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Chapter 455 - Water Elemental Sprite

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 455 Water Elemental Sprite

    “Why are you still standing there in a daze? Get on board quickly. Don’t you want to go to the Aegean archipelago?” Zhang Yuzhi greeted them from the ship.

    “How did you know?” Zhou Wen and An Sheng exchanged looks in surprise.

    They had only decided to head to the Aegean archipelago after they alighted the plane. Yet, Zhang Yuzhi knew of their plans and had waited for them here. They couldn’t figure out when Zhang Yuzhi had overheard their conversation.

    “If I want to know, I’ll naturally know. The ship is about to set off. Aren’t you getting on board?” Zhang Yuzhi asked.

    “Do you know that your brother, Zhang Xiao, is looking for you?” An Sheng asked.

    “Just ignore them. If you don’t board the ship, I’ll leave on my own.” Zhang Yuzhi curled her lips and was about to start the engine.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng thought for a moment and had no choice but to board the ship.

    Zhang Yuzhi was very excited. After she started the engine, she drove the boat towards the sea and shouted excitedly, “I want to conquer the entire sea.”

    “How old are you? How childish,” An Sheng said with a smile.

    “I like childish stuff. You’re childish too, even if you’re not convinced!” Zhang Yuzhi retorted.

    An Sheng came to Zhang Yuzhi’s side and said, “Let me drive it. There are dangers lurking in the sea. I have to take the correct route to avoid unnecessary trouble,”

    “That’s good.” Zhang Yuzhi handed the task of driving the boat to An Sheng. She walked to the bow of the boat and extended her hands. She faced the wind as though she was hugging the sea.

    Once they were out in the sea, electronic devices were affected. There were all kinds of errors. Phones could be switched on, but there was no signal. Furthermore, there were also signs of hanging.

    As the sea was dangerous, Zhou Wen didn’t grind dungeons and constantly paid attention to the sea surface.

    Not long after they headed out, they suddenly heard a strange song. The three of them looked in the direction of the song. In the distance, there was a reef. A young woman was singing on it.

    However, upon closer inspection, they realized that the woman didn’t have legs. She had a fishtail. It was the legendary mermaid.

    As if sensing the gazes of the three of them, the mermaid stopped singing and plunged into the sea before disappearing.

    “A mermaid. It was actually a mermaid. We were really lucky. I heard that mermaids in the sea are extremely rare. I didn’t expect to meet one so quickly while out at sea,” Zhang Yuzhi said.

    However, An Sheng said, “The mermaids are known as sirens in certain myths. It’s ominous to encounter them at sea.”

    “Why?” Zhang Yuzhi was slightly taken aback as she asked in disbelief.

    “According to myths, the sirens with human faces but fish bodies are the daughters of the river god. They have a voice that can bewitch one’s heart, causing the sailors to be charmed by their singing. They will involuntarily steer their ships to the hidden reefs and eventually perish.” An Sheng told them the story of the sirens.

    Thankfully, they weren’t the sailors in myths and legends, nor were they bewitched. The journey went very smoothly. Although they saw dimensional creatures at sea, nothing attacked them.

    When Zhou Wen saw an island, An Sheng circled the boat around the island without any intention of landing on it.

    “Why aren’t we heading for that island?” Zhang Yuzhi asked curiously.

    “That’s the legendary Crete Island. You might not be familiar with this name, but you should have heard of the Palace of Minos, right? The legendary Minotaur is inside. No one who has stepped foot inside has come out alive,” An Sheng said.

    The boat left the island and headed deeper into the sea. An Sheng was indeed very familiar with the area. There wasn’t any danger on their journey. When they arrived at an inconspicuous island, An Sheng steered the boat over.

    “Is this island also a dimensional zone?” Zhang Yuzhi sized up the island, but she didn’t see anything like a palace.

    The dimensional zones in the Aegean Sea typically existed in the form of a palace. Most of the god-like existences were inside the palaces.

    “Of course, the dimensional zones out at sea aren’t as obvious as the dimensional zones on land. In fact, the entire Aegean Sea is a huge dimensional zone.” An Sheng jumped onto the beach and moored the boat. He continued, “There are many Water Elemental Sprites on this island. You can try your luck and get a Water Elemental Sprite Companion Egg to drop. When you enter dimensional zones in the future, you won’t have to worry about water.”

    Zhou Wen and Zhang Yuzhi knew the importance of water. If they were trapped in a dimensional zone for a long period of time, they could still last for a period of time as long as there was water to drink.

    Although Zhou Wen had stored a lot of food and water inside the Chaos Bead and didn’t have to worry about a lack of water, it was especially important for the average person to have a Water Elemental Sprite Companion Beast even if it was at the Legendary stage.

    However, Water Elemental Sprites were similarly rare. They were usually only seen out at sea, but those who could go out to sea had to at least be at the Epic stage. Furthermore, they might not be able to find Water Elemental Sprites even if they went out to sea.

    The three of them headed deeper into the island. Before long, they saw a blue blob of water bouncing around on the grass like a frozen soccer ball.

    “That’s the most ordinary Water Elemental Sprite. It’s a Legendary stage dimensional creature which usually has two talent skills—Water Gun and Water Ball. They can deliver long-distance attacks,” An Sheng said as he pointed at the water blob.

    “It’s just a ball of water. Its attack power shouldn’t be strong, right?” Zhang Yuzhi saw that the Water Elemental Sprite was very cute, and it made her feel like pinching and hugging it.

    “Have you never seen a high-pressure water jet cutter? Are granite and steel hard enough? Water can easily cut it apart. Don’t underestimate the power of water. It will kill you,” An Sheng said solemnly.

    As the trio spoke, the Water Elemental Spirit had already discovered them and was about to bounce up from the grass. In the air, it spat out a water column that sprayed towards Zhou Wen.

    The water pillar was as thick as a finger, but its speed was shockingly fast. Zhou Wen ducked and the water pillar spewed out more than ten meters, leaving a deep dent on a rock.

    Zhou Wen pulled out his Bamboo Blade and slashed at the Water Elemental Sprite. He split the Water Elemental Sprite’s body apart, but after his blade slashed, the Water Elemental Sprite’s body returned to its original state. It wasn’t injured at all.

    “Water will flow around a blade. Striking a Water Elemental Sprite’s body is useless. It has a water-elemental crystal in its body. Shatter it to kill it,” An Sheng said.

    Zhou Wen nodded and carefully observed the Water Elemental Sprite’s body. Indeed, there was a dark-blue bead flowing within its body. He slashed with his saber and sliced the bead apart. This time, the Water Elemental Sprite shattered along with the bead and dropped a crystal.