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Chapter 356 - My Idol Has Actually Started Dating

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 356: My Idol Has Actually Started Dating

    “Idol, hurry up and get your hands washed. We can start eating now!” Jian Qi laughed as she placed the final dish on the table.

    Once the three were in their seats, Coco scanned the dishes on the table yet again. “Baby, have you taken over the role of head chef in the culinary department?”

    “Master Coco, you really are smart!”

    Coco. “…”

    Why did he sense sarcasm in her voice?

    At first, Coco was still worried that the dishes would look better than their taste. However, to his surprise, they tasted just as delicious as they seemed.

    Qiao Bo was equally surprised.

    Actors like them would spend most of their time with filming crews. Even if they took time off, they would most likely eat out or order takeaway meals. When did they ever have time to cook in the kitchen?

    Therefore, they were very impressed by Jian Qi’s cooking skills.

    Despite the table of dishes, Jian Qi did not eat much. Meanwhile, Coco and Qiao Bo ate quite a lot as they admired Jian Qi’s cooking skills. In particular, Coco ate much more compared to Qiao Bo since the latter was an actor and needed to keep his diet in check.

    “Idol, you are too thin!” Jian Qi used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of sparerib before placing it on Qiao Bo’s plate.

    After chuckling a little, Qiao Bo ate it.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi was about to reach for another piece of meat when she caught sight of Coco staring at her. Feeling discouraged, Jian Qi stopped herself.

    Instead, she raised her glass of alcohol. “It’s really hard for us to get together like this. Cheers to this wonderful opportunity of fate!”

    After the three raised their glasses to each other, Jian Qi literally emptied her glass.

    When the two men saw how bold she behaved, they had no choice but to empty their glasses as well.

    Thereafter, Jian Qi filled their glasses yet again.

    “Idol, I heard that there’s a new film of yours being played. I’m going to get Coco to reserve the entire cinema until the film stops being played.”

    Coco. “…”

    ‘Young lady, are you drunk from just drinking a single glass of alcohol?’ Coco thought to himself.

    Meanwhile, Qiao Bo could not help but laugh a little.

    “I am your fan after all. How could I not support my favorite actor when his new film is being released?” Jian Qi asked.

    ‘I don’t know who she is!’ Coco thought as he placed one hand over his forehead.

    As their conversation went on, they gradually began to drink up the alcohol in their glasses. Qiao Bo was beginning to feel a little tipsy.

    In the entertainment industry, Qiao Bo was someone who had neither many friends nor the intention to make any. This was because he disliked the fact that anyone who approached him had an ulterior motive. Therefore, he refused to let anyone get close to him or get close to anyone on his own initiative.

    Hence, in the eyes of outsiders, Qiao Bo was a cold and distant person.

    Perhaps, he had gotten used to being alone. That was why he eventually became the kind of person other people perceived him to be.

    Despite that, he found this young lady likeable. She seemed like a genuine person who wore her heart on her sleeve.

    Although she seemed somewhat obsessed with herself, and made it very apparent during their conversations, Qiao Bo felt that she was being real.

    “Cheers, Idol!” Jian Qi raised her glass yet again.

    As soon as Qiao Bo emptied his glass, his phone began to ring.

    When he picked up the call, he did not check who the call was from. “Hey…” He spoke in a somewhat tipsy manner which lacked the cold quality of his usual tone.

    “Did you drink?” The person on the call asked after remaining silent for three seconds.

    When Qiao Bo heard the familiar sound, he immediately became much more alert. “I drank a little,” Qiao Bo replied after a slight pause as he stood up and smiled at Jian Qi and Coco before walking toward the window.

    Jian Qi took a glance at Qiao Bo before tilting her head to one side, looking at Coco. “My idol has actually started dating!”

    “How do you know?” Coco asked in surprise.

    “I could tell the call was from a girl right away…”

    However, Coco refused to believe her.

    He had not seen any girl getting close to Qiao Bo recently.

    Throughout the meal, all three of them chatted casually. However, Jian Qi would not stop talking about Qiao Bo. In spite of Coco’s efforts to shift the attention away from him, Jian Qi would always link things back to Qiao Bo.

    “Jian Qi, please mind your image. Even if he is your idol, you can’t embarrass yourself like this!” Coco warned while Qiao Bo had stepped away.

    Jian Qi lifted her hand to touch Coco’s striking red hair as she smiled devilishly. “My Lord Coco, you’re always so angry these days.”