red before she composed herself. She turned around, “Let’s go. I haven’t eaten the dishes you’ve cooked for a while, so let’s eat now.”

    From behind, Qin Yu knew that all his thoughts were seen through by Ning Ling. He forced a smile, “How come I’m always the one preparing food?”

    “I can also do it.”

    “No…my big sister, please just leave that task to me!”

    With Ning Ling’s cultivation method, the higher realm she reached the more faint and ethereal her personality became. Now, besides when facing Qin Yu, she even displayed a faint demeanor similar to Purple Moon. Qin Yu was actually worried about this situation, so he had always looked for chances to tease her. He originally thought he was careful, but it seemed he wasn’t able to hide the truth from Ning Ling’s eyes.

    Two hours later, at a small pavilion at the mountain peak, all the maids were sent away. Qin Yu sat down in a wide and grand posture, saying, “Come, fill the cup for this master!”

    Ning Ling humphed but still filled his cup for him. The two clinked their cups together and took a deep drink.

    A slow breeze blew past, bringing with it the scent of fresh grass. They drank fine wine and tasted several types of dishes, often looking up at each other. As Qin Yu looked at Ning Ling who seemed like a celestial maiden who could fly away at any moment, he felt that his life had never been so perfect before. If he could, he would rather live these kinds of days forever.

    To stay like this until the heavens and earth grew old.

    Ning Ling put down her cup with a bit of helplessness. “Qin Yu, have you looked enough yet? You’ve looked for so many years but you keep on doing so.”

    “How can it ever be enough? I could look at you for a thousand years, ten thousand years, and it still wouldn’t be enough.” Qin Yu smiled.

    Ning Ling was silent. She said in a soft voice. “I also hope to be together with you all the time. But who knows what could happen in the future?”

    Qin Yu turned and looked towards the distance. “I have always believed that man can conquer the heavens. As long as you and I work hard enough, nothing can separate us. I have already cultivated to the seventh level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art. At most I will need three more years to reach ninth level perfection. Once my Undying True Demon Body is transformed to the Ancient Chaos Body, you can ask Great Elder Purple Moon to accept me as your personal guard. At that time, even if you wanted to you wouldn’t be able to throw me away.”

    Ning Ling seemed to think of a situation where she couldn’t rid herself of Qin Yu. A smile lifted the corners of her lips, one that was beautiful to the extreme.

    Qin Yu licked the corner of his lips. Ning Ling’s expression changed and she tried to escape. But before she could, Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and a wisp of blue wind from the ravine below was lifted up, turning into a wall that covered the little pavilion.

    After a moment, the wall of wind faded away. Qin Yu still sat where he was originally, a smug smile on his face. Across from him, Ning Ling still had a blush on her face that had yet to dissipate. She subconsciously touched her lips and bitterly said, “You are becoming increasingly dissolute. You dare…you dare to…”

    Qin Yu arched an eyebrow. “I haven’t forgotten Great Elder Purple Moon’s reminder. I still have my pure yang body.”

    “You…” Ning Ling flushed red with embarrassment. She stepped into the wind and flew away.

    Qin Yu laughed as he watched her soar into the distance. This wasn’t their first time and yet this girl was still so shy. What would they do after they were married?

    After a long time, his smile slowly faded away. Qin Yu looked at the view below him, a light flashing in his eyes.

    Ever since he entered the Immortal Sect, no one had shown disrespect to him. Although Great Elder Purple Moon’s attitude towards him wasn’t the best, she never lacked in giving him supportive treasures and their quality was never low.

    Everything proved that the Immortal Sect had no ill intent towards him. But for some reason, Qin Yu still had a bit of restlessness deep within his heart.

    He let out a light breath and whispered, “I hope I’m just overthinking things.”

    Four days later, Great Elder Purple Moon sent over the treasures needed to reach the eight level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art. After seeing that Qin Yu had indeed reached the seventh level, a complex look flashed in her eyes. After she left behind the treasures, she surprisingly didn’t talk to Ning Ling and instead turned to leave. It seemed she wasn’t in a good mood.

    As usual, Ning Ling examined all the treasures. After determining that there was no problem, she gave them back to Qin Yu and asked him, “When do you plan on going back to cultivate?”

    “I’ve cultivated for these past seven years and I still feel a bit tired. I’m preparing to rest for several more days. What about you?”

    “I’ll join you.”

    Qin Yu smiled and issued an invitation. “On this mountain, the little pavilion has the most beautiful scenery. How about we go there and take a look again?”

    Ning Ling blushed red. “No way!” She turned and walked away.

    Qin Yu caught up to her. “If you don’t want to then we won’t. Where do you want to go?”

    Purple Moon returned to her palace, a dignified look in her eyes. Just as she sat down, a gentle man’s voice rang out, “What, you can’t bear to lose it?”

    “Humph!” Purple Moon’s complexion turned cold. “To intrude into my palace, Han Chengping, you are far too insolent!”

    A man’s phantom walked out from a corner of the hall. He lightly smiled, “It’s best that we remain careful about the agreement you and I came to. If you don’t like it, I’ll be more cautious next time.”

    Purple Moon’s complexion relaxed. After several breaths of time, she said, “In seven years he has reached the seventh level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art. This boy Qin Yu’s talent indeed far exceeds my expectations. If it weren’t for the fact that there was no turning back in this matter, I would have really thought about continuing this act forever.”

    Han Chengping smiled. “I’m glad that Great Elder understands this.” He slowly sighed. “To reach the seventh level in seven years, this is truly a heaven-gifted talent. Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the Primordial Singular Energy Art’s ninth level outline. If he cultivates it to the end, nothing awaits him but death. Moreover, after cultivating to the seventh level, even if he wants to turn around, it isn’t possible anymore.”

    Purple Moon had a desolate expression, “I have no need for you to remind me of that. How go the preparations?”

    Han Chengping cupped his hands together, “Everything has been prepared. Nothing will go wrong. Great Elder, don’t worry about it.”

    “Humph! Let me remind you that if any of this leaks out, I will never forgive you!” Purple Moon shouted out loud.

    The phantom was silent for several breaths of time. “I understand.”

    Although these words seemed simple, it was unknown how many people had died secretly in the dark. In fact, even when they died, they would have no idea for what reason they died.